14 Different Types Of Blouses For Women

If you are in search for that perfect outfit for the day, here are the different types of blouses to help you find that perfect top to complete your look.

A close look at different blouses for women on display on a rack.

Finding the perfect outfit to wear may seem like a tall task for any woman (myself included!). However, my go-to is almost always a blouse given how versatile they can be. There are so many blouse types and styles out there that you can really wear one for almost any occasion.

From different patterns and colors to materials and shapes, it’s pretty easy to find a blouse that fits your personal style and body type. In this guide, we’re going to dive deep into all blouse types to help you decide which one is right for you!

1. Asymmetric Style

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An asymmetrical blouse really allows you the opportunity to play around with your style and even get a little funky and daring with where you take the look.

The location of the asymmetry can range from the neckline to the shirttail to the sleeves. The funky cut choice provides women the chance to be a bit more innovative with how they accessorize the outfit; however, confidence is necessary to pull the look off.

Any woman, no matter her body type, can easily pull off the asymmetrical blouse. The key is to find the color, design, pattern and cut that best suits your body type. A brightly colored asymmetrical blouse paired with a saree that has a bold pattern and some beautiful statement pieces of jewelry is just one route to go for this outfit look.

2. Lace Blouse

A woman wearing a white lace blouse.

A lace blouse is the epitome of femininity; it oozes class and refinement. The lace itself is a very elegant fabric that looks best when it is styled very simply. Steer clear of adding flashy embellishments such as sequins or other patchwork designs. Lace calls for a less are more approach when accessorizing.

The wonderful thing about lace is that it looks great on any woman; it really accentuates a woman’s femininity and adds a softness to any look.

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The versatility of lace allows it to be styled in any number of ways; you can make it edgier by pairing it with a leather jacket and keep it delicate by styling it with a tulle skirt. Depending on your body type and your personal style, adding a classic accessory like pearl earrings or a pearl necklace can really add an extra pop of style.

3. Sheer Blouse

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Sheer blouses have probably become the quickest growing trend in blouses recently, thanks to the Kardashian’s being spotted in these blouses out and about by the paparazzi.

This is also one of the more daring fashion trends a woman can opt for; with the fabric being sheer, everyone can see her physique on display. Choosing a sheer blouse with a darker or more opaque fabric can eliminate the feeling of showing too much skin.

There is an air of elegance about the sheer blouse, so it’s best to dress it up with a saree that is either made of pre-stitched satin or heavily brocaded. Pulling your hair back in a simple bun and adding a headband, a pair of jhumkas, and possibly a necklace of some sort, can complete this look for a modern, trendy outfit.

4. Criss Cross

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The criss cross blouse has become a fashion staple among the actresses of Bollywood. Even well-known household names like Sonam Kapoor and Jaqueline Fernandez wear this blouse as an everyday go-to choice. Truthfully, anyone can pull off this style; even, if you have a larger bust area and are a little more fuller figured.

The best part about the criss-cross blouse is that it looks great with lehengas and sarees, as well as drapes and dupattas. Chandelier earrings and a simple neckly can really add that wow factor to this outfit and make sure you receive the attention you want.

5. Sweetheart

A close look at a blouse with a sweetheart neckline.

The sweetheart neckline was made popular as a fashion trend among celebrity brides and worked its way into the bridesmaid’s dresses.

This type of blouse really shows off nice toned shoulders and a long, slender neck. One feature of this type of neckline is that it draws the eye’s attention towards the bust area; which can really help accentuate the chest of a woman who may not be as full-figured in that area.

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On the other hand, if a woman is very full-figured in the chest area, she may want to steer clear of this blouse option as it may reveal too much skin. The perfect accompaniments to the sweetheart blouse are large, dangle earrings that make a statement and a necklace that hugs the collarbone.

6. Off Shoulder

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If showing off some skin is not your thing, steer clear from off-shoulder blouses. However, if you like being a little more daring in your fashion choices and like showing a little skin, the off-shoulder blouse is the way to go.

This type of blouse will definitely make a statement and turn some heads wherever you go. Off-shoulder blouses look best on women with really toned shoulders, backs, and arms. It is a really simple, but elegant way to display your toned muscles.

This trend has recently been extremely popular with actress Sonam Kapoor, and it is quickly becoming one of the chicest trends when paired with a traditional saree. The key to making this blouse work with a saree is to drape your dupatta as close to your neck in order to allow your toned collar bone to be on full display.

One thing to keep in mind, though, is that if you have a much fuller bust area or very broad shoulders, this is not the blouse for you. The style and cut of the blouse will not draw attention to your best features. Off-shoulder blouses call for simple accessories like a sleek bun and some large hoop earrings.

7. Jacket Blouse

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A jacket blouse has long been a favorite of the socialite crowd at art gallery openings and other similar social events, but it has more recently become a favorite trend among the average woman because it provides a staple fashion piece you can style several different ways.

This is a style that can be worn from day to night. If you want more of a corporate or professional look, choose something with cotton fabric. If you want something that is more party-like or for a special occasion, go a little more daring with a silk or satin fabric; or maybe even some sequins!

