9 Alternatives to Lululemon Athletic Clothing

Wear fashionable and comfortable workout clothes without going broke by knowing where to hunt for great finds such as these alternative brands to Lululemon athletic clothing.

A group of women wearing work-out clothing.

Lululemon was founded in 1998 by surfing and snowboarding enthusiast Chip Wilson after he took his first yoga class in Vancouver. The Canadian fashion company started as a single design studio by day and a yoga studio by night. It has since quickly grown into an iconic activewear line in North America and has turned workout clothes into something not only perfectly snug but also something most people would want to be seen in.

While creating a cult-like following for its chic yoga apparel and accessories, the athletic brand’s also well-known for its high price tags. Fortunately, the marketplace has exploded with plenty of options for equally fashionable and functional alternatives to Lululemon athletic clothing.

Check out your top options below.

1. GapFit

A woman modelling GapFit athletic clothing.

Source: GapFit

Everyone recognizes the name brand, and now the store has its own activewear section. You can wear the pieces for all types of activities, and there are so many options available that you are all but guaranteed to find just what you’re looking for every time. With a classic look and competitive prices, this is one brand you should definitely check out. After all, the Gap is a well known, dependable brand name that you can easily trust for high-quality clothing.


  • A lot of variety to choose from
  • Styles to fit everyone’s preferences


  • Some people may not like Gap clothing
  • Some of the clothing is pricier than others

2. Karma Athletics

A woman modelling Karma Athletics clothing.

Source: Karma Athletics

Cute, fashionable, and sold in studios and stores in Canada and the United States, this brand of clothing is also made to be comfortable, and it comes in a variety of colors and styles. You can find it at Pure Barre studios and Nordstrom’s, and it is also a very reasonably priced clothing brand. If you enjoy looking good while you’re working out, it will behoove you to research this brand. They are easy to find if you start on the Internet, and they are growing more with each and every day.


  • Lots of colors and designs to choose from
  • Very reasonably priced


  • They are not well known across the globe
  • Some clothing is pricier than others

3. Keylime Clothing

A woman modelling Keylime Athletics Clothing.

Source: Keylime Clothing

Keylime Clothing is a Canada-based company that has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. They make a wide variety of tank tops, stretchy yoga pants, and fashionable apparel to suit anyone’s tastes and preferences. Even if you aren’t interested in working out, they still offer a great line of clothing that is both fashionable and comfortable. When it comes to activewear, they are definitely worth researching.


  • The clothing is very reasonably priced
  • They offer a lot of variety when it comes to styles and colors


  • Not everyone is familiar with this brand
  • It may not be found in every store you shop in

4. LOLE Clothing

A woman modelling LOLE cothing.

Source: LOLE Clothing

The brand stands for “laugh out loud every day,” and they offer a very stylish collection of apparel and reasonable prices. They currently have stores only in France and Eastern Canada, but since they are growing every day, it is only a matter of time before more stores open up in many other countries. If you want to feel good both inside and out, this is one brand you need to check out.


  • Very competitive prices that nearly everyone can afford
  • All types of clothing and accessories, including swimsuits and purses


  • May be a little too trendy for older customers
  • Most countries still do not have their stores located there

5. Lucy Activewear Clothing

A woman modelling Lucy Activewear Clothing.

Source: Ebay

This company offers clothing specifically made for three purposes – jogging or running, training, and yoga. They design and manufacture everything themselves, and they are continuously coming out with new and better designs. Lucy Activewear is roughly the same price as Lululemon, and its aim is to keep the clothing classic and simple so that it can stay around for a very long time.


  • Great selection in a variety of colors and styles
  • Competitive prices


  • Some items are too pricey for some individuals
  • They are not always easy to find, even online

6. Michi Clothing

A woman modelling Michi Clothing.

Source: Michi Clothing

This brand of clothing is unique in its patterns and designs, so getting something that is unlike anyone else is very simple. Their clothing contains both light and bright colors, geometric patterns, and some very stylish tops and pants that you can wear to a yoga class or for merely lounging around your home. They also have a great website that makes ordering from them very simple indeed.


  • Very high-quality clothing and other items
  • Durable products that last a very long time


  • Many people cannot afford their clothing
  • They are only meant for the young crowd

7. Spiritual Gangster Clothing

 man modelling Spiritual Gangster Clothing.

Source: Spiritual Gangster Clothing

Spiritual Gangster is a store with a college feel to it – fun and trendy. In fact, their motto is “love more,” and they make a variety of clothing for the active person, both male and female. Their clothes are sexy yet accommodating, whether you’re out running errands or in the gym exercising. They also come in a wide variety of colors and styles, making it very simple for you to find something you love.


  • They do a great job of appealing to the younger crowd
  • You can easily shop for their clothing online


  • Some of their clothing is a bit pricey for some people
  • They are still unfamiliar to most people

8. Titika

A woman modelling Titika Active Clothing.

Source: Titika

This is a fairly new company, created in 2009, based in Toronto and specializing in high-quality clothing. You can wear their apparel for numerous purposes, including lounging around your home, and even though their retail outlets can only be found throughout Toronto, you can find them online as well. If you like checking out new stores that work hard to attract and keep your business, this is one brand you need to research.


  • Environmentally friendly clothing
  • Very fashionable and high quality


  • Many people are unaware that they exist
  • Their retail outlets are not that numerous

9. Zella Clothing

A man wearing Zella Clothing.

Source: Nordstrom

Available at Nordstrom’s, Zella clothing is adorable clothing that can easily appeal to both men and women, regardless of their personal tastes and preferences. You can shop for them easily when you go to the Nordstrom website. They have tops, bottoms, and jackets for all different purposes, although it is all activewear. They even offer their clothing in plus sizes!


  • Extremely comfortable and fashionable clothing
  • Very reasonably priced clothing


  • Many people have likely never heard of this brand
  • You can only find them at Nordstrom’s for now