Ring Size Chart for Women and Men (Printable PDF Version)

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Rings have been worn as personal decoration since the days of ancient Egypt. They have been used as a sign of power, love, school affiliation, political association and personal style, to name just a few of its meanings. But all rings have one thing in common: if you’re going to wear them, they have to fit. Use a ring size chart and some simple tricks to get the perfect ring size every time so you never end up with jewelry you can’t proudly wear.

Ring Size

Ring sizes in the U.S. range from 3 to 13.5 in adult sizes. Most women’s fingers fall between 3 and 9, while men are typically between 8 to 14. These sizes are actually determined by millimeters. One millimeter is equivalent to .039 inches. But the fact is, most people have no idea what their ring size is. You don’t have to go to a jewelry store and start trying stuff on to figure it out. It’s very easy to find out what your ring size is at home. So when you go to the local jeweler, you can start by looking for rings that are already in your size.

How Rings Should Fit

Before you try to figure out your size, make sure you know how your ring should fit. The ring should be tight enough that it won’t fall off your finger but loose enough that you can take it on and off over your knuckle. Keep in mind that fingers actually change circumference size, slightly, based on temperature. When you are in a colder environment, your fingers will get a little bit smaller. In the heat, they will be a little bit thicker.

The very best time to check your ring size is during the evening. This is when your finger size is likely to be at its largest width. At this point, you have been using your hands throughout the day. Bloodflow is strong in your digits after all that scrolling on your phone. You want your rings to fit even when your fingers are at their biggest. When you wake up in the morning, your fingers will be smaller. [Source: Forevermark]

It’s fairly common for your hands to be slightly asymmetrical. They may not be a perfect match to each other. This means that the ring finger on one hand may not be the same size as the ring finger on the other hand. In other words, always measure for the finger you’re sizing.

Printable Ring Size Version

=> Click here for our printable ring size chart (PDF).

Measuring Your Finger

Finger measure chart for figuring out your ring size

To measure your finger size, all you need is a ring sizer. Thanks to modern tech, this tool is accessible to everyone and not just to the jeweler. Simply print out our free ring sizer, cut it out and wrap it around your finger to find the circumference. Make sure the numbers are facing outward so you can read them. Pull the B end through the tab in the A end to get a nice, close measurement. Fit the printable ring sizer exactly where and how you want the ring to fit.

Read the measurement to see what size you want. If your finger size is between two of the numbers, you need a half size. This free ring sizer does not measure millimeters. It’s designed to display the ring size, not the measurement of your finger. When you know how to read the sizer and the ring size chart, you can always find the perfect ring size without a visit to the jeweler.

Ring Size Chart (20 different sizes)

If you don’t want to use the ring sizer or you can’t get an accurate reading from it, there are other ways you can find your ring size.

Tie a string or ribbon around your finger, not too snug and not too loose. Slide the string off your finger and place it against our ring sizer. Try different circles until you find a ring size that matches the string circle you created as precisely as possible. This is a simple sizing method.

If you already have rings that fit well, you don’t even have to take a finger measurement or worry about millimeters. Simply place the existing ring on our ring size chart and slide it over to different circles until you find the size that works best. It’s best to use a pretty simple ring, such as a wedding band, so you can see the circles on the ring size guide easily. A ring with large gemstones can still be used but it won’t be as easy to find the right size.

With printable ring size tools, you don’t have to try to figure out the inside diameter of your existing ring to find the correct size. The circumference measurement of your ring finger should be matched to the inner diameter of the ring.

International Ring Size Chart

International ring sizes chart

=> Click here for our printable ring size chart (PDF).

Ring sizes are not standardized around the world. This means that ring sizes vary country by country. A size 12 ring in the U.S. and a size 12 ring in the UK will not be the same size, for example. This is very confusing but there’s a simple reason for it. Since ring sizes are based on measurements and different countries use different measuring systems, the ring sizes wind up being different. Use this ring size guide conversion chart when you’re ring shopping. Don’t assume that international sizes will be the same as ring sizes in the U.S. because they aren’t!

Is There An Average Ring Size?

Sure it’s easy to get a ring size when you’re sizing your own fingers. But when it comes to buying an engagement ring for someone else, whipping out the measuring tape after dinner is going to seem kind of weird. There aren’t too many clever ways to find the size of a ring finger when the finger isn’t attached to your own body. So can you just wing it with an average ring size?

The simple answer is no. While many jewelry stores keep a men’s size 10 in stock at all times, many people purchase rings from jewelry stores that they then have re-sized in order to achieve a perfect fit. The average ring size for women is considered to be 6, but many women end up getting their engagement ring, eternity ring or partner’s ring re-sized so that it will fit. [Source: Brides]

When there’s no way to find your partner’s ring size, you’ll have to go with a standard ring size you think might be close to their finger size. But don’t wait to find the correct size and get a larger size or smaller size as needed to achieve a perfect fit.

You don’t want to wait to get an engagement ring or wedding rings and then find out they don’t fit when you’re in a time crunch. Get the correct ring size for your rings whenever possible and get them sized to the right size as soon as you can after purchase.

Different Types of Ring Fit

Not all rings are designed the exact same way. Rings are often made with specific designs to provide a certain type of fit. Comfort fit rings, for example, are made with a rounded design so they can slide on and off easily. The comfort fit design feels more natural on the finger. In fact, wider band styles made in a comfort fit ring design feel less wide than they are. Because the rings are made in a convex design, they have a softer edge on the inside.

Flat fit rings are more common but the flat inner diameter of the ring can cause your skin to pull when you take the ring off. [Source: Calla Gold Jewelry] Many wedding band designs are offered in flat fit, comfort fit and standard fit designs.

A standard fit ring, also known as a traditional fit, are flat on the inner diameter of the band. This creates an even fit all the way around. [Source: Just Mens Rings]

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