23 Different Types of Athletic Wear for Men (Tops, Pants, Socks and Footwear)

Wearing the right type of sportswear will enhance your performance and boost your confidence so check out the different types of athletic wear for men featuring tops, pants, socks, and footwear.



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What’s the point of dressing up in sportswear wear for your favorite sport? Your daily workout is only going to make you sweaty, then why bother with the stylish athletic wear? The same old cotton t-shirt and a pair of shorts won’t suffice? If you’re asking these questions, you’ve probably haven’t experienced the tremendous impact of athletic wear on your athletic performance. The right athletic wear indeed makes a difference to your performance in any workout, training or sport.

Why Choose Athletic Wear?

The apparel you wear certainly affects you. If it didn’t, there wouldn’t have been so many types and variations. You’ll feel more confident when you wear clothing that fits you well, offers the right support and satisfies your tastes. For instance, if you are comfortable with what you wear, you’ll be more likely to focus on your workout and the accelerated confidence would translate into enhanced performance.

More importantly, for many types of athletic wear, functionality comes into play. Consider wearing a baggy pair of old basketball shorts and trying to swim past a pool rapidly. Apparently, it would take you ages to complete a single round because the extra fabric of the shorts would create a drag that would significantly slow down your speed. A fitted swimming costume that makes for a streamlined body is the right athletic wear to ace the swim. The same concept applies to all sorts of athletic wear, each of which is strongly associated with the respective sport performance.

In addition, different types of athletic wear, whether that is clothing or footwear, are designed to keep you active for the specific activity you aim to perform. The type and density of fabric in your sportswear, from head to toe, are based on the needs of the activity it is meant for. Many athleticwear pulls moisture from your body to the exterior of the apparel so that it evaporates easily. These factors impact your perspiration level; ventilation and body warm-up that ultimately affect your performance.

On the other hand, an ordinary cotton t-shirt and a pair of shorts could be dangerous for your health for certain types of exercises such as sprinting, playing soccer, wrestling etc. This is because the extra fabric such as cotton would absorb large amounts of sweat and keep it close to your body which adversely affects your health as well as your performance.

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Let’s now explore the different types of athletic wear you may want to consider:


Dri-Fit Short Sleeve T-shirt

NIKE Men's Zonal Cooling Relay Long Sleeve Running Top 833585 (Large, PARAMOUNT BLUE)
Click image for more info

Price: $29.27

You no longer have to feel like a sopping wet sponge after finishing your workout because this t-shirt handles sweat much better than plain old cotton. The Short sleeve fitted t-shirt comprises of the Dri-Fit technology that helps to keep you dry during tough workouts. Its moisture wicking feature functions incredibly during all seasons. The Nike mens zonal cooling t-shirt is a great choice if you’re looking to buy one.

Running Vest

Mizuno Reflective Mens Running Gilet - Black-XL
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Price: $29.27

Now you don’t have to worry about getting cold or wet while performing your favorite sport. Running Vest is specially designed for athletic men exercising in cold weather. It’s an excellent piece of athletic top that provides you with sufficient warmth and insulation to sustain your performance in chilling weather conditions. Its water repellent finishing also keeps you dry during wet conditions. The Mizuno reflective running gilet is an example that makes a great gift for the athletic man in your life.

Sleeveless Training Shirt

adidas Men's Training Climalite Sleeveless Tee (2X-Large, College Navy)
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Price: $19.95 – $25.00

During your workout, the last thing you’d want to experience is the feeling of suffocation due to an uncomfortable outfit. If comfort is your utmost priority during routine exercise, sleeveless training shirt is right for you. The combination of no-sleeves and relaxed design offers freedom of movement without hindrance. It also comprises of the Dri-Fit technology that helps you get rid of moisture and provides a cooling effect. The Adidas climalite sleeveless tank is worth considering that is made up of 100% polyester.

Long Sleeve Compression T-Shirt

NIKE Mens Compression Long Sleeve Top (College Navy) Size XL
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Price: $31.99

The long sleeve compression t-shirt is yet another athletic wear that’s popular among successful athletes around the world. It comprises of stretch-mesh underarm panels that provide necessary ventilation to different parts of your body. It not only offers the anti-odor technology but also the UPF 30+ feature helps to protect your skin from the scorching sun. Nike’s compression long sleeve top is a perfect example.

Gym Training and Workout Tank Top

ROWILUX Men's Workout Quick Dry Soft Gym Bodybuilding Stringer Tank Tops
Click image for more info

Price: $13.80

Gym workout tank top offers the versatility you’re looking for during your workout routine. The overall fit makes it extremely comfortable and the quick-dry fabric helps you get rid of the sweat in absolutely no time. The moisture-wicking feature functions amazingly. Moreover, it can be paired with any workout pants and its fitting style of the upper body doesn’t allow the armpits to sag. Not only can this tank top be used as exercise outfit, but also as everyday casual wear at home. Rowilux’s bodybuilding tank top is among the best options available on the market.

