46 Different Types of Shorts for Women and Men (Mega List)

Know the type of shorts best suited for your style. Use this comprehensive list of the types of shorts for women and men based on style, design, activity and material.

Man and woman wearing shorts

Just a few decades ago, shorts were considered an improper or rather risqué attire for women. Women who were fashionable (and quite bold) to sport it nonetheless had to serve a penalty according to the legal laws.

Fortunately, times have changed.

Today, shorts have become highly popular apparel for both men and women. They line the shelves at various clothing stores all around the year while new styles and designs continue popping up every now and then.

With the summer season just around the corner, it goes without saying that you must be looking for ways to revamp your wardrobe and wish to purchase the best shorts for women that will keep you cool and comfortable during the hot days without compromising on looking your best.

Check out our comprehensive article discussing the various types of shorts for women that will help you decide which style’s the best for you.

A. Types of Shorts for Men

My dad never wears shorts out in public and rarely outdoors at all.  Whenever he put them on at home, his ultra white legs blinded me.  He just grew up that way, coming from an Eastern European farming family.  Shorts are interesting when it comes to men’s fashion.  They are generally considered ultra casual and some cultures frown upon shorts completely.  In others, they can be worn in recreational settings but are not supposed to be worn in professional settings, in a religious ceremony, or at a formal gathering.

If you plan to travel, be sure to do your research before packing your shorts.  Make sure that it’s culturally acceptable to wear shorts where you are going.  I spent some time building homes for the poor in Tijuana, Mexico with groups of volunteers.  We always asked our volunteers to only pack pants for work, as we would not be respecting Mexican culture if group members wore shorts while working in their communities.  Of course, shorts were fine on the beach, but it was important for us to be respectful in and near Mexican homes.

It seems that in the United States, nearly anything goes when it comes to men’s shorts.  There are many types of men’s shorts.  Some are typically worn for working out, while others are acceptable for casual situations when the weather is warm.  Other types of shorts are worn for health reasons.  Men can choose how long they want their shorts, the materials, style, and features.  Comfort, durability, and functionality are common things to consider when choosing shorts.  Follow along with me as we dive in to the many types of shorts for men and take notes for the next time you will do some shopping for shorts.

Men’s Athletic Shorts

Working out is the most common time for a man to wear shorts.  There are many different types of athletic shorts, made for a variety of activities.  Who wants to be restricted by pants when working out?  Those legs need to breathe.  From tight bicycle shorts to some baggy athletic shorts for shooting hoops, there are a variety of lengths, styles, and materials used in athletic shorts.

Running Shorts

BALEAF Men's Quick-Dry Lightweight Pace Running Shorts Black Size M

Men’s running shorts are a special type of shorts worn by runners.  These shorts are generally made of lightweight material and designed to allow for free movement while running.  Some running shorts include an inner lining that serves as underwear.  If this is included, there us no need to wear separate underwear.  A common material used for running shorts is polyester.

It’s uncommon for running shorts to be long, as the runner’s stride can pull on the fabric and cause discomfort.  Many types of running shorts have a seam cut up the side to provide for more freedom in movement.  Common split seams are 1/2 split seam or 1/4 split seam.  This refers to how much of the seam is cut.  Shorts that are 1/2 split seam are shorter than 3/4 split seam.

Walking Shorts

Under Armour Men's Tech Graphic Shorts , Black (001)/Graphite , X-Large

Each man is likely to have a different preference for walking shorts.  A speed walker may opt for running shorts, but a casual walker may be comfortable in some regular mesh athletic shorts or even some stretch board shorts.  Comfort and good airflow are key for walking shorts.

Hiking Shorts

XKTTAC Men's Outdoor Quick Dry Lightweight Stretchy Shorts for Hiking, Camping, Travel with 6 Pockets (Green, Large)

When choosing men’s hiking shorts, it usually comes down to versatility, mobility, and comfort.  Shorts need to keep a hiker cool in the heat and handle all of the elements of the trail as well as changing weather.  These shorts need to hold up when scrambling over a boulder, splashing through a stream or getting caught in the rain, or enduring a strenuous uphill ascent.  A huge number of cargo pockets are also helpful for holding gear and possessions.  These should securely close to keep everything safe.  Of course, hikers also want to look stylish on the trail, so a variety of colors and designs are always welcome.

