18 of the Best Boot Stores Online

Shop the best boot companies online today to make it easier to find any type of boots in your size and width. Online shopping for boots increases your selection and lets you shop specialty stores offering motorcycle botots, cowboy boots, work boots.

Display of various boots in a store.

Shopping for the perfect boots can take up quite a bit of time. Look and fit matter. You also need them to be fashioned from high-quality materials. Leather, suede and canvas comprise a shortlist of the most sturdy and long-lasting materials. You need thick soles and strong stitching. But you also need boots that look good with your wardrobe and fit well on your feet. It’s a lot.

Boot Shopping

Finding boots locally can frustrate many people. Perhaps you wear wide shoes or need a specific heel height. Maybe you require specific insoles or need to have the shoes fitted with orthotics. Shopping for boots and shoes online helps when you’re looking for specific features and a huge selection.

You can find a multitude of stores that carry a few pairs of boots but finding a shop that specializes in boots can stymie your efforts. Most stores either carry a full line of shoe styles or sell boots as a part of a shoe section in a department store.

But many stores specialize. Some only offer motorcycle boots, some offer western boots. You can find a few stores that specialize in cowboy and work boots. Turn to the best boot stores online to find the best boots for your fashion, comfort and foot needs.


Zappos is a synonymous with footwear including boots. They offer top boot brands for women, men and kids including. Actually, it’s more than just top brands; you gain access to dozens of brands in all styles.  The website is the Amazon of footwear. You can filter down your search to find exactly what you’re looking for.  It’s a big box online retailer for boots.  If you’re looking for something more boutique, check out the stores below.

Leather Up

Founded in 1999 in Los Angeles, Leather Up began as a local leather jacket retailer. Its co-founder and initial fashion buyer, Albert Bootehsaz, crafted leatherwear for celebrities. He employed more than 60 craftsmen to design and sew or cobble leather products that fit better and used higher quality materials than other brands. By cutting out the middleman, he offered better products to consumers directly.

Bootehsaz established an online shoe store presence offering quality boots as soon as e-commerce blossomed. Its first expansion occurred in 2003, with the creation of its Xelement Motorcycle Jackets. When Leather Up does buy from other brands, it purchases directly from the factory.

You can find the brands like Outlaw Helmets, Xelement and Vulcan at Leather Up. For more than 20 years, it has been the place to go for the highest quality motorcycle boots. You can also shop here find the perfect boot accessory, too.

Langston’s Western Wear

Established in 1913 in the small town of Harrah, OK as the Freeman-Langston Company, the company now known as Langston’s Western Wear began as a farm and agriculture shop Today, it provides the online community with a top source for western boots. Langston’s carries all the major brands and unlike some fashion stores, provides a wide selection of both work and dress boots.

It now operates a flagship store in Oklahoma City and an e-commerce shop. You can purchase Ariat Boots, Anderson Bean, Cinch, Corral, Dan Post, Ferrini, Justin Boots, Lucchese, Tony Lama and Twisted X boots, among other brand names. Langston’s carries sizes and styles for men, women and children. They also sell alligator boots, if you’re looking for something more high-end. You can also find denim clothing, hats, belts and other accessories here.


What began as the J.W. Gibson Harness Company, a saddle and harness firm in downtown Wichita, KS, grew and reconfigured from a harness and tack business to cowboy boots and western apparel shop. The transition began in 1968 when the Dry family of Kansas (J.R. Dry Sr., J.R. Dry Jr. and Charles Dry) bought the firm from Harry Shepler. The Drys added the western wear and boots boutique and started the Sheplers Catalog in 1970.

By 1975, Sheplers had established itself as the go-to online shoe destination for all things western fashion…especially boots. The “World’s Largest Western Catalog” went online in December 1998 and has served the world up the best in western boots since then. And if you want to impress the cowgirl in your life, they have a wide selection of women’s cowboy boots as well.

