Canada Goose HyBridge Base Down Jacket Splurge (My Review after 2 Winters)

Wearing black HyBridge Base Down Canada Goose Jacket

Not so long ago, the thought of spending almost $700 on a jacket seemed ludicrous.

Seriously, no coat or jacket is that much better than say a $250 model, right?

And yet, my wife decided to treat me to a Canada Goose HyBridge Base Down jacket 1.5 years ago for Christmas (2019).  I was so surprised… so pleasantly surprised.

I put it on and understood instantly why it cost $700.

I had a Lands End puffer before that. It was good. Served me well. Kept me warm and looked decent but it’s nothing like the Canada Goose jacket.

I’ve now had this jacket for 2 winters. It’s in as good of shape as the day I received it. I hope to have it for many years. As long as it’s in decent shape, I have no need to look for another everyday wear warm jacket.

I’ve had other similar puffer “down” jackets and nothing comes close to the Canada Goose one I have.

It’s like upgrading from a ten-year-old Ford sedan to a current model Audi A7 or better.  I say this also with experience since I did upgrade from a ten-year-old Volvo to an Audi A7.  The difference is unreal.

Where to buy this jacket?

Unfortunately, this exact model is no longer available. It’s style 2729M Men’s HyBridge Base Down Jacket.  However, there are several substitutes are close in function and style. They are:

What’s so great about the Canada Goose Base Down Jacket?

Canada Goose logo badge

Let me tell you all about it.  Here’s my Canada Goose Base Down Jacket review.

Before I go into the review details, I should tell you where and when I wear this jacket.

It’s my everyday late Fall, Winter and early Spring jacket.  I wear it to my kids’ outdoor events (soccer etc.), running errands, to work… I pretty much wear it all the time unless I’m going to be outside for a long time in the rain.  In which case, I do wear it but put a rainproof shell on top.  This works perfectly.

Which leads me to the fact that this jacket is not waterproof.  It’s fine for a short time in the rain or some drizzle, but don’t count on staying dry spending an hour outside in pouring rain.

I’ve had offers from people who want to buy it… for more than I paid

My particular model, which is super cool, is no longer available.  I’ve had people offer to pay me more than I paid for it after I’ve worn it for a year.  That’s how cool it is.

It’s Warm

Canada Goose is known for warmth and this jacket delivers on warmth.  It’s not quite like the Canada Goose Expedition Parka but it’s for needs, it’s plenty warm.

Keep in mind I’m not a winter expedition guy.  If I were, I’d buy the Canada Goose Expedition Parka.  I”m a regular dude who lives in Vancouver, BC and bombs around town like most folks.  I just need a good jacket that keeps me warm in the cold and looks great.  Let’s face it, the Expedition Parka is overkill when heading out to a restaurant.

Fits like a glove

The fit and comfort is my favorite feature after the fact it keeps me warm.  I’m 6′ 3″ tall with a 35″ waist.  The large fits perfectly.  It fits so perfectly that I still can’t believe it.  The arms are long enough.  It’s not too tight but not also huge like some puffer coats (I once had a monster puffer coat that was so big it drew stares from other people. My friends called it my George coat from the Seinfeld episode featuring George Costanza’s massive puffer coat.

Uber comfortable

  • The interior fabric is silky smooth and so soft.
  • The cut is perfect for my 6′ 3″ frame.
  • The cuffs are perfectly snug.
  • The collar zips up snug around my upper neck but not too tight.
  • The hood fits very nicely… good coverage without being too big or too tight.
  • The torso area fits perfectly – not baggy but not squeezing the life out of me.

I have full range of motion with my arms and body… it’s almost like not wearing a coat. I know I’m verging on hyperbole here with this coat and it sure sounds like it, but it’s really comfortable.  Historically I never liked wearing heavy coats because they’re restrictive so I’d opt to be cold wearing some hoody.  That’s not the case with this jacket. I happily don it any time and any place.

Breathability?  It’s very breathable while warm.  It’s not waterproof so you don’t get moisture locking in.  I don’t wear it indoors or anything like that but I don’t drip sweat when wearing it unless is hot out.

Lightweight? Yeah, it’s very lightweight. It weighs almost nothing.  It’s like a feather.

Durable: As good as new two winters later

I’m heading into my third winter with this jacket. I pulled it out the other day to check it out and it’s pretty much as good as new.


Zipper pockets: There’s one interior zipper pocket and two large exterior zipper pockets.  The zippers are amazing quality. They zip easily, are durable and work great after a couple of years.

Hood with hood storage area

The hood tucks away in a pocket in the collar.

Canada Goose Base Down Jacket Hood Pocket

Great cuffs to seal in warmth

The cuffs are snug but not restrictive.

Cuffs on Canada Goose Base Down Jacket

Interior wallet pocket

There’s a small interior pocket large enough for a wallet or cell phone.

Interior zipper pocket Canada Goose Base Down Jacket

Interior mesh pocket

Interior mesh pocket Canada Goose Base Down Jacket

2 large exterior pockets

The exterior pockets are large with long zippers so you can carry quite a bit.

Large zipper exterior pocket Canada Goose Base Down Jacket


There’s breathable material where it’s good to let out moisture. Check it out:


I ain’t gonna lie, I feel like a rock star in this jacket mainly because it’s so cool. It’s a bomber cut with puffer down design. It fits perfectly. It has the prestigious Canada Goose logo patch. It’s awesome and I like how it makes me look.  While it’s not the jacket for formal events, those are rare.  For my everyday wear, I look great.

FYI, I’m 6′ 3″ with a 35″ waist and weigh 220 lbs. I have the regular fit which is great. I think the slim fit would be too tight for me. I’m not so much into relaxed fit sizes.

Get a very similar Canada Goose jacket:


Is the Canada Goose Base Down jacket waterproof?  Okay in the rain?  Snow?

No, this jacket is not waterproof. It’s fine a few minutes in the rain running from the car to the store but don’t wear it as your external layer if watching your kids’ soccer game in the pouring rain.  My solution is to put a jacket with shell fabric on top.  I bought an extra-large North Face jacket for this purpose. It’s too big but I bought it big to accommodate my down jacket underneath.

Is the Canada Goose Base Down jacket good for skiing?

It would do the job if dry but it’s not optimal. If you fall and get wet, it’ll soak through.  I strongly recommend buying a proper ski jacket.  I have a Descente ski coat that is unreal and designed for skiing.

Generally puffer down jackets aren’t great for skiing.

Is the base down jacket warm enough to be a winter coat?

Yes, it’s definitely a winter coat.  If you live in Antarctica, it’s not for you. If you live in cool winter climates, even cold climates, it’s the perfect everyday cold weather coat.

Does the Canada Goose Base Down jacket come with a hood?

Yes, it’s a hooded jacket. I tend to fold it away in the collar area because I’m not a big hood guy but it’s there when it’s wicked cold.

Do I own any other Canada Goose coats?

I have the Brockton parka ordered and should be in my hands any day.  I decided it’s time to add to my outerwear collection and given I love the first Canada Goose jacket I got so much, it was a no-brainer that any parka I bought would be a Canada Goose parka.

I also have a Canada Goose rain jacket – read review here as well as a couple of Canada Goose hoodies (reviews).

Buy your very own in similar style:

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