31 Different Types of Bracelets

Whatever your fashion taste or personal sense of style, a bracelet can be relied on to complete your look. Discover the many different types of bracelets for both men and women and for different occasions.

A look at a woman's wrist wearing different types of bracelets.

The word “bracelet” comes from the Greek word “brachile” which means “of the arm.” The Greek soldiers wore these armbands which are made of leather and embellished with gold, silver, and gemstones.

The original term into the Old French word “bracel” and when women started wearing smaller versions of these, they called them “bracelets.”  While unusual, his and her bracelets are used as alternatives to wedding rings.

The world’s most expensive bracelet was a Cartier panther bracelet with onyx and diamond which sold for £4.5m at auction in 2010. It belonged to Wallis Simpson, the American socialite whose affair with King Edward VIII led to his abdication.

Basic Types of Bracelets

Alternative Health Bracelets

A silver Alternative health bracelet.

These bracelets are not related to illnesses such as allergies or diabetes, but instead to all-natural health solutions. They are usually broken down into four different types: power balance hologram bracelets, karma bracelets, magnetic bracelets, and ionized bracelets.

All of these bracelets have been proven to have some type of medicinal use and can make the wearer happier and experience less pain and fatigue. If you’re interested in alternative health bracelets, you can research and buy them almost anywhere other types of jewelry are sold.


A lady is wearing four bangle bracelets of the same type.

A bangle is simply a type of bracelet that has no beginning and no end, much like a ring, so it has no clasps or other ways to open and close it. You simply place it on your wrist by gliding it over your hand.

Bangles can be silver or gold, contain all types of jewels, and can be as standard or as fancy as you like. When it comes to bangle bracelets, you can find almost anything you’re looking for, and their uniqueness makes them that much more attractive.

Beaded Bracelets

Several beaded bracelets of different colors.

The best part about buying a beaded bracelet is that the beads installed on the bracelet come in so many sizes, shapes, and colors that you are all but guaranteed to find something you love. The beads also come in various materials, from wood to acrylic and even glass.

They can be dark or light, large or small, solid-colored, or printed with designs. They can also be paired with other items, including gems, silver spacers, and even pearls, which means your own beaded bracelet can be as personalized as you want it to be.

Braided Bracelets

A bunch of colorful braided bracelets .

Braided bracelets are particularly popular with men because they are often found in colors such as black and brown, and they can present a more masculine image than other types of bracelets. Usually made of leather or some other type of flexible material, they can be braided in numerous patterns, which means each of them is unique in its own way.

Braided bracelets are also very comfortable because the materials they are made of are flexible, and most of them soften a lot with time. You can also incorporate other items into the bracelet itself, such as beads or silver balls, meaning you can easily get one that is personalized to your tastes and preferences.

Chain Bracelets

A look at a simple golden chain bracelet.

Made of chain links that can come in a wide variety of sizes and even shapes, chain bracelets provide a classy look that seems to go with everything. They can be plain and elegant or come with a variety of items such as gems and even small charms, so they can be worn to formal dances or to the shopping mall.

When made out of gold or silver chains, they will match anything you’re wearing, and since they often come in numerous sizes, you can always find the one that fits your wrist perfectly.

Charm Bracelets

A look at a colorful Charm bracelet.

Charm bracelets are extremely popular because the wearer can personalize them to show off certain interests and hobbies. Better yet, charms can be large or small, silver or gold, plain or printed in a unique design. You can find charms for hobbies related to sports, music, occupations, and even political persuasions.

Whatever you are interested in, you can easily find a charm to place on your bracelet so that others can share in your passion. You can also take them off very easily, making changing the charms around on a regular basis very simple to do. Because of this, you can change the entire look of your bracelet whenever you wish, and it is a bracelet that is just plain fun to own.

Cuff Bracelets

A couple of white Cuff bracelets.

Cuff bracelets are similar to bangles except there is a small opening in one part of the bracelet. This opening makes it a little easier to slide the bracelet onto your wrist, and a lot of cuff bracelets are extra wide to make it even easier to put them on.

The solid gold or silver cuff bracelets are especially attractive, and when they are made of leather, they can be worn by both men and women. In fact, black leather cuff bracelets can portray a tough image to others, making them a popular option for a lot of bikers and other club members.

Delicate Bracelets

A woman holding a delicate bracelet in her hands.

Much like their name suggests, delicate bracelets are usually made out of a thin type of gold or silver, or even a thin type of leather or other types of material. What makes these bracelets different than other types is that they look very delicate and fragile, even though they tend to be made out of strong materials that last.

Delicate bracelets are usually dressy, although some are casual in nature, which gives them a very elegant and classy look. They can also include various gems or even beads and charms, which means not all of them are solid-colored.

Designer Bracelets

Designer bracelet made out of gold with diamonds.

Designer bracelets are usually extremely fancy and are made with expensive diamonds and other jewels that give them a one-of-a-kind look. Custom-designed by an experienced jeweler, these bracelets come in so many designs and styles that no two are ever alike.