Boot Barn

The long-standing company Boot Barn leads the U.S. in lifestyle retail sales of western and work-related footwear. You can find boots for men, women and children here. The online storefront offers more than 200 brands of fashion and work boots, including well-known names like Timberland. In 2015, Boot Barn bought out Sheplers, Inc. to expand its huge catalog.
It operates 200 stores in 29 states and an online storefront. You can find boots for both genders and children. This company offers a price match guarantee that it will beat a competitor’s price on the exact same item. This is not the place to shop for sneaker designs. But when it comes to all things boots, Boot Barn has got your back.

Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is a go-to source for all trendy fashion and clothing items, including comfortable boots in a huge variety of styles. They have everything from soft, casual slip-on styles to high fashion brand names to work boots and everything in-between. Urban Outfitters has shops all over the country and new fashions coming into their online storefront all the time. They offer more practical designer shoes and boots here, recognizable names that still represent affordable style.

Texas Boot Company

The family of Marc and Shelly Counselman began their foray into western boots in 1965 when Marc Conselman’s grandfather opened a Grand Prairie, TX western wear store. The younger Counselman established Texas Boot Company in 2010 after his stint in the Army and finishing graduate school. His uncle, also in the western wear business, offered advice and counsel in the opening of the boot business.

Counselman also designs boots and works with the Lucchese company to design one-third of the Lucchese selections in the Texas Boot Company store. While you can obtain handcrafted, bespoke boots here, you can also shop a wide selection of western boot styles from major bookmakers. You need not make a road trip to Bastrop though since the boot company went online years ago. You can go online any time you need boots to match your newest cowboy hat to a new cowboy boot look. And if you’re in Texas, you can always visit the retail store in person.


Mango features styles inspired by Mediterranean fashion and culture. Their boots are sleek and elegant and they’re made in a huge range of designs to suit any style. Mango has boots in both men’s and women’s styles. Their collections include cowboy boot styles, work boots, hiking boots and elegant looks of all kinds.

River Island

For trendy style and all the latest in boot fashion, turn to River Island. Their storefront is always up-to-date so your boot style can always be on trend. They carry everyday boots as well as work boots and many other styles. River Island has boots for both men and women and they’ve got a ton of different designs to choose from. 

Hugo Boss

Hugo Boss is a well-name name in suits. This company specializes in sophisticated men’s fashion of all kinds, including boots. Like the rest of the storefront, the boots at Huge Boss are made to be timelessly stylish. Smooth, sleek, elegant styles, usually in ankle-high designs, are what you can expect here. 


For low-cut everyday styles, hiking boots and work boots, Express is a great place to look. Fashionable boots in many different types of styles for men and women are part of the extensive Express catalog. They specialize in vintage styles, classic designs that don’t need trends to be fashionable. Express prides itself on being fashion-forward. They use only the best materials and pay meticulous attention to detail. 

L.L. Bean

L.L. Bean is a famous name in boots. Bean himself went hunting in the woods of Maine…but the trip was awful. His boots got wet, and that meant his feet got cold and sore. It was dreadful. But it was also inspiring. He went right to a cobbler when he returned from his trip, instructing the cobbler to stitch a pair of rubber work boot bottoms to leather boot uppers. This is how the famous L.L. Bean duck boot was born. Well, that design actually failed quite badly. But later, he perfected the boots and they soon became icons of the boot world. [Source: New England Historical Society]

You can still get duck boots from L.L. Bean and they are still an excellent choice when you need tough footwear that’s ready to go anywhere and do anything, even if you’re going to be trudging through the wet Maine woods. 

Land’s End

Land’s End is a great resource when you need boots because the selection here is huge. There are boots in all styles and sizes for men, women and children. You can find everything here from camouflage hunting boots to bright purple boots with fur trim to every look in-between. The online storefront has a ton of sorting options so you can easily find exactly what you want based on size, color, fabric and several other different options.


Farfetch offers a big selection of designer boots for women. Their catalog includes such high-end names as Versace, Gucci and Prada. Sort your boots by designer, heel height, color or several other options and find that perfect pair of expensive luxury boots. 


Revolve has a huge selection of boots from several well-known brand names. They have everything, from work boots to cowboy boots to tall thigh-high fashion boots. You can truly get it all here. Pick a pair of platform boots, browse for a pair of boots decorated in fringe or slip into a pair of stylish cowboy boots from Revolve. This is a lifestyle brand that provides the latest looks and designs. 