Sleeveless Training Hoodie

Sushine Men's Sleeveless Hoodie,Summer Workout Hooded Tank Tops with Pocket (XL, Green)
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Price: $3.99 – $6.99

When it comes to performing your best, the sleeveless training hoodie is stylish athletic wear to consider. Comprising of the sweat-wicking technology, it works ideally to keep you dry. If you’re looking for a comfortable jog, the hoodie is a great option owing to its fitted design and. It also offers ideal warmth without overheating. With 82% polyester and 18% cotton, you’ll admire the soft and comfortable feeling during exercise. The hoodie is available in many different colors.

Track Jacket

adidas Originals Firebird Track Jacket Mens Tracksuit Top Trefoil Logo Black S23129 (L)
Click image for more info

Price: $49.50

If you’re looking for highly functional, yet comfortable athletic wear, you probably need a track jacket. Track jackets have become everyday staples that work with almost every type of style. The classic design helps to protect you when outside. The side pockets are a great solution to safely keep your phone and mp3 player while doing a workout. The Adidas track jacket is the one that every high performing male should possess. It comes with more than 20 different color variations. With its iconic 3-stripe design, the jacket has a stunning look, while the standing collar provides additional protection and coverage.

Full Sleeve Pullover Hoodie

adidas Boys' Athletic Pullover Hoodie (7, Black Adi)
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Price: $16.33 – $57.20

The full sleeve pullover hoodie not only is a great choice for a regular jog but also a stylish option when planning to hang out with friends. Besides being worn by athletic men, the hoodie is preferred by laid back men when facing cold weather. In order to protect your head and hands from chilling conditions, the kangaroo pockets and full hoodie functions incredibly. Consider the Adidas athletic pullover hoodie available on amazon.

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Training Tights

DELRES Men Compression Tights Running Leggings Workout Yoga Pants
Click image for more info

Price: $29.99

The benefits of training tights go beyond just comfort. They’re typically made of stretch fabrics such as spandex and polyester that allow freedom of movement and flexibility. In addition, the tightness of this outfit prevents the friction that loose-fitting pants can cause against your skin. Some training tights come with elastic panels to support your muscles such as the lower back muscles. For runners, wearing tights is a great way of overcoming wind resistance and in turn accelerate their pace. Check out the DELRES men recovery compression tights on Amazon.

Compression Shorts

Men's UA HeatGear® Compression Shorts
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Price: $23.99 – $27.99

Compression shorts are designed in a way that helps to produce compression in your thighs and butt. This is the result of the stretchy material compression shorts are made of that prevents injury and enhances performance. During and after workouts, they help reduce muscle soreness and fatigue. Not only do they allow for an effortless workout, but also promote blood flow and improve better oxygenation to the athletes. To experience it yourself, try the Under Armour heat gear compression shorts available on Amazon.

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Cross Trainer shorts

Asysst Men's 10
Click image for more info

Price: $12.99 – $15.99

Cross trainer shorts are designed to satisfy multiple sporting needs. Typically, they’re made of polyester or nylon fabric that is superior in quality than silk. They provide with the necessary strength and softness you need for various types of sports. The most important feature is their sweat-wicking ability that’s crucial to satisfy the needs of any athlete. Asysst’s athletic gym and basketball running shorts would be a great purchase.


Ankle socks

Starter Men's 3-Pack Athletic Microfiber Low-Cut Ankle Socks, Amazon Exclusive, Black, Large (Shoe Size 9-12)
Click image for more info

Price: $9.34

Ankle socks, also known as trainer socks are mostly worn by men during workout sessions and other physical activity such as walking, trekking, running or cycling. They come up to your ankle and are shorter than most types of socks. Athletes who don’t want extra material to come out of their trainers often prefer ankle socks. However, if you engage in a sport for which protection of lower leg is important, you should use long socks instead.

Certain general ankle socks are meant to suit different types of sporting needs and serve different sportsmen. Ankle socks tend to be thicker than other ordinary socks and there is a better choice for sportsmen.

Among other benefits of ankle socks include that they keep the sweat at bay and help prevent blisters. Although they’re highly popular among sport lovers, they come in very limited colors such as white, grey, black and navy. Since they’re more prone to get dirty, it is better to choose colors other than white. One such product is Starter men’s athletic microfiber low-cut ankle socks on Amazon.