They can be small and delicate or large and containing big gems, and they are often considered family heirlooms by the people who own them. Designer bracelets can be a bit pricey, but considering the high-quality jewels that are used and the fact that they are custom made, they are worth all of the money you pay for them.

Identification/Medic Alert Bracelets

Medical alert bracelet for shrimp allergy.

Popular many decades ago, ID bracelets are usually silver or gold and contain a rectangular-shaped plate with a person’s name on them. They are also made for the wearer to let people know that he or she is allergic to a specific item, is diabetic, or describing some other type of problem area.

Medic alert bracelets are a type of ID bracelet, and most wearers have them on 24 hours a day so that if they get into an accident or become unconscious, the paramedics will be aware of their medical condition. Regular identification bracelets are worn just for fun, but medic alert bracelets serve a very important function, which is why the wearer should have it on at all times.

Infinity Link Bracelets

These are simple chain-link bracelets, usually in silver or gold, that also contains the infinity symbol, which is becoming more popular all the time. Once used only as a mathematical symbol, the infinity symbol now symbolizes infinite love for someone, and it’s simple yet elegant look allows it to match almost any outfit you wear.

In addition to chain links, many infinity bracelets are made of links of other materials as well, including balls and charms. In other words, there are hundreds of styles for the infinity link bracelet, so you are all but guaranteed to find something you love every time you shop for one.

Kada Bracelets

A close look at a man's hand wearing a Kada bracelet.

Kada bracelets are symbols of religious faith by people in the Sikh religion. They consist of various materials, including diamonds and sapphires, and they are usually worn by men. They started out as very simple and plain bracelets made of silver or iron, but over time they have evolved to include numerous other types of bracelets.

Kada bracelets can be plain and basic or frilly and consisting of various gems, and most reputable jewelry stores carry them, especially in areas where there is a large Sikh population.

Leather Bracelets

A look at a black leather bracelet.

Leather bracelets never go out of style because they provide a classic and elegant look, but if you want them to be a little more masculine, simply purchase one that is darker in color and thicker in design.

Many different types of leather can be used to make these bracelets, including suede, and since leather is so comfortable to wear, this is a bracelet you can leave on for long periods of time without it irritating your skin. Leather bracelets are stylish and fashionable, and they can be worn by both men and women, making them extremely popular with millions of jewelry-wearers.

Link Bracelets

A single golden Link bracelet.

Link bracelets are usually either silver or gold, and they look like links attached to one another, which can be any size or shape you want them to be. If they are made of metals such as silver or brass, they are extremely strong, and any type of bracelet that is linked together by numerous separate pieces can be considered a link bracelet.

This includes beaded chakra bracelets and bracelets that are linked together by gold or silver balls. If the bracelet is made up of individual pieces that are linked together throughout the length of the bracelet, it can be called a link bracelet.

Multi-Layer Bracelets

Multi-layer bracelets can be made of almost anything, but their main characteristic is that they have two or more strands of whatever material that are made of. They can be made of materials such as chain, rope, synthetic materials, wire, and leather, among others.

Another advantage of choosing a multi-layer bracelet is that it looks good, regardless of what you are wearing with it, so whether you are dressed casually or formally, these bracelets look like they were made specifically for you. They come in dozens of styles and colors, but a multi-layer bracelet is both affordable and easy to find.

Slap Bracelets

Slap bracelets are unique in that they are made of a special type of metal that allows them to be slapped onto the wrist but in a fun manner. The bracelets are usually about one inch wide and come in a long, continuous length. When you slap it onto your wrist, the metal allows it to take on the shape of your wrist, which means it is guaranteed to fit your wrist perfectly every time.

Slap bracelets often come in a variety of unique colors, including neon pink and green, and they are one of the most inexpensive bracelets you can buy. This means that purchasing more than one slap bracelet in various colors to match your wardrobe is simple and never too rich for your tastes.

Slider Bracelets

What makes slider bracelets so popular is their ability to adjust to your particular wrist size, which means even if you have an unusually small or large wrist, you can adjust the bracelet so that it fits perfectly.

Even though they are made in one piece and glide easily over your hand and onto your wrist, their thin materials guarantee easy adjustments of the bracelets whenever you need this feature. Other than the fact that they slide in order to adjust to the size of your wrists, these bracelets have very little in common, because they come in so many styles, designs, colors, and even shapes that it is rare to find two of them that are exactly alike.

Sports Bracelets

A man is wearing a sports bracelet at work.

These are specially made bracelets developed specifically for either charity campaigns or different sports. They are usually made of some type of silicone rubber that can come in various colors, and they have been popularized by many famous athletes, as well as sporting goods companies such as Nike. Popular with many types of athletes, including professional tennis players, these bracelets have become very commonplace in dozens of sporting activities.

Statement Bracelets

Statement bracelets, naturally, make a statement, but other than this characteristic they all look a little different than the next one. Statement bracelets can be large, brass, oddly shaped bracelets, bracelets that have tassels or feathers on them, or come in the shape of a number or letter.

These bracelets are often personalized to the wearer’s tastes and preferences, and some of them are even custom-made by the jeweler, which means they are always different for each customer. Another type of statement bracelet is one in which a symbol is attached that has a specific meaning, such as breast cancer or autism awareness.