If you need rugged outdoor books for hiking, fishing or hunting, Orvis is the online store for y you. Orvis offers stylish outdoor boots for men and women. You can even search for boots based on activity. A company that was built on a love for the outdoors, Orvis is engaged in several programs designed to give back to nature and preserve special places on Earth, such as the Everglades in Florida and Bristol Bay in Alaska.


Buckle has hundreds of retail locations but you might know it best for the denim. Buckle has a huge selection of denim clothing but they’ve also got a huge variety of boots for men and women. Ankle-high stylish cowboy boots, work boots, tall boots, short boots, Buckle has every type of boot you might want in all sorts of stylish designs. They have rugged style, high style and styles to suit just about any fashion sense.

Eddie Bauer

When you want boots that are ready to take on the world, Eddie Bauer has your back. They have a big array of hiking boot styles and outdoor designs. That’s because Eddie Bauer was a lover of nature. He opened a sporting good store in 1920, which he used to sell his own custom fishing flies, goose down jackets and sporting good equipment of all types. Eddie Bauer was an expert outdoorsman and that’s why boots from this company are made for whatever outdoor activity you want to take on.


You know where to go to find the best boot stores online…but there’s still a lot to know about buying boots online. Get the answers to the most commonly asked questions about online boot shopping and boot stores and you’ll get to know the world of boots online as well as any expert on the subject.

Do boot sizes vary between manufacturers?

Despite the fact that shoe sizes are standardized in the U.S., not all shoes and boots are going to fit your feet equally. You’ve probably noticed that depending on the brand you buy, your shoe size may change and fluctuate. This can be a bit nerve-wracking when you’re trying to buy a pair of boots online. You have to be particularly careful to pay attention to sizes if you’re shopping across many brands on a site like Zappos, which has shoes and boots from a huge variety of labels that includes names like Red Wing, Nike and more. Zappos and sites like it typically provide easy-to-find sizing information on every product page.

Small differences in the way various manufacturers design and construct shoes lead to small variations in sizes. This means that you can end up wearing a size 10 boots from one brand and a size 12 from another. So no matter where you’re shopping, from Amazon to Zappos, always check the sizes against the measurement of your feet. [Source: High Snobiety]

What are “cemented” boot soles?

When a sole is “cemented” to the upper of the boot, this means that the two parts of the boots are essentially glued together. This is quite often used with boots and shoes made with rubber soles. In this sole construction process, no welting (stitching) is used to attach the uppers and the soles together. [Source: Primer Magazine]

Is synthetic leather better or worse than genuine leather boots?

Boot uppers are very often made with leather, though sometimes they are made in canvas, nylon or a combination of materials. But is genuine or synthetic better for your boots? Leather is one of the oldest boot materials. It was probably the first material used to make footwear, in fact, and it was the first material used to make clothes of all kinds.

Leather is a popular material because it will last for many, many years if you keep it cleaned and oil it on occasion. It doesn’t really wear out. In fact, it develops a handsome patina over time that can make it look even better. It’s easy to clean and highly flexible. However, leather isn’t the most breathable stuff around. This is why many hot weather boots are made with fabric materials or a combination of leather and fabric.

Synthetic leather is made to mimic the good qualities of leather but it is still a type of fabric that has been specially treated. As such, synthetic leather does wear out in time. However, it is lighter in weight and more breathable than genuine leather. It also provides an option for those who don’t like to wear products created from animal materials.

How fast is shipping for online boots?

Most online boot stores maintain an inventory of boots that are located in one or more warehouses. When online orders are placed, the boots are placed on a shipping vehicle from the factory and taken to a distribution center. Depending on where the warehouse is located and where you are located, this process can take a day or more. For example, Foot Locker has stores and facilities all over the U.S. so their shipping is typically quick. Other etailers, like ASOS, provide fast shipping for an extra fee.

However, the process can be much longer if you’re ordering custom or handmade boots, such as Lucchese boots. Because these boots must be specially made, it could take weeks before they can be shipped to you because of the level of craftsmanship involved.

Does it make a difference when boots are waterproof?

