11 Noteworthy Bikini Brands

Bikinis are a versatile piece of swimwear that offers several options for women. Some of the best bikini brands include Patagonia, Hatch, Andie, Triangl, and Athleta because these suits can provide a range of styles and designs coupled with high-quality materials and durable construction that will last for years.

A woman at the beach wearing black bikini.

When it comes to bikini brands, there are plenty of options. Choosing the right bikini brand really depends on the features and style you are searching for. Many of the top names for bikinis include Patagonia, Athleta, Triangl, Hatch, and Monday Swimwear. These brands offer high-quality suits in various styles, with varying price points to give consumers the broadest range of options. 
The temperature is heating up this summer, which can only mean one thing. It is time for people to hit the pools, beach, and vacation for some much-needed downtime, rest, and relaxation. Choosing a bikini is met with many tough decisions, but the initial step in the decision-making process is deciding on a brand.

With so many brands available, it is tough to choose a bikini that will last but still give you the style and fit you want. Below, let’s take a closer look at some of the best bikini brands this summer that you are sure to love. 

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Bikini Brands

While many bikini brands are available, we only wanted to include the very best on our list. Not only do we look at the individual style and design, but we also look at the overall product. We chose bikini brands that regularly have the best quality, fit, and longevity to give you a wise and sound investment for this year’s beachwear. 


Longline Plunge Printed Bikini Top D-DD from Athleta.

Source: Athleta

Long known for their athletic wear, Athleta is a company owned by the Gap. Athleta has a range of fun, simple bikinis that are great to mix and match. Athleta has many solid colors in different styles and patterns that women love.

The simplistic and modern bikini options are hard to pass up and will stay in style for years to come. Plus, like the Gap, Athleta is known for its high-quality products and materials. These bikinis will last for years without fading, wear, or stretching. 


The Seafarer Bikini Top from Summersalt.

Source: Summersalt

This incredible swimsuit manufacturer is new to the market and was only developed in 2017. Much of the brand’s design is based on modesty, and this company is proud to offer multiple different styles that help hide unwanted flaws or give women the modesty they crave. Designs include high-waisted swimsuits in a bikini style, swim-tunics, or even swim leggings to provide you with as much, or as little, coverage as your like.

Summersalt also has a range of sizes available, from petit to maternity sizes, giving women plenty of options in this all-inclusive swimwear brand. Plus, styles are trendy, colorful, and on-point with modern detailing and fun prints. 


The Aruba Top Flat black bikini from Andie.

Source: Andie

When it comes to quality and fit, Andie has you covered. This swimwear brand is entirely about overall quality, offering the best fit for your bikini. With a range of sizes and maternity sizes included, Andie provides something for everyone.

This brand wants to create bikinis and swimsuits that just fit well, without you having to tug or constantly adjust straps and bottoms. They have fun colors and prints, with innovative design styles, and offer one-piece swim options too. Andie is so dedicated to helping its customers find just the right bikini that they even have a 12 question fit guide to help people find just the right swimsuit. 


Aerie Printed Plunge Bikini Top from Aerie.

Source: Aerie

An offshoot from the popular American Eagle brand, Aerie offers a line of swimwear that is fun, high-quality, and, most importantly, affordable. With a range of bikini styles that can be mixed and matched, Aerie is known for its primary colors and prints.

This company offers a range of sizes available but does not offer maternity suits. Unlike other swimwear brands, this company’s swimsuits won’t set you back a ton. The average bikini from Aerie will cost between $30 and $50, which is a hallmark of this new and upcoming brand from American Eagle. 

Swimsuits For All

Avenger Halter Bikini Set with colorful patterns from Swimsuits For All.

Source: Swimsuits For All

As the best plus-size swimwear option, Swimsuits For All has plenty of bikini options available. These suits come in various patterns, styles, and bright colors, making them an excellent choice for women.

This company prides itself on high-quality materials and fit, allowing women to select just the right swimwear to flatter their shape. They even have a comprehensive style quiz that will enable you to find the right bikini to flatter your curves and give you the style and coverage you want. 


Lime Ericka Zip Bottom from Chromat.

Source: Chromat

The brand Chromat is new to the swimwear world but offers innovative styles that are hard to find elsewhere. This company likes to design high-fashion swimwear and usually includes innovative materials like lycra and crushed velvet. These suits will give you a sense of New York City high-fashion without setting you back hundreds of dollars for a swimsuit.

They have plenty of one-piece options, as well as bikinis so that you are sure to find your perfect swimsuit for the beach. Plus, they offer sizes ranging from an XS to a 3X, making this an all-inclusive brand for women. 


Women's Glassy Dawn Tankini with patterns from Patagonia.