Tennis Bracelets

A silver Tennis bracelet with stones.

Tennis bracelets are bracelets made entirely out of diamonds, although the size and shape of the diamonds can vary from one bracelet to the next. They usually come in either silver, white gold, or yellow gold, and because of the number of diamonds contained on the bracelet, they sparkle and shine as few other bracelets do.

They are also made in various designs and price ranges, so regardless of your tastes or your budget, you can easily find one that will accommodate you. Some tennis bracelets contain other gems in addition to diamonds, including sapphires and emeralds, so finding one that suits your style is very easy.

Wooden Bracelets

A couple of Wooden bracelets on a tree stump.

As the name implies, these bracelets are made of pieces of wood, but they come in so many styles and colors that it is rare to find two that are exactly alike. Most wooden bracelets are made of either large or small beads and come in their natural color.

However, it is possible to purchase wooden bracelets that have been painted in various colors. Wooden bracelets are also a great choice because most of them match everything in your wardrobe, and when they are layered with two or more strands, they are especially attractive.

Materials for Bracelets


A set of Crysytal bracelets of different colors.

Crystals come in so many types that you are all but guaranteed to get something you love when you’re looking for a bracelet containing these items. Although regular crystals can be quite expensive, it is hard to tell which crystals are real and which are synthetic, which is why it is possible to get a beautiful bracelet made of crystals you will be anxious to show off to others, regardless of your budget.

Choosing either of these types of crystals will provide you with a bracelet you’ll love, and it is good to know you’ll always be satisfied with your bracelet in the end.


A close look at a luxurious Diamond bracelet.

Bracelets made of diamonds are always in fashion, and the diamonds can be large or small, round or square, with or without other gems, and in hundreds of designs and styles. In fact, regardless of your personal preferences and tastes or even your budget, you can always find a beautiful bracelet made of diamonds without looking too far.

There are even bracelets made of diamonds with some color to them, including those with bluish or pinkish tints. Whatever you want, you can find the perfect diamond bracelet any time, and the best way to start your research is online.


A single colorful Fabric bracelet.

All types of fabric can be used for bracelets, including broadcloth, cotton, wool, and even satin or silk. The design possibilities are endless with fabric bracelets because there are thousands of choices when it comes to thicknesses, designs, patterns, and of course, colors.

They can be dark or light, solid or printed, wide or narrow, and there are numerous jewelers that can custom-make one of these bracelets just for you.


A close look at a woman's wrist wearing a Gold bracelet.

There are three main types of gold – traditional yellow-gold, rose-gold, and white-gold. Each of them contains a specific amount of that type of gold, and they range from 10-karat to 24-karat varieties. They are strong and meant to last, and if you want a piece of jewelry that matches everything in your wardrobe, gold is a very safe bet.


A look at a black leather bracelet.

There are many different types of leather, but the type used in making bracelets is a soft, flexible type of leather that feels good against your skin. This type of leather, which includes suede, also makes it easy to take the bracelet off and on, meaning it is both comfortable and easy to handle.

Leather can also be dyed in various colors, so whether you want a bracelet that is brown, black, beige, or even dark-red, choosing a leather bracelet will accommodate your needs.


A look at a Pearl bracelet on a pink surface.

Both real and synthetic pearls are stunning and eye-catching, and unless you rub them against your teeth, you will never know for sure if the pearl bracelet you see on a friend’s wrist is real or fake. Pearls also come in various sizes and even shades, so if you want pearls that are white, off-white, or even with a pinkish tint, you can easily find them.

Best of all, since pearls can be worn with everything from formal dresses to blue jeans, they are a great material to make your bracelet with, regardless of the look you want.


A look at a single green plastic/silicone bracelet.

These are very flexible, inexpensive bracelets usually used to symbolize interest in a particular cause, which is why they are available in so many colors. They can be plain or multi-colored, and they can even be etched with your name or a specific saying. If you’ve ever bought a pink bracelet during the month of October, which is breast cancer awareness month, you know what a silicone bracelet looks like.


A Silver bracelet with diamonds.

Both platinum and silver are very strong materials to make bracelets out of, not to mention attractive materials that will make people notice the jewelry you’re wearing. They come in numerous grades and strengths, which means you can always find something within your price range, and the color guarantees that they will match everything you wear day after day.


A woman wearing a set of shell bracelets.

The shells used in bracelets are sometimes made of acrylic or plastic, but there are also real shells that come from the beach, although these can be more delicate than other types of shells. Shell bracelets come in dozens of designs and even colors, and when the jewelry companies make these bracelets out of real shells, the result is a unique, one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry that you’ll want to wear again and again.

Stainless Steel

A look at a Stainless steel bracelet with a heart charm.

Although bracelets themselves are not usually made out of stainless steel, this material is frequently used for spacers, balls, and charms that are placed on the bracelet along with other materials.

Stainless steel is strong but can be etched with names or different designs, which means it is a perfect material for more personalized bracelets. It also goes with almost anything – including leather, gold, or even fabric – making it a great multi-purpose material for most bracelets.