Canada Goose Hoodie Review (I Own 2 CG Hoodies – Are They Worth the Money?)

Canada Goose hoodies
Wearing the Elgin Knit Hoody on left (blue) and HyBridge Knit Hoody on the right (red).

I love hoodies.

I own quite a few, mostly from Lululemon but recently I added two hoodies to my collection with a couple from Canada Goose.

My favorite hoodie design has a zipper but it’s not a dealbreaker.

The two hoodies I bought from Canada Goose zip up.

The two hoodies I bought from Canada Goose are:

  1. Elgin Full Zip Sweater (Black Label), and
  2. HyBridge Knit Hoody.

Both are very different.

The Elgin is a Merino wool sweater with weatherproof hood. It’s an absolutely stunning sweater.

The HyBridge Knit Hoody is more outerwear with knit arms.  It’s a beauty as well but I have to say I prefer the Elgin Sweater Hoody.

Why do I like hoodies?

For the sake of this Canada Goose hoodie review, you should know that I’m 6′ 3″ tall and weigh 220 lbs.  I purchased a large for both hoodies.

I like multi-functional clothing.  A hoodie can be worn indoors while serving as a jacket during Fall, Spring and cool Summer evenings.  While I seldom actually put the hood on, I like the look of the hood draping behind me.  I also like the high zip many hoodies offer.

I also like zip-up clothing and most hoodies I own are this design; not all, but most.

Are Canada Goose hoodies worth the money?

It’s one thing to invest $1,000 or more in a world-class parka that will keep you warm on winter expeditions or on the slopes but it’s another thing to drop $600 to $1,000 on a sweater or hoodie especially when there are so many other companies selling hoodies for a fraction of the price.

If you’re on a budget, Canada Goose apparel other than the parkas are NOT worth the money.  I think CG clothing is amazing and it’s some of the best apparel I own but it’s not worth going into debt for… unless you must have a world-class parka for some insanely cold weather exposure.

If you’re pulling down a half-million bucks or more per year with plenty of disposable income, Canada Goose apparel is totally worth it.  What I mean by this is that it really is superior.  Just like Lululemon apparel is superior to most other athletic brands, Canada Goose apparel is superior to most other brands. I say “most” because I haven’t tried every other brand out there.

What makes Canada Goose hoodies so great?

Some luxury brands trade on cache and brand name without a whole lot to support it beyond that.

Not Canada Goose. I own quite a bit of CG apparel now and universally the apparel is superior justifying the high prices.  Again, it’s not worth it if you have to borrow to buy or forego more important expenses such as mortgage, food and other necessities but if you have piles of money sitting around and you like the best-of-the-best, Canada Goose is worth it.

Quality materials

For instance, the Elgin Sweater Hoody I have is pure Merino Wool.  It’s amazingly comfortable, well-made, fits perfectly and warm.  It’s the real deal. One-touch and you know it’s quality.


I admit that I don’t like the designs of all CG clothing but the stuff I do like, I love.

Both hoodies I have are wicked cool designs.

The Elgin Sweater has distinct front pockets that make it stand out.  Moreover, the entire thing fits me like a glove without being tight or short.  It’s like I was fitted for it.

The HyBridge Hoody is so cool with the two very different materials – the outerwear torso section juxtaposes in such a cool way with the knit arms.  Even though the entire thing is one color, the design offers some fascinating contrast that works.

They do what they’re designed to do

Canada Goose is all about outdoor wear.  Perhaps one day they’ll expand into more lines but for now it’s outdoor wear which is designed to protect you from the elements whether cold, snow, rain, wind or just an inclement weather day requiring a light jacket or sweater.

Whatever outdoor wear you need, you can count on any apparel designed for a specific purpose to perform exceptionally well.

  • If you need to stay dry in the rain, Canada Goose’s rain coats are amazing.
  • If you need to stay warm in sub-zero temperatures, the parkas and down jackets are phenomenal.
  • If you want warm gloves or mittens, you won’t find better at Canada Goose.  FYI, I have Canada Goose Artic Down Mitts and they’re unreal. I ski a ton every year and my biggest warmth problem is keeping my hands warm. These mitts are the best I’ve ever had (and I’ve tried many from other top brands).
  • If you want to stay warm with a sweater or hoodie in inclement weather, their hoodies, vests and sweaters are perfect.

Let’s explore each of the two different hoodies I bought.

My thoughts on each of the two hoodies.

Canada Goose HyBridge Knit Hoody Review

Wearing HyBridge Knit Hoodie by Canada Goose

This hoodie is a hybrid jacket (Down) and knit hoodie.  The back and arms are knitted Merino wool while the front of the body and hood is down-filled for warmth.  It’s a great design because while the Merino wool will keep you warm, it breathes and is cooler than the down-filled torso. I tend to like my arms cooler so that it can release heat and prevent over-heating.

The hood is also down-filled and comes with cinch drawcords, one on each side to tighten the hood.

The merino wool has heft to it.  It’s heavy knit which I like.

There are two hand pockets with zippers. No interior pocket.

My only beef with this hoodie is the sizing is a tad off compared to other CG apparel.  I bought everything as a large and everything fits perfectly except for this hoodie.  The arms a tad shorter and the torso is a tad shorter.  I’m tempted to drop another $750 to see if the XL is bigger because I’m not sure I’ll be as excited to wear this hoodie as much as the other purely due to the fit.


Hoody Canada Goose Logo Badge

Front Hybridge Knit Hoody by Canada Goose

Side pocket of HyBridge Knit Hoody

Zipper of the HyBridge Knit Hoody by Canada Goose

Rear Canada Goose HyBridge Knit Hoody


Canada Goose Black Label Elgin Sweater Review

Wearing Elgin Knit Hoodie by Canada Goose

This is the finest hoodie I own. It’s unique. It fits perfectly. It looks amazing. I can dress it up or down.  It’s warm. The Merino wool is luxe. Whoever designed this thing outdid themselves.

And to think I purchased this as an after-thought.  I don’t think the photo on the Canada Goose website does it justice.

I bought the navy blue one and it’s perfect.

The hood is made with water-resistant Arctic-Tech fabric. The rest of it is Merino wool.

Check out those two big front pockets… they make the design.  I love it.

The two large pockets on the chest are the only pockets.  Not only do those two pockets give the hoodie a distinct design, but because of them, side hand pockets aren’t necessary which makes the hoodie provide a slimming effect.  There’s not pocket bulging on the sides.  Brilliant design.

The fit is amazing with long tapered arms.  The torso fits perfectly  with no bagginess but doesn’t squeeze either.  The hood is simple and provides some protection from the elements.

It’s really hard to do justice for this hoodie just because it’s so unique.  Sometimes unique ends up looking bizarre. In this case, it ended up being really, really cool.

Elgin Hoody photos:

Two front chest pockets on the Elgin Knit Hoody by Canada Goose

Pocket zipper on the Elgin Knit Hoody by Canada Goose
The pockets on the chest are double pockets. It opens with a snap from the top and there’s another side pocket sealed with a zipper.

Front view of the Elgin Knit Hoody by Canada Goose

Rear view of the Elgin Knit Hoody by Canada Goose

Knit patterns on the Elgin Knit Hoody by Canada Goose

Rear hood of the Elgin Knit Hoody by Canada Goose

Buttom hem of Elgin Knit Hoody by Canada Goose

Cuff on the Elgin Knit Hoody by Canada Goose

Which of the two hoodies do I like more?

I like the Elgin Sweater hoody the most.  It fits better and while it falls on the casual end of the spectrum, it’s a pretty classy design that dresses up jeans and can even be worn with trousers.

Check them out for yourself:

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