Cycling Short

BALEAF Men's Bike Cycling Underwear Shorts 3D Padded Bicycle MTB Liner Shorts (Blue, L)

There are a few things to consider when searching for cycling shorts.  First of all, here are different types of cycling shorts for mountain biking or road cycling.  Cycling shorts for road cyclists are generally tight fitting with no pockets.  Cyclists generally wear shirts with pockets on the back.  Some types may also include some sort of padding or chamois built into the short.  Common materials for cycling shorts include a combination of spandex and nylon.  When investing in a bike short, it’s important to look for durability.  Even though one product may be cheaper at first, it may not last as long, leading to another purchase and more money spent.

Mountain bike shorts are usually baggy and have two or three pockets.  The pockets usually have a secure closure so that possessions don’t fall out while on the bumpy trail.  Common materials for mountain biking shorts include nylon, polyester, and spandex.  These are usually blended together.  Sometimes, a mountain biker will wear a chamois under their mountain biker shorts for some added padding.  No matter if looking for road cycling shorts or mountain biking shorts, it’s important to look for shorts that are good at dealing with excessive moisture.  It’s important to get as much moisture as possible away from your body.

Gym Shorts

Under Armour Men's Raid 10-Inch Workout Gym Shorts , Black (001)/Graphite , Large

Men’s gym shorts generally have an elastic waist and are baggy.  Some have pockets and some do not.  Mesh is a common favorite because of the breathability of the fabric.  Fast drying gym shorts are always important to deal with the sweat and moisture from working out.  Polyester is a popular fabric for gym shorts as well as a polyester-spandex blend and cotton.  Gym shorts most often have an elastic waist, with many options offering a draw string to modify the waist size if needed.

Swim Shorts

Kanu Surf Men's Barracuda Swim Trunks (Regular & Extended Sizes), Black, Large

Swim shorts, or swimming trunks, are worn while swimming or lounging on the pool’s edge or at the beach. There are several types of swimming trunks for men from tiny and tight briefs to the also tight, but longer jammer to average baggier swim trunks that most people are used to.  In general, the tighter swim shorts are left to those who swim competitively.

For the recreational swimmer, choosing swim shorts is more a matter of finding the best trunk to work with your body type.  Everyone wants to look as good as possible in swim trunks.  Some things to think about are choosing a color that compliments your skin tone and choosing shorts that fit your legs.  A good rule is, the shorter your legs, the shorter the shorts.  For those who are on the heavier side, choosing shorts that have a pattern or vertical stripes will help to make you look slimmer.  Swim trunks are generally made out of polyester.  They often have a mesh basket liner to keep everything in place as well as pockets to keep items secure while swimming.  If hanging out at the beach, it’s also a good idea to think about sun protection.  Many types of trunks offer this.

Board Shorts

Quiksilver Men's Everyday 21 Inch Boardshort, Dark Shadow, 36

Designed as swimwear, especially for surfers, these are longer shorts that have also made their way into common casual summer shorts.  They can often be found at the beach.  Board shorts are generally baggy and fall below the knee.  They have a drawstring and come in a variety of patterns, designs, and colors for ultimate personalization.

Tennis Shorts

adidas mens Club 3-Stripes Regular Fit 9-Inch Quarter Length Tennis Club Shorts, White/Black, Large

Tennis shorts have changed over the years.  In years past, these shorts were generally white with pleats to allow for free movement.  Today, athletes who play tennis opt for wearing more colors for their matches.  Synthetic, quick drying, fabrics have become popular.  Some examples are polyester and elastane, These shorts have elastic waist bands for comfort as well as pockets for holding extra tennis balls.

Golf Shorts

adidas Golf Ultimate 365 Short, Grey Three, 34"

Even though professionals can’t wear shorts during a PGA tour event, golf shorts are still popular with golfers.  However, no one wants to arrive at a classy country club wearing cut offs or board shorts.  It’s important to look classy and stylish in golf shorts, plus players need to take comfort into consideration.  Features of golf shorts include belt loops and zippers, traditional pockets on the sides, and straight legs with no cargo pockets.  Most players opt for solid colored shorts, but there are many subtle and bold patterns out there.