Source: Patagonia

One of the very best companies for athletic and activewear offers swimsuits that are easy to wear and move in. The bikinis from Patagonia are made of responsibly sourced, recycled material and come with the same lifetime guarantee, just like their clothing. Patagonia has many bikinis in solid colors or bright patterns, which can be mixed and matched for a custom style.

The bikinis are designed for active women, and these styles will stay firmly in place whether you are swimming, kayaking, or surfing. Patagonia also has a range of swim accessories, including long-sleeved SPF shirts to help keep your skin protected in the bright summer sun. 


The Mica Seles patterned bikini from Triangl.

Source: Triangl

If you are looking for a bikini for the beach that looks cute, you don’t have to look any further. A relatively new brand, Triangl offers fun prints and patterns that you are sure to love. Between animal prints, bright colors, and different materials, you’ll be able to find just the right bikini.

This brand recently became even more popular thanks to celebrity endorsements from Beyonce and Kendall Jenner. Luckily, these swimsuit options won’t set you back. You’ll be able to find most swimsuits from Tirangl for around $100. 

Monday Swimwear

The Cabo San Lucas Top - White Sand Crinkle from Monday Swimwear.

Source: Monday Swimwear

Those who have a large chest struggle to find swimsuits that fit correctly. Monday Swimwear is a bikini company that is geared toward women with large chests and offers comfortable solutions. The swimsuits are available in several sizes, and cup sizes range from an A to a G+, giving loads of options for women.

Plus, the company even has a comprehensive fit quiz to ensure you find just the right size. These bikinis are offered in the same fun styles and designs as average size bikinis and offer bright colors and fun prints to choose from. 


The Isla Bikini with patterns from Hatch.

Source: Hatch

For the best maternity swimwear options, many people turn to the brand Hatch. These suits are comfortable but cute for expecting mothers. Women will have the option of choosing between several different styles, including one-pieces and bikini options.

Although these suits can be a bit pricey, averaging about $250 each, they come with high-quality materials and will make you feel fantastic. Hatch is known for its attention to detail and the ability to keep both mamas and babies comfortable. 

Frankies Bikinis

The Bash Satin Wrap Bikini Top Grenadine from Frankies Bikinis.

Source: Frankies Bikinis

Trendy and fun, Frankies Bikinis offers plenty of different bikinis to choose from. This brand tends to be more trendy, offering the latest styles and patterns for women. Frankies Bikinis comes in sizes XS to XXL, making their size options more limited. There is a range of prices available, and it is perfectly possible to find a trendy, fun bikini from Frankies Bikinis without spending a small fortune. 


A tropical print bikini surrounded by beach accessories.

A lot goes into choosing the right bikini. Not only do you want to look great at the beach, but you also want to feel comfortable and confident. Sometimes, it can feel overwhelming with the range of available swimsuit options on the market. But, many people are struggling with their swimwear decision, just like you, and have asked a range of common questions.

Below, we have put together some common questions related to the best bikini brands to make your decision-making process easier and more informed. 

What are the best bikini brands?

Choosing the best bikini brand can be difficult, especially with so many options available for summer beachwear. To select the best brand for you, think about how you will wear your swimsuit and what you want for features. If cost is a concern, focus on one of the cheaper brands of bikini, like Aerie.

If you are looking for an athletic and comfortable bikini, maybe an option like Patagonia will be the best choice for you. For maternity wear, Hatch is a suitable option. Or, if you just want a fun, trendy, and designer swimsuit, many people like Triangl as the best bikini option. 

What is the best tummy control swimsuit?

We all have insecurities, and a common insecurity with women is a tummy. Luckily, tummy control swimsuits are popular, easy to find, and mimic the styles and designs of typical swimsuits. Look for high-waisted bikini options or swimsuits that have additional support and control in the bottom area. These will help to keep your tummy hidden and tucked while remaining comfortable for long hours of wear at the beach. 

What are the best quality swimsuits?

If you are searching for a new swimsuit, consider the quality of the material used. High-quality swimsuits are usually made with thicker materials that will not snag or stretch as easily. Further, they are made with deeper color dyes that help to prevent fading. Look for swimsuits that have sewn-in padding that helps to cushion and protect.

For high-quality swimwear, brands like Athleta and Patagonia are very well-constructed. For maternity swimwear, Hatch is known as one of the best quality swimsuit manufacturers around. 

What bikini brands do celebrities wear?

Many bikini brands exist, and celebrities often wear bikinis that cost far more than what the average person is willing to spend for an accessory clothing item. However, many celebrities, like Beyonce, have endorsed the bikini company Triangl. This company offers fun, trendy swimsuit options that average about $100 per suit. 

What color swimsuit is most flattering?

Usually, bright color swimsuits are the most flattering for the broadest range of people. Of course, your own skin tone will largely dictate the best color for you. Many swimsuits are available in solid colors or bright and trendy patterns. 

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