7 of the Best Pajama Stores Online

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Our bodies require eight healthy hours of sleep per day. Building a sanctuary in our bedroom can help us sleep better. Wearing a pair of cozy pajamas can comprise one aspect of this luxurious experience.

You might want to wear something sexy or luxurious such as you would find at Victoria’s Secret. Others prefer soft cotton PJs. You might want to snuggle up in flannel or bask in silk. Regardless of your perfect pair of pajamas, you want them to look as good as they feel. Fit is important. You also might want to buy matching family PJs. Shopping locally can make that tough, but you can find anything online.

Can you really find stores that specialize only in sleepwear? How about pajamas only? You sure can! Read on to find the top pajama stores online and start shopping for your perfect PJs.

The Best Online Pajama Stores

Pajamas need to feel fun, fit well, provide comfort, and look attractive. Whatever you desire, be it cute or sexy, you can find it in the stores below.

Sleepy Heads

Sleepy Heads SleepytimePjs Adult Fleece Footed Onesie Pajamas Jumpsuit

Source: Sleepy Heads

Sleepy Heads offers a huge selection of PJ’s. You can also purchase matching robes and slippers. You can find onesies, pajamas with pants or shorts, nightshirts, and much more.

Choose from footed or open leg PJs. The store offers PJs for men, women, and children. Sleepy Heads offers pajama from 25 designers including Emerson Street, Karen Neuberger, and Oscar de la Renta.

Each purchase comes with a 30-day return option. You would only pay to ship. If you order $79 or more of merchandise, your shipping is free. You buy gifts at Sleepy Heads and they will ship it gift boxed for you. You can also include a card.

Pajama City

Pajama City Lucky Cat (Maneki Neko) Adult Onesie

Source: Pajama City

Should you need PJs for a basketball player, stop by Pajama City. They carry footed pajamas for individuals up to 7 feet in height. Some adults wear onesies still. Pajama City offers funny patterns and designs.

Think cozy when you shop at this store. Its PJs come in fleece or cotton. You can also find Halloween costumes here in footed form. Wear a PJ costume to bed if you desire.

Choose from gnomes, wolves, and sock monkeys. These come in both men’s and women’s sizes. Find matching scarves and oven blankets to accessorize your evening wear.

Many designs abound. Find adult drop seat PJs, regular rear seats, footed, and convertible footed which you can slide off of your feet and roll-up. Enjoy a 90-day return policy. The store charges a flat rate of $7.95 shipping.

The Cat’s Pajamas

The Cat's Pajamas Paradise Cove Luxe Pima Short Set

Source: The Cat’s Pajamas

The affordable choice, The Cat’s Pajamas, sells men’s and women’s sleepwear. You can find pajamas, nightgowns, nightshirts from designers and brands including Hello Kitty, Karen Neuberger, Eileen West, Jockey, Paul Frank, and State O Main. These come in many unusual designs such as sushi prints or crossword puzzle prints.

You can find them in numerous materials with unique tailoring. The shop carries sizes ranging from extra small to extra-large, but you cannot find every PJ in every size. The Cat’s Pajamas ships for a flat rate of $5.00 and there are options for rush shipping. You can have the PJs, gift-boxed, too. You can return a product within 30 days of its purchase.

Essential Apparel

Essential Apparel Women's Sleepshirt

Source: Essential Apparel

Yes, pajamas qualify as Essential Apparel. You would get awfully cold sleeping without any. The shop offers many popular brands and designers for both men and women.

You do not have to purchase a pajama set at Essential Apparel. You can purchase pants or boxers or a set plus they offer robes to match. You can also choose from nightgowns and sleep shirts.

Their prices remain on par with other stores, but their clearance sales beat the others. You can also find everyday low prices on Paul Frank PJ pants. You can search the site by gender, brand, color, price, and category which makes it easy to narrow your search and quick to find what you want.

You only need to spend $49 to qualify for free shipping. For any purchase less than that you pay a flat rate of $4.95. You can also choose an expedited shipping option. You can return a purchase with the tags intact within 60 days for a refund. This store focuses on the practical rather than the funky with its selection.

Pajama Mania

Sleepy Heads PajamaMania Women’s Fleece Long Sleeve Pajama Set

Source: Sleepyheads

Similar to Essential Apparel, Pajama Mania focuses on practical sleepwear. It designs its own pajamas. The retailer’s brands include Pajama Mania and Pajama Heaven. It also offers a few pairs from SleepyHeads and Frankie & Johnny.