Other Athletic Shorts

The list would be too long to hit every sport that offers special shorts best suited for athletes.  A few others that offer specially designed shorts include basketball, soccer, lacrosse, boxing, racquetball, rugby, and fishing.  Each type of short offers special features, making it specially designed for comfort and functionality while competing in these sports.

Summer Casual Shorts

There are an increasing number of types and designs for casual shorts out there.  It also seems that there are more and more places that find shorts acceptable.  Shorts are even worn at a variety of work places these days.  Shorts aren’t just for working out or wearing to the beach anymore.  Find styles, colors, and designs that allow you to express yourself and keep cool during the summer months.  Wear them to barbecues, while on vacation, when you go out shopping, as you are working on your house, or even in more formal settings when it seems appropriate.

Cargo Shorts

Wrangler Authentics Men’s Premium Twill Cargo Short, Anthracite Twill, 42

Classic cargo shorts are some of the most popular in terms of men’s shorts.  These shorts generally hit right at the knee.  Their claim to fame is the ample pockets for carrying all your stuff.  There are usually two traditional pockets just below the waistline, two more pockets down by the bottom of the shorts, and two pockets in the rear.  Find a pair with buttons on the lower pockets for extra security.  Many cargo shorts contain some stretchy fabric to make them extra comfy.  Popular materials are a cotton and spandex blend or 100% cotton.  Nylon cargo shorts are also available for those who would like more moisture wicking capabilities.

Chino Shorts

Volcom Men's Vmonty Stretch Chino Short, KHAKI, 32

Another popular style, the chino short hits just above the knee and has a straight leg.  There are no pockets toward the bottom of the short and the inseam is most often between 9.5 and 11.5 inches.  There are a huge number of colors and patterns available for chino shorts, allowing any man to highlight their style.  Chino shorts are usually either all cotton or mostly cotton, with a small percentage of spandex for stretch.

Denim Short

Levi's Men's 505 Regular Fit Short, Medium Stonewash, 38

A classic, the denim short can sometimes have a dated look, but updated fashion trends have them looking alright.  Denim carpenter shorts are popular with those working construction because of the extra pockets and the hammer loop.  Details are also being added to denim shorts like whiskering, sanding, or making them look intentionally worn.  Cuffing at the bottom can also give them a hip look.  Denim is made of 100% cotton.

Pleated Shorts

PGA TOUR Men's Double Pleat Expandable Short, Chinchilla, 36

Pleated shorts provide a little more room.  Your thighs and crotch will thank you.  They may have gotten a bad reputation in the past for being “dad shorts” but they are actually making a comeback.  However, there’s a catch.  you should go for a single pleat that is subtle and barely noticeable.  The length should hit above the knees.  Multiple pleats and longer lengths will make you look outdated when wearing shorts  A polyester and spandex blend is a common material for pleated shorts, as well as cotton.

Flat Front Shorts

Dickies Young Men's Flat Front Short, Khaki, 34

Just as there are pleated shorts, there are also flat front shorts.  These shorts are generally more formal looking and often paired with a polo shirt and worn to parties, barbecues, vacation tours, and other more upscale events.  There are many examples of flat front shorts, one of the more fun titles are seersucker whaler shorts.

Bermuda Shorts

Amazon Essentials Men's Classic-Fit 9" Short, Washed Red, 36

Bermuda shorts are simply casual knee-length shorts.  The hem can be cuffed or uncuffed and will hit about an inch above the knee.  These shorts got their name because they are quite popular in Bermuda.  This British Overseas Territory enjoys warm weather and these shorts have been deemed appropriate for business attire when combined with a dress shirt, tie, blazer, and knee-length socks.

Khaki Shorts

Wrangler Authentics Men's Classic Relaxed Fit Stretch Cargo Short, Grain Twill, 33

Men’s khaki shorts are generally an attempt to look dressed up when wearing shorts.  However, there are many styles that are available when it comes to khaki.  There are cargo shorts, chino shorts, Bermuda shorts, hiking shorts, and more.  Khaki’s are traditionally made of 100% cotton twill fabric, but other materials are sometimes used.  Although khaki shorts may make you think of school uniforms or boring office co-workers, khakis got their start in being a uniform for soldiers, how’s that for rugged and manly?