The jacket blouse looks best on petite women or women that are pear shape. However, if you are able to find the right cut of jacket blouse for your body type, anyone can wear this blouse. An added benefit of this blouse is that it pairs well with a saree, lehenga, or a dhoti; simply add a belt or armband to complete your look.

8. High Neck

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A high neck blouse is fairly non-fussy and is quite conservative in terms of its overall style. It does not show much skin if any, and definitely does not allow for the showing off of cleavage.

If you have a long, slender torso and neck, the high neck blouse would compliment your body type well. When selecting the perfect high neck blouse, be sure to choose one with a lightweight fabric that allows it to move and doesn’t appear heavy or chunky.

Going with a lightweight fabric allows the blouse the opportunity to flow and and more freely with the body and you go about your day.

If you want to accessorize your look, add some simple, stacked bangles on your wrist, a nice pair of dhoti, and a hat to give the appearance of a warrior princess.

9. Paneled

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If you are a woman with a more full-figured chest area and do not wish to draw much attention to that area, a paneled blouse is an excellent fashion choice.

A paneled blouse is made up of two or more panels of different fabrics or colors and sewn together to provide a fresh but eclectic sense of style. This style blouse looks best with plain, fitted sleeves as the design of the color and fabric is the focal point. If you are not as full-figured in the chest area, paneled blouses are not the best option for you.

You can always play with the design elements of the panel blouse; perhaps find one that has some sequined panels or velvet panels. Adding these pops of style can really separate a panel blouse from blouses that do not have multiple panels. This blouse makes for the perfect accompaniment to a skirt, trousers, or to add some flare to a pair of jeans.

10. Long Blouse

A woman wearing a long white blouse.

The long blouse is an old, but classic fashion staple for women. This blouse became especially popular thanks to the sharara suit trend happening this season in part to a resurgence in interest of movies starring Madhuri Dixit.

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The long blouse is perhaps best described as conservative in style; it allows women to be carefree when wearing it, as they don’t have to worry about their cleavage or stomach area showing at all.

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The long blouse can be one of the most versatile pieces of clothing a woman can own. It is a suitable option for women with all different body shapes and fashion preferences. If you want a more sleek look, pair it with some slim fitted slacks or straight leg jeans. To achieve the vintage begum look with this blouse, add a pair of chandbali earrings or a pearl passa.

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11. U Neck

A woman wearing a striped U-neck blouse.

The most beneficial feature of the U neck blouse is that it looks good on everyone, no matter their body shape. It is one of the more versatile blouses a woman can own, and every woman should have at least one u neck blouse in their wardrobe.

One thing to keep in mind, however, is that the shape of the cut of the neckline can tend to draw extra attention to the bust area. If a woman prefers to not show as much skin, she may want to opt for a different blouse.

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Even though there is a bit of a conventional feel to the u neck blouse, the neckline is what adds a unique touch to any outfit it’s worn with. Choosing a bold, statement piece for a necklace that really celebrates the neckline of this blouse is the way to go in terms of accessories.

12. Strapless

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The strapless blouse is a cool, retro throwback to the 90s. Think back to the music videos of pop and hip-hop artists that were filled with ladies flaunting their toned backs, shoulder, arms, and necks.

Recently, the strapless blouse has really made a comeback among fashion enthusiasts. The key to making this blouse look best is to find the perfect strapless bra to wear underneath that provides lift and support for the bust.

You can accessorize this blouse multiple ways, but the most common is to keep it simple with a chain necklace and some small stud earrings and your hair in a braid or bun. Chic and stylish with not much effort.

13. Long Sleeve

A close look at a woman wearing a bright pink long sleeve blouse.

Longed sleeved blouses are an apt blouse choice for women with longer arms, but perhaps lacking in muscle definition. Women with that arm type cannot go wrong when wearing a long-sleeved blouse.

There are several ways in which you can add some extra flair, like ruffles around the wrists, shoulders, and/or button area, or perhaps go with some flared sleeves for a more simple twist.

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Adding on these extra style elements helps to draw the attention away from your midsection, as well as accentuate the length of your arms, making them appear more slender. Choosing a long-sleeved blouse that has some ruffles or flare becomes itself an accessory. No need to stress about finding the perfect jewelry to accompany your outfit.

When deciding on what kind of additional design element you want your blouse to have, keep in mind your body shape and type in order to choose what will look most flattering on you.

14. Cutwork

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Last year, cutwork blouses exploded onto the fashion scene and quickly set a new trend in the style arena. New trends always have the possibility of fading out of style quickly.

However, the cutwork blouse has maintained its popularity through this year but has transitioned to being worn for more special occasions as opposed to everyday wear. This blouse provides the perfect blend of an old classic mixed with current trends.

Cutwork blouses best suit women who have very toned figures, especially their shoulders. The cutout style gives the blouse a delicate feel, so it’s best to consider choosing a lighter color option and fabric when deciding which saree or dupatta to pair it with. If you make the right fashion choices, you will definitely turn heads wherever you go.

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