Find the Best Glasses Frames for Your Face Shape

Learn how a good pair of glasses can really amplify the natural features of your appearance like the shape of your face or the color of your eyes.

A woman wearing a pair of glasses with her makeup that matches her blouse.

Glasses were a necessary and needed invention that helped people see clearly, which is pretty darn amazing. But glasses have gone from being a practical appliance to being a cute accessory that can really make a statement. You could always wear contacts, but glasses can be a great look.

If they were good enough for Clark Kent, John Lennon, and Harry Potter, glasses definitely can’t be wrong. But if you’re wearing the wrong glasses, you’re never going to love your look. To find the right glasses for your face, you have to first understand what type of face you’ve got. Then, you’ll know exactly how to choose frames that are going to make the most out of what you’ve got.

What’s Your Face Shape?

Glasses come in a huge variety of styles and colors. Go into any optical store and you’re going to see dozens and dozens of choices in all shapes and sizes. The problem is, not every style is going to suit your face. To find the styles of glasses that will, you need to first figure out the shape of your face.

Is your face fairly well-balanced and evenly shaped throughout? Is your jawline a little more narrow than your forehead? Do you have high, angled cheekbones? If so, you have an oval face. Luckily, you can wear many different styles of glasses and still look great.

But if you really want to bring out your beauty, look for more rectangular frames or cat-eye shapes, which you can pull off with ease. You want to stick to wider styles, rather than narrow ones, to complement your face shape. You can wear oversized frame styles or even somewhat unusual designs, like trapezoid glasses. If you want to avoid any style, it’s narrow frames.

Have you got a strong jawline and a broad forehead? You have a square-shaped face. Angular and rectangular styles are not going to make the most out of your face. What you should look for is round or oval frames. Look for soft, curving lines that will contrast with the strong lines of your jaw to truly complement your face shape. Rimless and semi-rimless styles will work well on you. Round face shapes can also support darker frame colors, so feel free to try on bold black frames if you feel like it!

An illustrative diagram of different face shapes and frames.

If your chin is rounded and you have full cheeks with a wide forehead, you have a round-shaped face. Look for glasses with sharp angles to really set off the natural shape of your face. Rectangular and square frames will work well for you, especially narrow styles. Contrasting designs help to elongate the face and create a super cute contrast with the natural lines of your face. Round styles and oversized glasses may make your face look large or moonish, so leave those on the display shelf.

Look at your cheekbones. Are they high and broad? Is your jaw somewhat narrow? You have a diamond-shaped face. Look for frames that have strong browlines to complement your face and add balance to your natural shape. Semi-rimless designs and cat-eye styles will suit you perfectly. Don’t look for narrow frames. You want something more prominent to really set off your natural good looks.

Do you have a small chin, wide cheekbones, and a broad forehead? You have more of a heart-shaped face. There are many styles that will work beautifully with the lines of your face. Rimless glasses, cat-eye shapes, and oval frames are going to look gorgeous on you.

Look for narrow, light-colored frame styles. Aviator styles aren’t going to show off your face to its best. If you’ve had trouble finding sunglasses that you like, it may be because you’ve been looking at aviator styles. Start choosing the right frames and you’ll love the shape of your face.

You may have a longer, thinner face with straighter cheek lines. If so, you have an oblong face. Wide glasses styles like aviators and square frames create a great contrast against this shape. Narrow and rectangular frames will make your face look longer than it is. Go in the opposite direction with something wide and square, the opposite of your natural face shape.

Eyeglass and Colors

Various colorful glasses on display at a shop.

Once you know how to choose the right style of glasses, look for frames that are going to complement your natural coloring, too. If you have a more warm skin tone and hair color, look for frames in warmer colors like brown, gold, red, and pink. White and black frames are not going to work well with your warm tones and you’ll want to avoid pastels. Olive green, honey tones, and tortoiseshell frames will work wonderfully with your warmer shading.

If you have cooler coloring, look for icy and pastel colors like silver, blue and light green. Black, gray, and cool purple frames will look gorgeous with your skin tone. When choosing frame shapes, you want to choose that contrast with the natural lines of your face. But when it comes to choosing colors, you want something that matches your shading.

What about your eye color? Since glasses literally frame your eyes, it makes sense to choose a frame color that’s going to complement your eye color. Brown-eyed people have it easy because almost any color will work well. If you have green or blue eyes, try a contrasting color like red or orange.

This will help the color of your eyes stand out. If you have gray eyes, choose brightly-colored frames to help bring out your peepers. Pair hazel eyes with neutral frames, like a soft brown or amber, to help bring out all the different colors of your eyes.

Dressing Your Face

Glasses are truly the most important face accessory you’ll ever wear. Choose frames that are going to look great with the natural lines of your face, in colors that are going to complement your natural skin tone and eye color. Because we’ve moved way past the days when glasses were just about being practical and trying to see better.

Now, they’re a great way to show off your style and accessorize everything Nature gave you. Make the most out of wearing glasses by wearing a pair that’s going to look amazing on you. When you know how to complement your face, you’ll know how to pick out great-looking frames every single time.

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