Tailored Shorts

Amazon Essentials Men's Slim-Fit 9" Short, Navy Anchor, 36

The term “tailored shorts” can mean a few things.  This term can refer to shorts that look very similar to slacks, but are cut to a short’s length.  It can also refer to shorts that are custom made to fit.  Common fabrics for tailored shorts include seersucker, denim, linen, cotton, or suiting fabric.

Baggy Short

Yeokou Men's Loose Hip Hop Cropped Jeans Work Denim Shorts with Cargo Pockets (40, Style11 Light Blue 001)

Baggy shorts can also run across a variety of design realms.  Most often thought of as athletic shorts, there can also be baggy cargo shorts, mountain biking shorts, khaki shorts, and others.  Baggy shorts are non-restrictive and allow for more freedom of movement.  They are not appropriate for some activities and many think that baggy shorts do not look professional.

Patterned Shorts

Royal & Awesome Men's Patterned Golf Shorts, King of Diamond, 36W

Look thinner or add some flair to your style with patterned shorts.  Vertical stripes or plaid can help to make you look slimmer and a pattern can also accent your style.  The possibilities are really endless when it comes to patterns, especially with swim trunks, golf shorts, pajama shorts, or classic-fit shorts.  There are diamonds, flamingos, lobsters, palm trees, superheroes, camouflage, and nearly anything else you can think of.

Daisy Duke

Ouber Men's Fitted Workout Gym Lifting Running Mesh Shorts (A-Black,L)

There can’t be an article about shorts without mentioning daisy dukes.  Now, these shorts are not for everyone, but there are plenty of men who want to show a little thigh and sport these shorts.  These short shorts are usually made from a pair of cutoff jeans, but can be found in other materials.  These shorts got their name from Daisy from The Dukes of Hazard television show, as she made the style popular.

Linen Shorts

Janmid Men's Linen Casual Classic Fit Short White M

Linen shorts generally have an island vibe and can often be seen while sporting a Hawaiian shirt.  These loose fitting shorts are breathable and come in a few styles.  Find linen shorts with extra pockets and draw strings or with plain straight legs.  Linen shorts are usually white or off while, but can also be found in other colors such as blue, khaki, red, or gray.

Leather Short

Amosfun Men Sexy Leather Pants Lingerie Tight Trousers Harness Nightclub Lingerie Wet Look Bikini Swim Trunks

Oktoberfest Lederhosen Men - Real Leather - The Original Men's Lederhosen from Germany - Authentic German Octoberfest Outfit/Costume - Excellent Stitching & Details

Please don’t run out and buy yourself some leather shorts.  Let’s keep these reserved for men living in Munich and parts of Bavaria who are celebrating Oktoberfest.  When they are worn in the correct context, they can be pretty awesome, but otherwise, not so much.  Leather shorts are generally a bib short, paired with suspenders to celebrate Oktoberfest.

At Home or Under Shorts

There are some shorts that should be worn only at home or underneath other shorts.  These include compression shorts, boxer shorts, and pajama shorts.  These shorts serve a purpose and are generally not worn out and about.

Compression Shorts

Under Armour Men's HeatGear Armour 2.0 6-inch Compression Shorts , Black (001)/Graphite , Large

Most of the time, compression shorts are worn under other baggier shorts, however some men are embracing the look of wearing compression shorts alone.  Compression shorts should support you without strangling you.  There are many benefits to wearing compression shorts, including improving blood flow and oxygen distribution during exercise.  They can also reduce recovery time from some medical procedures, such as a vasectomy.

Boxer Short

Hanes Men's 5-Pack Tartan Boxer with Inside Exposed Waistband, Multi, Large

There are many types of underwear available to men.  Many prefer the loose fitting nature of boxer shorts for superior comfort.  Of course, there are also boxer briefs for men who like a little more support without going all the way to briefs.  Boxer shorts come in a variety of fun patterns and colors, allowing a man to express himself.

