Are Slip Skirts In?

This is a close study of slips skirts tracing the history of it, how to properly style and match it, the pros and cons of wearing it, where to buy them and how to properly fold them.

This is a close look at a woman wearing a slip skirt at the beach while taking a selfie.

Ah, slip skirts, they are always a MUST! Whether you’re off on a night out with your friends or simply running errands daily, there’s simply nothing quite like the slip skirt. They are sexy, classy, and elegant. Any fashion lover would find it impossible to resist a clothing item that has proven so versatile since the 90s. However, are they actually in style today?

Slip skirts are definitely in style at the moment, particularly mini slip skirts, which are one of the most popular items of clothing in today’s market. It is more common to see people wearing them as a staple fashion item in their daily lives rather than undergarments.  

Suggestion from a fashion enthusiast: If you have never tried a slip skirt as an undergarment, you are truly missing out. They make your clothes smooth and crease-free. TRY IT!

Since the slip skirt’s popularity as an undergarment declined in the 1960s (which we’ll look further into later), Gen Z’ers did not learn to wear them as undergarments. Today they are everywhere, from A-listers to street style wearers; we simply cannot get enough of the slip skirt!  We recommend you scroll because you do not want to miss all the info about this fashion essential.

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The History Behind Slip Skirts

The charm of Nighties fashion nostalgia cannot be matched!  However, slip undergarments have been in our closet’s way before then. Did you know that they have been around since the Middle Ages? WOW!

As mentioned, from the 1960s onward, slip undergarments continued to decline in popularity. But then BOOM slip dresses made their mark in the 1990s. We saw our underwear for the first time becoming our outerwear. Kate Moss rocking the slip dress for Calvin Klein or Carolyn Bessette for her wedding day on the runway are probably some of the best slip dress memories you have.

In this regard, we owe a truly huge ‘thank you’ to the 1990s because they made slips socially acceptable to wear outside our clothing, which encouraged designers to come up with a wide variety of variations. Finally, fellow fashion enthusiasts, THIS WAS IT. The slip skirt was born. Since then, we have seen these outerwear garments all over the fashion scene.

You may be wondering how do I style my slip skirt? Continue reading because we’ve got you covered!

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How To Style A Slip Skirt

With so many slip skirts available at our fingertips, it can be overwhelming to know how to style them. Whatever the occasion is, below we have all the tips and tricks you need to know on styling this magical item. Mirror mirror on the wall, what is the most versatile skirt of all: the slip skirt!

Check out these eight different looks:

If you thought you couldn’t get enough of the trend, pair a slip top with a slip midi skirt for double the fun! This look is light, bright, and airy, perfect for any spring or summer occasion. We are all for the full pink look, and as the saying goes, ‘pink is not just a color, it’s an attitude!’

  • The mini slip skirt is the most famous of them all, but what makes it even better is that it can be worn to a dinner out even though it is the perfect office attire. A turtle neck or blouse pairs beautifully with an elegant blazer and a mini slip skirt. If the weather gets a bit chilly, adding tights and your favorite pair of heels or boots completes this stylish outfit. Winter/fall just got a whole lot more dazzling!
  • Who doesn’t love a little glitz and glamour? With a simple t-shirt and sandals, you can allow the asymmetrical sequined slip skirt to be the star of the show. Shine on!
  • Fashion is never complete without leopard print because it is so versatile and easy to style. A plain black top and sandals paired with a leopard print slip skirt are an amazing way to add that ‘grrr’ factor to a fierce look.  
  • Nothing quite compares to a pajama slip skirt for a feeling of coziness and fashion at the same time. Whoever said ugly pajamas are the most comfortable never owned a pajama slip skirt! Pajama tops and slippers in any design will be a great addition to your pajamas, but you can also add a robe for added fashion coziness.  
  • An ombre slip skirt is a beautiful and popular modern style today. You will never get bored with the wide range of colors and styles available. Create a neutral look by matching pieces from your favorite brands together, and voila! Now you have the perfect ensemble.  
  • Comfort meets high fashion here, and who wouldn’t love to add a bit of ‘oomph’ to their casual look? Together, a delicate necklace, polo top, mini satin slip skirt, color-coordinating bag, and leather slides add the perfect touch!
  • Just open up your Instagram feed, and you will see how popular retro prints are today. Designers have adopted this trend for slip skirts, and now they can be found everywhere. Wear this lime green checkerboard slip skirt with an oversized top (band tee’s are a great option too), sandals, and fringe bag for a ‘groovy’ 70s inspired look.

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Pros And Cons Of The Slip Skirt


  • They are a seasonal favorite.
  • Bedtime or office wear, you decide! The slip skirt is so versatile.
  • This skirt does not need to be washed daily; it’s a second-time wearer. Yay for less laundry!
  • Slip skirts are so light and comfortable you almost feel like you’re wearing nothing at all!
  • The name says it all, you just slip it on, and that’s it! You’re done.


  • We cannot hide our last meal with slip skirts.
  • In terms of hiding our underwear lines, it doesn’t do any justice either.
  • Slip skirts have a limited lifespan if not looked after; they can easily appear worn.
  • They are a non-stretch material, so if that is your preference, this is not the skirt for you.


Knowing slip skirts are in style has probably left you with several questions. We have a list of the top four most frequently asked questions. You are in good hands:

What are slip skirts?

Slip skirts are skirts made from materials like satin and silk and were traditionally worn as undergarments.

Are slip skirts flattering?

Slip skirts are a flattering piece of clothing, but you should find the correct fit for you, as with anything fashion-related. With so many options out there on the market, you have the freedom to choose from an endless array of possibilities. For a general guide on what sort of slip skirt would suit your body type, take a look at these points:

Hourglass (your waist is defined, curvy):

  • Pencil skirt
  • Tube skirt
  • Bubble skirts

Banana shaped body type (same width of shoulders, waist & hips):

  • Bodycon
  • Maxi skirt
  • Peplum skirt

Apple or Oval body type (fuller around your middle, slim lower body):

  • High-waisted
  • Straight skirt with flared bottom

Pear Shaped body type (full mid-section):

  • A-lined skirt
  • Bias cut
  • Paneled skirts

Please remember these are just general guidelines. You should wear whatever makes you feel most comfortable, and then you will know the glass slipper fits!

Where can you buy a slip skirt?

  • RĂ©alisation Par
  • Asos
  • Far Fetch
  • Amazon
  • Saks Fith Avenue
  • J Crew
  • Zara
  • Pixie Market
  • Forever 21
  • Revolve
  • Moda Operandi

How to fold a slip skirt?

Don’t let your slip skit age because you didn’t fold it properly! In this YouTube video by Declutter With Ana, you can learn how to fold and store your slip skirt:

Life isn’t perfect, but your outfit can be. Now go and rock your slip skirt!


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