Running Socks

YUEDGE Mens and Womens Low Cut Socks Cotton Cushion Moisture Wicking Comfort Breathable Athletic Running Ankle Socks(XL)
Click image for more info

Price: $12.59 – $16.99

While most runners pay special attention to using the right trainers for running, they often neglect the need to choose the right socks. There is no point really in using high-quality trainers if you aren’t wearing specialized running socks because they are indeed as important. Running socks contain built-in cushions that provide support to your feet and maximizes comfort. Running is a sweaty exercise and running socks effectively pulls the moisture away from your feet, keeping them dry. YUEDGE’s athletic running ankle socks are a great example of running socks.

Walking Socks

Karrimor Mens Merino Fibre Lightweight Walking Socks Casual Grey/black Mens 12+
Click image for more info

Price: $25.99

If your daily exercise includes long distant walking, you essentially need professional walking socks. Walking socks are high-quality socks specially designed for walking that provide support and ensure adequate comfort to your feet and lower leg. These are thicker than ordinary socks that have a protective seam over the toes and extra support around the ankle to facilitate walking for several kilometers. Karrimor’s merino fiber lightweight walking socks would offer a comfortable walk.

Ski Socks

PureAthlete Wool Skiing Snowboard Socks, Medium, Black/Grey/Blue
Click image for more info

Price: $13.28 – $89.97

Skiing demands certain special kinds of socks to prevent your feet from freezing in the surrounding snow. They’re significantly more thick and durable than other sock types. Since ski boots have the tendency to rub during skiing, making you uncomfortable, ski socks often comprise of some cushioning to protect your feet. Protect your feet through the Pure athlete high performance wool ski socks available on Amazon.

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Running Shoes

Nike Men's Air Zoom Pegasus 36 Running Shoes (14 D US, Bright Crimson/Black/Vast Grey)
Click image for more info

Price: $133.35

Running shoes are one of the most sought after shoes among all footwear. They are designed in a way that facilities your motion forward, and at the same time protects your toes as well as heels. A right pair of running shoes would prevent damages like tendonitis, shin splints, and stress fractures. It contains just the right amount of cushioning to protect your feet from tough shocks. Why not try Nike’s air zoom pegasus 36 running shoes sold on Amazon?

Walking Shoes

adidas Terrex Swift R2 Gore -TEX Walking Shoes- AW19-9 - Black
Click image for more info

Price: $126.65

Walking shoes are lighter than most other types of athletic shoes. They typically comprise of a slightly rounded bottom that enables you to shift weight from heels to the toes smoothly. In this way, walking shoes provide sufficient shock absorption to the heel and ball of your foot in order to eradicate pain. Walking shoes are stiff in the front and you normally roll off your toes rather than bending them. Adidas’s terrex swift R2 gore-tex walking shoes are perfect for a walk. Check it out for yourself.

Cross Trainers

Nike Men's Air Max 270 Anthracite/Volt/Black Mesh Cross-Trainers Shoes 14 M US
Click image for more info

Price: $133.35 – $319.95

If you like to engage in many different sports, you need not buy separate trainers for each game. Cross trainers are designed to fit the needs of different types of sportsmen. They can be used for multiple athletics. Yet, it’s important to consider the flexibility of the trainer depending upon which sporting activities you plan to use them for.

For instance, if you plan to use them for your running routine as well as for playing tennis, they should be flexible in the front to facilitate the running and provide side-to-side support during the tennis game. However, certain sports such as soccer and basketball require specialized footwear and cross trainers won’t be useful. Enjoy your favorite sport using Nike’s air max 270 mesh cross-trainers shoes available on Amazon.

Hiking Boots

Merrell Chameleon 7 Knit Mid Hiking Boot - Men's Olive Wing, 10.5
Click image for more info

Price: $125.98 – $179.95

Hiking boots are extremely important when planning to climb the rocky hills. To help you escalate swiftly and avoid any mishaps or falls, you need a firm grip on the trail. Hiking boots are the best solution but it is important to choose the boots with the right amount of weight depending on the types of hikes you plan to pursue. While lighter boots are suitable for simpler or shorter hikes, demanding and rocky surfaces call for mid-weight boots that are designed for better hiking.

However, if your hiking route covers snowy hills and mountains, carrying heavy backpacks, you definitely need heavyweight boots to satisfy your hiking needs. What are you waiting for? Go ahead with the toughest hike using Merrell chameleon’s 7 knit mid hiking boot available of Amazon.

Basketball Sneakers

No.66 TOWN Men's Performance Lightweight Basketball Shoes Sneakers Size 7 Black-Yellow
Click image for more info

Price: $59.90

If you’re a basketball player, you must be aware of how quickly you need to run back and forth in the court. You need extra ability to be able to overplay your opponent and thus, basketball sneakers make things easier through its stiff sole that facilitates your movement. They typically possess a high top that serves to support your ankle when you change directions or jump and land. Confront your opponent using the No.66 town’s fashion performance basketball shoes sneakers in your next basketball match.

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