Pajama Shorts

Hanes Men's 2-Pack Knit Short

Men’s pajama shorts, or lounge shorts, usually have an elastic waist and possibly a draw string.  These shorts are almost always made out of 100% cotton.  This makes wearing these shorts while sleeping or relaxing a comfortable experience.  There are many colors and patterns available for personalization.


B. Types of Shorts for Women

Denim Shorts

onlypuff Black Pockets High Waist Denim Shorts Push Up Zipper Jean Shorts S
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Denim is hands down one of the best materials for women’s shorts. It’s classy, comfortable, and never goes out of style. Clothing stores are brimming with denim shorts made as per the manufacturer’s preference, but there are also many iconic styles such as the cut-off denim shorts and boyfriend shorts that are easily available at almost all shops.

You can pair denim shorts with flat pumps, boots, or sneakers, and wear a tank top or a t-shirt.

Printed Shorts

Nautica Girls' Printed Short, Trans Floral Blu Grotto, 2T
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From polka dots to flowers, tribal prints to stripes, and geometric patterns to fake cheetah skin, the options are endless when it comes to printed shorts. Whether you pair it with a matching top or go for a more eccentric style, printed shorts are bound to make you stand out of the crowd.

Cut-Off Shorts

Sexyshine Women's High Waist Distressed Clubwear Hot Pants Sexy Ripped Summer Denim Shorts(6273BL,S)
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As the name suggests, cut-off shorts are shorts that have been “cut-off” from pants, trousers, or any other long to medium-length leg-wear. These are normally cut off at least a few inches above the knee or even higher. It goes without saying that an unfinished look is the most prominent feature cut-off shorts.

Cut-off shorts are one of the most beloved forms of summer outfits for women given how edgy they look.

Another reason why cut-off shorts rose to utmost popularity overnight is that you don’t need a single extra penny to rock this style. If you have got old jeans, simply cut them off at the desired level using a pair of scissors or use a sharp blade to rip off the required length. To make sure that you get things right in the first try and don’t end up wasting a perfect pair of jeans, take DIY tips from those who have successfully tried it a number of times. You can embellish your jeans with studs or gems to up the fun factor.

Boyfriend Shorts

Bandolino Women's Karyn Slim Boyfriend Denim Short, Porto Studded, 6
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Boyfriend shorts refer to loose and baggy shorts that are usually made of denim. Whether they have elastic waistbands or a regular one, these shorts almost always have zippers and buttons and might be ripped for a faux rugged look. Boyfriend shorts got their name because they have a semblance to most of the common men’s pants even though they were exclusively designed for women.

To master the style of sporting boyfriend shorts, pair them with sneakers or sandals for a really chic and trendy look. This legwear that extends from the waist till the thigh is suitable for casual and semi-casual events.

Jamaican Shorts

An online search for this type of shorts might turn up any shorts printed with the flag of Jamaica, but don’t be confused. Although it may or may not come in the colors of the native flag, Jamaican shorts basically refer to shorts that end at or above the knee regardless of their print or the material that they are made of.

Bermuda Shorts

XinYangNi Women's Petite Casual Cotton Fit Shorts Elastic Waist Drawstring Bermuda Shorts Knee Length Turmeric US S/Asia 2XL
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Hardly any other type of shorts is treated as differently as Bermuda shorts. Many women detest them given their baggy look, while others love them because they are airy and comfortable. These shorts got their name due to their high popularity in Bermuda where they are considered formal attire for men when made from appropriate material and worn with a dress shirt, tie, and knee-length socks.

However, in most of the other places, this type of shorts is normally made from soft and cozy materials and often worn by women as nightwear in summers.

Bermuda shorts are also known as walk shorts or dress shorts and might be cuffed or un-cuffed at the hem.

Chino Shorts

7 Encounter Women's Low Rise Casual Stretch Cotton Chino Shorts Navy Floral Size 2
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Chino shorts are a type of walking shorts. Walking shorts refer to medium to long shorts that are specifically designed for ease in walking and performing any other leisurely activity. Keeping the comfort factor in mind, the preferred material for these shorts is cotton. This is often twilled to add more class and style with the diagonally weaved pattern. Chino shorts come with a zipper for ease in wearing and are available in a variety of colors and designs to choose from.

