6 Alternatives to Bike Shorts

People love cycling, and that’s great. Cycling Is an excellent way to get from place to place and to get some exercise at the same time. But bike shorts just don’t fit well for a lot of people.

Model in a colorful graffiti shirt and pink bike shorts, poses against the blue wall.

People love cycling, and that’s great. Cycling Is an excellent way to get from place to place and to get some exercise at the same time. But bike shorts just don’t fit well for a lot of people.

Biking in shorts looks cool, but it’s pretty uncomfortable. You may not feel all that safe, either.

 There are plenty of alternatives to bike shorts out there. If you want ultimate comfort and freedom to enjoy any activity, then you should definitely check out all of your options. Our extensive guide will help you find the perfect alternatives for your needs — whether you cycle fast on smooth roads, or mountain bike through rugged terrain. We have provided you choices that will match your preferences for the whole family!

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Compression Shorts

Athlete in compression clothes running on blue stadium track.

Compression shorts work extremely hard for you by helping improve your circulation after strenuous exercise, to help reduce the aching and tightness that can follow. Whether you’re traveling on a plane, hiking up a mountain, or simply chasing after two small children, compression shorts can help control inflammation and swelling that normally follows a tough workout.

Compression shorts are designed to help improve your performance by holding and stabilizing muscles. These shorts are created from a moisture-wicking material that circulates air, keeping you cool and dry, while a flexible waistband provides support for all activities. 

Padded Shorts

Front and back view of black padded shorts with pink trims.

Padded Shorts are padded sports shorts with an adjustable waistband to ensure a better fit and allow for flexibility. Padded straps are engineered with a neoprene lining to offer the perfect amount of cushion and support. We use heavy-duty polyester spandex, including our unique scuba-like fabric blend giving Padded Shorts that extra durability and comfort.

With 3 different color combinations and 2 sizes, there has never been a more comfortable or fashionable padded sports short.

Padded shorts are used for several reasons by athletes, firefighters, and many others who need a little extra protection when training or competing in an activity that might cause them injury. The padded shorts I am talking about provide a barrier between the ground and the inside of your shoe.

The most common padding used for this purpose comes from Karate which is why they are commonly used by practitioners of various Asian fighting styles as well as other martial artists who attend high-end schools for fitness.

There are many brands offering padded shorts in different colors and patterns depending on the needs of the user.

Lycra Shorts

Girl in Lycra shorts working out with hand weights.

Lycra Shorts are high-quality compression shorts that help improve performance and sports. These tight Lycra shorts allow your body to be more aerodynamic, stay warmer, and are proven to increase endurance for better performance on the sports field. Use them for any sport that needs improved speed and agility or just to wear to the gym, they have plenty of great uses.

Lycra Shorts are lightweight and are good for the summer. They can be used for any sport or just walking around.

Running Shorts

Man running on a steep slope of mountain.

Running shorts are simple, comfortable athletic clothing. They were created for the sport of running and the comfort that it provides. Running shorts are made with breathable fabric which prevents chaffing.

They offer a full range of motion and flexibility in all directions. Running shorts range from 4 inches to 8 inches in length, with some styles going as long as 18inch. Our short fits right up to your thigh for the perfect length while running or doing any physical activity!

Running shorts are a must-have for any runner. Why? They’re light, comfortable, and allow you to feel the wind on your skin without stepping on a net or stepping into a puddle of water. When done correctly they allow you to run further, faster, and for longer without getting tired.

A properly fitted pair of running shorts will protect against blisters and provide moisture to the skin without causing scuff marks or holes. When it comes to knowing how to run properly there are many tips getting shared across social media. The fact is, the conditions that you find yourself in at any given time can change drastically from day to day which increases the need for proper clothing and equipment.

Gym Shorts

Muscular man flipping tire in a gym.

What are Gym Shorts? Gym shorts are short shorts intended to be worn while exercising. They are made of a material that absorbs shock and moisture ensuring that you stay comfortable and pain-free during your workout.

They come in various lengths and offer different levels of compression. You should always choose the Gym Short that best matches your own preferences as it will provide you with the best results!

These men’s gym shorts are made of durable, lightweight nylon that dries quickly and resists abrasions, fading, and tears. An elastic waist with an internal drawcord provides a secure fit in the back, allowing you to choose the desired level of comfort for movement.

Swim shorts

Man in a white shirt and black patterned swim shorts standing near the beach.

Made from quick-drying fabric, these swim shorts keep people cool on sand and water. Inspired by the surfing lifestyle, the board shorts are available in a variety of colors and prints designed for a day at the beach and can be worn by both men and women. 

Women’s bikini underwear is sometimes called swim shorts. Made from soft, tight-fitting materials, lightweight, tight shorts allow the wearer to move freely without being too bulky or cramped. In addition, lightweight athletic pants or outdoor shorts provide the comfort of light protection, yet are flexible enough to adapt to changing body shapes.


What can you use instead of cycling shorts?

Wearing shorts for working out at the gym is a great way to get in shape without adding bulk. You’ll feel more limber and mobile while working out in shorts as opposed to bulky gym clothes that will hold up over time. You can also go for a jog in fitness shorts instead of special gym clothes if it is more comfortable for you. Joosep has a wide range of fitness shorts in different colors and styles to choose from.

Why do bikers wear tight shorts?

For the most part, bikers do not wear pants because it gives them an advantage over other road users. It allows them to be more agile in changing directions or braking quickly. In addition, bikes offer a sense of style while wearing shorts. Some riders also prefer the look of wearing leather pants over regular jeans.

Of course, there are exceptions to this rule. Some bikers tend to wear pants, especially when they are in cities like San Francisco or other urban areas where there is a large population of bikers.

What shorts pants to wear mountain biking?

If you’re looking for a pair of short pants to wear mountain biking, your considerations include the fabric and style. Cotton shorts made from extremely lightweight fabric will keep you cool while riding because the fabric will absorb sweat and help it evaporate quickly.

If you like the look and feel of cotton, a few popular styles include ones that have a drawstring for adjustability or ones with a bit of stretch that give you some extra wiggle room, so your thighs don’t feel pinched.

Are biker shorts still in style in 2021?

Biker shorts have been trending since the late 80s. The origin of biker shorts can be traced back to the early 70s when a British motorcyclist, David Howden, noticed how comfortable and stylish they were during his commute to work on a moped. Motorcyclists soon started wearing them to commute as well as riding nighttime rides in London.

This style evolved into what we know as biker shorts today. In 2021, biker shorts still look great on men and women of all ages. Although trending due to their popularity among some people at the time, they are certainly still considered cool by many.

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