Are Leather Skirts In Style?

If you totally adore leather skirts then let us take a close look at leather skirts, where it came from, how to style it with the seasons and answer if they in style or out.

This is a close look at a woman wearing a red leather skirt.

Oh, the leather skirt! I don’t care if it’s styled elegant, casual, chic, sexy, or trendy; I love that it always leaves me with that WOW factor. Yet do they still have a place in this season’s fashion, and should you have them in your closet?

Leather skirts are definitely in style and are showcased all over this year’s runways. Alexander Mcqueen, Versace, and Chanel are among the famous designers displaying them. There are numerous variations manufactured and sold every day all around the world.

Pencil skirt, mini skirt, neon skirt, the options to choose from leather skirts are endless! Where do you even begin? If you are overwhelmed by what’s available, where to buy one and even how to style it, you’re not alone. Psst… I have the answers for you below.

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What Is The History Behind The Leather Skirt?

This is a woman wearing a red beret with her red leather skirt.

The beginning of time: The leather skirt has a long history of humankind’s fashion dating back thousands of years. It is said that the very first people used leather goods to create them and wear them as fashion pieces. In light of their history, your leather skirt could be a piece of human history! 

The 1960s: Arguably, one of the main reasons you are reading this article about the popularity of skirts today is thanks to an amazing woman, Mary Quant. Back in the swinging ’60s, Mary Quant, a fashion designer, and icon made the mini skirt popular. Because of her, the mini skirt became a popular style among the most famous women. As a fashion lover and fan of hers, without Mary, I doubt we would even know “what a leather skirt is today”.  

The 1970s: Punk and rock fashion in the 1970s made leather almost everywhere. From Debbie Harry to Siouxsie Sioux, leather skirts took over the punk music scene. Some of the world’s biggest designers, such as Vivienne Westwood, made various styles and types. May leather skirts rock on forever!

Through the 1980s: Leather skirts were back in fashion and made a huge splash in pop culture. From Brooke Shields, Cindy Crawford, Kim Wilde, Bonnie Tyler, Cher, to Bananarama, these were just a few of the most famous people who were rocking them. Their iconic shoulder pads went perfectly with their leather skirts. It truly was “a totally tubular time” to be alive. The popularity continued into the 1990s and 2000s as well.

Modern-day: Leather skirts are a staple and are too precious for designers to give up. For every season, they show us a new leather skirt classic trend. The leather skirt has become one of the most influential fashion symbols of all time. With veganism entering the mainstream culture today, we are all about faux leather, which shows how leather skirts meet everyone’s needs. Safe to say, leather skirts are here to stay!

How Can I Style My Leather Skirt?

How wonderful it is to own a leather skirt; you can wear it any time in any season; who wouldn’t love to own one? Dressed up or dressed down, as a fashion lover, you will always see me in one. My obsession with leather skirts and how much I appreciate them led some of my friends to call me” the leather skirt advocate”. At first, I thought it was hilarious; however, I realized that this is true because I always advocate that all fashion lovers should have these versatile items in their closets.

From “the leather skirt advocate” to you, let me show you just how you can style them every season. Here is a list showing how you can style your leather skirt:

Leather skirts: summertime edition

Many people turn to wear shorts or basic summer apparel in the warm summer days, but I am here to say the leather skirt all the way. Whether you’re in the Hamptons for a beach weekend or night out in Miami, a leather skirt is a great choice for summer; unlike leather pants, you won’t get too hot.

So, turn your aircon on because these are some hot looks you need to be seen in this summer:

  1. Crop Top & sneakers, simple yet a staple.
  2. Leopard print cami/bodysuit with fancy heels are great for a night out on the town.

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3. Retro high-waisted skirt with any simple blacktop creates a twist on new modern summer outfits.

4. Open sleeved baggy shirt fitted with a tight mini skirt and heels or flats. Great to wear over bathing suits too.

Leather Skirts: Fall Edition

This is a woman wearing a black leather jacket with her black leather skirt.

Everything pumpkin spice – oh, do I love fall. Our warmer clothes begin to make their way into our closets with the leaves falling, the spooky season forming, and the cold air dawning.

Pumpkin pie and a spiced latte should be in your hand, enticing you to read these ways to style your leather skirt in the fall:

  1. A modern high-waisted midi skirt paired with a lengthy statement sleeve always turns heads. A cardigan is a great carry along in case you feel cold.
  2. Paris-chic beret, which color matches your leather skirt, and a blouse is timeless. Any boot that compliments the outfit is a must.
  3. Why not match your pumpkin spice latte with leather set in fall colors, paired with a dark boot.

Leather skirts: winter edition

This is a woman wearing a red leather skirt with her green coat.

As winter approaches, “the weather outside is frightful”, it’s time to layer your favorite styles together and keep warm. Tis’ the season to be jolly!

Put on your mittens and sip a cup of hot chocolate as we share three ways to style your leather skirt this winter:

1. Turtle neck, bucket hat, tights, leather jacket, and skirt are a winter recipe for stylish warmness. Paired with a scarf and gloves will keep away those winter blues.

2. This time of year, Christmas sweaters can be considered ugly, so let’s make them stylish by wearing them with combat boots, tights, and leather skirts.

3. Leather wrap skirts are beautiful items, especially when paired with any of your favorite cozy winter tops and boots.

Leather skirts: Springtime Edition

This is a woman wearing a long leather skirt with her yellow blouse.

A time full of flowers blooming, nature coming back alive, and bees buzzing, spring is a magical season. With all of the turtlenecks and sweaters we’ve worn over the winter, it’s exciting to get some floral back in our lives! A perfect weather balance gives wardrobe opportunities a whole new meaning.

Take a deep breath and smell the fresh flowers and fruits because these leather skirt ideas are perfect for spring:

  1. Something Edgy & different- a puffer jacket with socks and sandals
  2. Basic tee wedged heels and a flower embroidered leather skirt for that spring POP.
  3. Midi skirt paired with a low-neck shirt and a pair of lace-up heels work perfectly together. 
  4. Leather on leather! A matching color set is a spring favorite with a clear shoe that gives the outfit full attention.

Check out this YouTube video by fashion stylist Lindsay Albanese for more ways to style your leather skirt:


Where Can You Get A Leather Skirt?

Now that you have everything you need to know, it is time to get your hands on a leather skirt. It has become so easy to find leather skirts thanks to the craze that has taken the fashion industry by storm. There is no doubt that leather skirts are in style because they are everywhere, literally a click away.

The stores listed below are all top popular retailers, all of which are online for your convenience. Go ahead and shop until you drop!

  •  Amazon
  • Macy’s
  • Fashion Nova
  • ASOS
  • Forever21
  • Nordstrom
  • Etsy
  • eBay
  • The Real Real
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