Wrap Shorts

Short Size Two Layer Reversible Wrap Around Art Skirts,Random Assorted,One size
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Wrap shorts or wrap-around shorts were much-spotted hosiery during the ’70s and even made it to the screens during the early ’80s. The style died down after some time but has made a comeback over the past few years. Today, you can find wrap-around shorts in a wide variety of styles, materials, and colorful designs.

These shorts are somewhat like skirts in the sense that the fabric wraps around your waist in a similar manner. These are also different than most of the other short pants as wrap-around shorts do not include a zipper and/ or buttons to open and close. Instead, they come with a drawstring or a thin strap to fulfill the purpose.

Cargo Shorts

Roamans Women's Plus Size Cargo Shorts - 12 W, Black
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Originally a type of military uniform for the British soldiers, cargo pants were introduced to the U.S during the First World War in the mid-1940s. The two defining features of these shorts are loose-fitting coupled with lots of large outer pockets on both sides.

Although they are mainly a type of men’s wear, it is not uncommon for women to sport cargo shorts every now and then. Not only do these shorts look super cool with their khaki, brown, and olive green colors, but they are also highly functional given the array of pockets that come in handy for carrying the smartphone, wallet, keys, and more.


Fruit of the Loom Women's Plus Size Fit for Me 4 Pack Microfiber Slip Short Panties, Assorted, 9
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Slipshorts are basically a type of shapewear for women and therefore, worn under dresses, pants, skirts or even regular shorts. Needless to say, slipshorts are made from stretchy fabric and come in various sizes to fit women with different body types.

Until a few years back, wearing slips was nothing less than torture for women, but thanks to advancements in textile and materials engineering, the fabric used for making modern slips is extra soft and really comfortable to wear. It’s silky and lightweight and still fits perfectly against your waist and legs to create a runway model-like silhouette.


Cityoung Women's Casual Pleated Tennis Golf Skirt with Underneath Shorts Running Skorts bk xs Black
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Skorts, which is a portmanteau for a skirt and shorts, is nothing but a skirt with a pair of shorts stitched under it. The skort is one of the smartest forms of women’s attire that combines fashion with function.

If you are a skirt lover but hesitate to wear them because they might lead to embarrassing moments, then skorts are the ultimate solution to your worries. Not only do they allow you to walk around and sit comfortably, but can also be worn to dressy occasions and anywhere else where wearing skirts is appropriate but sporting shorts are not.

Skorts are really versatile too as they can be paired with blouses, t-shirts, crop tops, or whatever else you like.

Board Shorts

O'NEILL Women's Water Resistant Stretch Swim Boardshort - 2, 3, or 5 Inch Inseam (Black/Salt Water Solids SP20-7 Inch Inseam, 0)
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Quite similar to men’s swim trunks, board trunks are suitable for women as well. Unlike swim trunks, board shorts have drawstrings to secure the clothing item at the waist. Also, they are slightly longer than swim trunks and have no inner lining. Board shorts come in captivating neon colors with equally fascinating floral prints and other designs.


Eddie Bauer Rainier Capris Black 4
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Fashionistas believe that capris are not a type of shorts because they extend a minimum of three inches below the knee, but we still include them here because they are a type of short pants nonetheless.

Capris are perhaps the only type of shorts that are perfect for wearing all around the year as they are neither too short not too long. Whether you want to prevent tanning or avoid exposing your legs, capris let you take on the summer fashion vibes without worrying about either of the two. Even when the chilly autumn winds start blowing, you can still stick with wearing capris. In fact, pairing them with calf-length boots looks super trendy.

Knee-Length Shorts

BALEAF Women's 10" Active Bermuda Shorts Jersey Walking Knit Shorts Pajama Long Shorts Deep Pockets Black Size XS
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As the name suggests, knee-length shorts have one and only one definite feature – they end exactly at the knee level. These shorts are especially popular amongst older women because wearing knee-length shorts of the right color and design helps them balance fashion and grace perfectly. When made from an appropriate material, knee-length shorts can also be worn to dressy occasions, picnics, or any other semi-formal or casual event.