They keep prices low on their selection that includes many colors, fabrics, and patterns. You can find unique items such as bamboo fabric pajama sets for less than $25. Satin pajama sets cost less than $20.

Shopping around at other stores, you might find some of the Pajama Mania PJ sets sold for less. Drop-down boxes, color choices, and brand links let you shop quickly. Most PJs offered three or more options for colors.

Some offer as many as 15 color options. You get free shipping at Pajama Mania no matter what size your order. You can return an unworn, unwashed item with the tags intact within 30 days of purchase for a refund plus an extended period during the holiday season.

In short, if you’re looking for pajamas at a good price and want to save money on shipping, Pajama Mania might have what you’re looking for. We do recommend that you comparison-shop carefully, however, given that we found some of the Pajama Mania brand sleepwear for lower prices on competitor websites.

Alexander Del Rossa

Alexander Del Rossa Men's Hooded Footed One Piece Fleece Pajama Set

Source: Alexander Del Rossa

Alexander Del Rossa doesn’t just sell pajamas. This store also offers bathrobes, loungewear, and boxer shorts. The range of materials spans fleece pajamas to satin pajamas, so you can find cozy or sexy at this shop.

This shop features products by its designer, Alexander Del Rossa. Although it is designer sleepwear, you can find affordable pajamas at this site. Nightshirts start at the bargain price of $9.99 and robe prices begin at $34.99.

The range of prices does go up to $32.99 for a package of five cotton boxer shorts. The site uses links to direct customers to pajama products. You can narrow your search by type and prices by using search features.

The shipping is a bit steep. You need to spend $100 to qualify for free shipping. Anything less than that, and you pay $9.50 for shipping costs. This designer offers the shortest of the return policies. You only get 14 days to return items which could pose a problem when you’re purchasing gifts.


Cool-Jams Men's Moisture Wicking Boxer Pajama Set

Source: Cool-Jams

You may have been searching for a shop just like Cool-Jams if you’re a female who has reached the age of “the change,” otherwise known as menopause. Other reasons you would need Cool-Jams include you experience night sweats or live in a warm climate. This niche shop offers practical pajamas for you made of lightweight, breathable materials that keep you cool at night.

The shop carries men’s and women’s PJs. You can find a wide array of sizes from small to 3X. Choose from wicking nightgowns, wicking pajamas, and wicking separates including men’s sleep shorts.

You can return your pajamas for a full refund less the shipping costs in the original packaging. The shop’s website does not provide a time limit for returns. This may come in the purchase materials. When you spend $100, you earn free shipping. While you will not find any cute or wild designs here, you can find the hard-to-find moisture-wicking breathable PJs.

Frequently Asked Questions

You might think pajama shopping is as simple as hitting the department store for a pair, but if you have specific needs or just find it tough to find PJs that fit, you need this FAQ and these stores.

What considerations are there in PJ shopping?

The most important aspect of any type of clothing shopping is fit. You need a specialty store if you wear a hard-to-find size like 3X, or you happen to be taller than 6’6”. Secondary to that comes the prices. You need affordable options including reasonable shipping costs.

A vast selection makes shopping more fun. It helps if you can find something for each family member at one store. Finally, a good return policy gives you at least 30 days to try on the PJs and determine if they fit properly. If not, you can return them for a full refund.

In what sizes do pajamas typically come?

You can expect to find children’s PJs in infant through 14 for girls and infant through 18. Teen girls typically wear sizes 1 through 13. Women’s and men’s pajamas come in sizes extra small (XS) to extra extra extra large (3X).

In what materials do pajamas typically come?

Children’s jammies usually come in cotton or flannel. Adult jammies come in those two fabrics, too, but also come in satin, silk, fleece, polyester, and bamboo fabric.

What are drop seat PJs?

Drop seat pajamas refer to PJs with a rear portion that either unzips or unbuttons. You find this feature on onesies. It allows you to easily access your buttocks, so you can go to the bathroom without having to take off your PJs.

If you have ever changed a baby’s diaper who was wearing a onesie, you probably unbuttoned the back of the seat of the pants to do it. The area you unbuttoned is the drop seat. They also make PJs like this for adults.

This can be a handy option for those who experience adult incontinence because it allows them easy access to the incontinence pad. It is also useful for those who live in very cold climates since you would not have to take your PJs off to use the toilet.


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