Boots may be marked as water-resistant or waterproof. Is this the same thing? Does it even make a difference to have waterproof boots? These features do matter. Water-resistant boots can keep your feet dry in ordinary light rainfall and snowfall. In short, this feature will keep your feet dry unless the boots are fully submerged in water.

Waterproof boots, on the other hand, are made for even extended exposure to moisture. This means that your feet should stay dry even if you are standing in water or snow. [Source: Our Everyday Life]

Do you need insulated boots?

Insulated boots are designed with extra material meant to prevent the natural body heat of your feet from escaping. Insulation also blocks the cold from affecting your feet. In other words, it keeps your feet warm. But because of the extra material added to the boots, insulated boots are not as lightweight as non-insulated designs. [Source: Working Person]

If you’re going to be spending extended periods of time in the cold or your feet are going to be exposed to cold temperatures, such as snow and ice, insulated boots are a good idea. But if you’re working in the heat, you definitely want a boot design that is non-insulated and lightweight.

What are the best boot styles for everyday wear?

Boots are extremely sturdy and protective. They look good and they feel good, so why not wear them all the time? You can! If you’re searching for boots that will work well as everyday wear, hiking boots are a good choice. Hiking boot styles are designed with shock-absorbent and cushioning materials that keep feet comfortable, even if you have to do a lot of standing or walking.

Work boot styles also work very well as everyday wear. Work boots are made to be protective and durable, so they can take a beating. They’re also made to absorb shock and cushion the feet so even if you stand for long periods of time, your feet and legs shouldn’t feel too much strain.

Casual boot styles that are made to look more like shoes, such as chukkas, are designed for daily wear. They’re stylish enough to fit into many places, comfortable enough to wear all day and durable enough to last you for many days yet. Service boot styles are also made to fit well and feel comfortable, which makes them a good everyday choice.

Can you wear boots with formal clothing?

As a general rule of style, boots are best worn with casual pants like jeans and chinos. More formal pant styles do not look great with boots, not even the nicest pair of boots. In short, it’s not a great idea to wear boots for a formal look. In formal attire, you definitely want to stick to dress shoes. [Source: Real Men, Real Style]

What features matter in work boots?

One of the main features you’ll often see in work boots is the safety toe. This is a hard, protective toe cap that protects your toes from falling objects and impact. Safety toes are commonly made from steel or from composite material, a hard material that is not made with metal. This makes it easier to pass through security checkpoints that use metal detectors.

Safety toes don’t protect the tops of your feet from impact. For this, you will need work boots that have metatarsal protection.

Not all work boots have safety toes, however. Soft toe styles allow the foot to remain flexible and keep the boots lighter in weight. Many people who work in low-risk environments choose soft-toe work boots and low-cut styles, such as ankle boots. Blundstone boots, a popular Australian style, are an often-seen work boot style. Soft toe boot styles are more comfortable for daily wear than steel toe styles.

Many features in work boots are standard. Work boots are typically designed to provide support around the foot and ankle, a shock-absorbing sole that protects feet from impact and cushioning insoles that provide softness and comfort for the feet. Work boots are often made in lace-up designs, which make it possible to get a customized, great-feeling fit all over the foot. Slip-resistant soles are also a common feature. Slip-resistance gives boots traction and grip even in wet and low-traction conditions.

Other features that may be included in work boots include waterproofing or water resistance. Many work boots may include some safety features, such as electrical hazard resistance. This means the soles don’t conduct electricity and actually protect you against electrical shock in dry environments. Sometimes, work boots may have puncture-resistant soles or midsoles that protect the feet in the event that you step on a nail or another puncture hazard.

Depending on the type of work environment you are in, one or all of these features may matter a great deal to you. Find out what your workplace requires in terms of safety features and think about any additional features you’d really like to have. This will make it much easier to narrow down your choices and pick the perfect pair of work boots. [Source: Bob Vila]

Can boots bought online be returned?

In most cases, anything purchased online can be returned. Check the online store’s return policy before you purchase items so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting into in the event that your items don’t fit. Most online stores have a fairly simple return policy because they definitely don’t want dissatisfied customers.

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