Low-Rise Shorts

HDE Women's Solid Color Ultra Stretch Fitted Low Rise Moleton Denim Booty Shorts (Khaki, X-Small)
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When you wear a pair of shorts and it starts from a few inches below your actual waistline, then it is a pair of low-rise shorts. These can come in different lengths although most low-rise shorts are usually really short in length. Low-rise shorts are extremely popular amongst teenage girls as they are available in countless styles, colors, and types of fabric. Plus, since this clothing item is often form-fitting, it highlights their figure and makes them look very attractive.

Pedal Pusher Shorts

HydroChic Women’s Modest Swim Shorts – Pedal Pusher Style Swimwear (Black, X-Small)
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Shorts that fall in between knee-length shorts and capris are known as pedal-pusher shorts. Commonly made from denim or twill, these shorts go well on all casual outings as well as on relatively formal ones. Whether you wear flats or any type of heel, pedal-pushers are a classic legwear that will make you look effortlessly stylish.

Pleated Shorts

JOFOW Womens Shorts Summer Solid Pleated Loose A Line Trousers Casual Fashion Mini Pants for Work Plus Size (2XL,Black)
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Pleated shorts often end a bit above the knee, come in pastel colors and of course, have pleats on them. Running vertically down from the waistline, these pleats create an illusion of slightly fuller thighs. If you are a slim-figured woman then these sophisticated shorts are a must buy.

Toreador Shorts

Toreador shorts are quite longer than knee-length shorts and can sometimes reach near the feet as well. Depending on the intended use, these shorts can be made from cotton, twill, silk, wool, or even spandex. This kind of shorts is great if you are planning for a girls’ night out or going for a jog. There might be many different types of yoga shorts available in the market, but none of them look as chic as toreador shorts made from spandex.

Lace Shorts

Rimi Hanger Womens Scallop Lace Trim Gym Shorts Viscose Active Shorts Cycling Hot Pants Black Small/Medium
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If you want a truly feminine look, then lace shorts are the way to go about it. Some consider them to be a type of intimate wear, but if the length is long enough, you can even wear lace shorts out in the sweltering heat.

Booty Shorts

Given their really short length, booty shorts are more like a type of underwear and usually worn under skirts. However, some women also sport them when heading out for a day at the beach or at casual summer parties.

Boy Shorts

Maidenform Cotton Dream Boyshort with Lace
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Boy shorts are unisex shorts that are slightly longer than booty shorts. However, unlike booty shorts which have a low rise, boy shorts have a high rise which means they extend high above your waist (about 3 inches or more). They are a preferred garment amongst women going to poolside parties, beaches, or going for any other similar outdoor activities.

The key to slaying short pants is to not over-think about how you will look. Just pick the type of shorts that you like best and head out with sheer confidence.


What are short shorts for guys called?

While the terms booty short, daisy dukes, and hot pants are often thrown around for short shorts, these don’t sound too masculine.  If you are looking for men’s short shorts, try plugging “volley shorts” into your search bar.

Can a man wear women’s shorts?  

These days, pretty much anything goes.  Sure, a man can wear women’s shorts.  There are a few reasons a man may wish to do this.  First of all, there are many more colors, patterns, and designs available in women’s clothing.  In some cases, these options can provide a style that is more comfortable or that allows a man to better express himself.

How long should shorts be on guys? 

Common lengths for men’s shorts include 3, 5, 7, 9, and 11 inches.  this is measured through the inseam.  Shorter shorts (3-5 inches) are generally swimming or running shorts.  For other types of shorts, it’s best to use your height (and how much leg you want to show) to find the best length for your shorts.  This will ensure they hit on the right place on your leg.  As a general rule, men who are 5’5″ through 5’9″ should wear shorts with a 5″ inseam, men who are 5’10” though 6’1″ should wear a 7″ inseam, and men who are 6’2 and above should wear a 9″ or 11″ inseam.  Of course, this could change depending on the style of short you choose.

Should guys with skinny legs wear shorts? 

