Fossil Q Marshal vs Fossil Q Founder 2.0 vs Fossil Q Wander

What are the differences among the Fossil Q Marshal, Founder 2.0 and Wander smartwatches? It's a design difference. Learn all about it here.

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Fossil Q Marshal vs. Founder 2.0 v. Wander: What’s the Difference?

Let me start this comparison off by making it clear that the smartwatch functions across all 3 of these Fossil Q smartwatches are identical. You do not gain or lose anything by choosing one over the other.

They all rely on the Android Wear operating system. The user interface is identical across all three models. All available smartwatch functions are the same.

For instance, you can make/receive telephone calls with all three. You can receive and reply to text messages and emails. You can check your calendar. It’s voice activated with OK Google. You can use any of the Android Wear apps including Google Fit.

Which brings me to another point and that is all three offer quite a bit of potential functionality via Android Wear apps, of which there are plenty to choose from (more being developed all the time).

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What’s the difference?

The difference lies in the design.

In fact, the design differences among all 3 are different, but once I point them out, you’ll see what I mean. Personally I think the differences are so minute that there’s really no need for 3 different models. I think that just confuses people. It confused me.

I say go with one model that has all the designs and let people choose based on the design. They will be more confident that they’re not missing out on anything by choosing one model over the other. However, I digress… that’s just my opinion. I’m sure Fossil, which is a mega watch brand knows better than me.

Here’s an image illustrating the minute differences:

Image comparing the Fossil Q Wander, Founder and Marshal

As you can see the differences across all three are slightly different.

Between the Marshal and Wander, the differences pertain to the strap and how the strap attaches to the watch case.

The differences between the Founder 2.0 and Wander are the same as between the Marshal and Wander.

The difference between the Marshal and Founder is the Marshal has a grooved bezel while the Founder 2.0 has a smooth bezel. Very similar otherwise including the steel strap.

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