Of course!  Just because your legs are skinny doesn’t mean that you can’t keep them cool in the summer.  Here are a few tips if you have skinny legs.  First of all, choose light colored shorts.  Also avoid wearing loose fitting tops, as this will draw attention to your legs.  Try on some different lengths to see which suits you best, but keep in mind that shorter shorts will make you look taller.

How many pairs of shorts should a man own?

A good, average number of shorts in a man’s wardrobe is about 10.  This will take into account some different styles of shorts.  Your wardrobe should include a few pairs of athletic shorts, for whichever type of exercise you prefer, swimming trunks, some lounging around the house shorts, and some shorts to wear to nicer outings, such as shopping or barbecues.

Why do men’s running shorts have liners?  

Liners in running shorts allow them to be worn without underwear.  Often times when running, wearing underwear can really dial up the heat in the nether regions.  When wearing the shorts with the liners alone, this can keep the runner cooler.  However, many runners feel that these liners do not give enough support for running.  In this case, additional underwear can be worn.  Cotton underwear is best for breathability.

What does 10 inch shorts mean?  

The measurements on shorts refer to the inseam.  The inseam is the measurement of the shorts from the crotch to the bottom of the shorts.  So in this case, it is 10 inches from the crotch to the bottom of the shorts.

What men’s shorts are in style 2020?

Shorts with an 5″ inseam have been the story of 2020.  Baggy, long loose fitting shorts, which were popular in the 1990’s and 2000’s, are moving their way out and shorter shorts are back in.  Chino shorts in these lengths have really made a rise in popularity.

Are men’s shorts getting shorter?

Yes they are.  Common trends of recent decades were long and loose, but the length or shorts are shortening once again.  Just keep in mind that we are not talking about the 3″ or 4″ inseams of the 1970’s and 1980’s, those are still out.  However, the 5″ on shorter guys and 7″ in taller guys is definitely in right now.

Where to buy men’s shorts?

When searching for the perfect pair, men’s shorts are available at all major clothing retailers.  They can be found at Amazon, American Eagle, Ralph Lauren, Aeropostale, Macy’s, Duluth Trading Company, and sporting goods stores.  If you are on a budget, check out Target, Walmart, or thrift stores.  Some real cheap treasures can be found at thrift stores.  If you don’t have time to go searching through a thrift store, try Poshmark or Ebay for used shorts online.

What is the safest pocket for my phone in my shorts?  

Don’t assume that every pocket in your shorts is safe for your phone.  This is especially true of running shorts.  There are running shorts out there with pockets especially made for phones.  Do not chance your phone to a shallow side pocket.  Make sure the pocket is deep enough so that the entire phone fits.  Generally, pockets on cargo shorts that fasten shut either with a zipper, buttons, or Velcro are quite safe for the phone.  Not only is the phone kept secure, but its also unlikely that your phone could be damaged by sitting on it.

The Best Shorts for Your Body Type

All Body Types

The good news is, there are shorts that look good on anyone, and they are shorts which are mid-length, meaning they end somewhere between the crotch and the knees. This is because they do not make your legs look longer or shorter, so they are perfect for everyone.

Legs That Are Short

If your legs are short, try a pair of shorts that end as far from your knees as possible – in other words, a short pair of shorts. These shorts immediately elongate the legs and make them look longer, slimmer, and of course, more attractive.

Plus Sizes

If you’re a little larger than you’d like to be, try a pair of Bermuda shorts for an attractive look. Shorts with longer cuts tend to be a little more forgiving when it comes to the wearer’s size, covering up the spots you don’t wish to accentuate. If you also wish to make your legs look longer, wear these shorts with a pair of wedges to help elongate your legs.

Tall and Thin Figures

If you are tall and thin and wish to accentuate all of your positive attributes, wear a pair of shorts that are rolled up at the hem. These shorts not only make your legs look a little curvier, but they also break up the look of your legs so that they do not look too long or skinny.

Upper Legs That Are Flabby

If your upper legs are flabby, try wearing knee-length shorts. The length of these shorts covers up most of your legs, and if you try this and it makes your legs look too short, try wearing them with a pair of wedges for a longer look, or choose slim-fit shorts that make your legs look slimmer and longer.