Men’s Clothing Size Conversion Chart (Pants, Shirts & Jackets)

Detailed and super helpful men's clothing size conversion chart. If the size says large, find out the USA sizing number, EU and measurements for waist, chest, sleeve, hips and inseam... and vice versa. This is the only clothing size chart you need.

Here’s a clothing size conversion chart converting size, USA sizing and EU sizing for chest girth, sleeve length, waist, hips and inseam.  Super helpful.

Men's clothing size conversion chart

Recently I bought a pile of boxer briefs underwear.

I wish I had this chart done at that time because most underwear is sold by vague sizing such as small, medium, large, X-large etc.

I had to guess.

I guessed large.

I got lucky.

I was correct. They all fit.

However, guessing is not ideal.  After that experience, I decided to put together a detailed men’s clothing size conversion chart so I wouldn’t be guessing again.

Here it is.  Here’s just the chart. Click it to enlarge.

Men's clothing size conversion chart

How to use this chart?

The question should really be how can you not use this chart.

There’s a ton of info packed into the 12 rows and 8 columns.

For example, if you’re looking at a pair of pants online and it says “large””, using our chart you can see that a large pant has a waist of 37″ to 39″.  The other relevant pant measurement is the inseam, which is 32.5″ to 32.7″.

However, keep in mind that pants are different in that brands make different lengths for the same waist size.  I’ve seen pants with 34″ waist range in length from 30″ to 34″ and in some cases, 36″.

So, the moral of the story is our chart is merely a guideline.  I strongly recommend you actually look for measurements set out for clothes you’re looking to purchase.  Our chart comes in super handy when measurements are provided.  Speaking of which, you have to wonder why on earth brands wouldn’t set out all the lengths for every item of clothing sold.

Chart ranges

Our chart sets out decent ranges for all the measurements and sizing scales.  Here they are:

  • The waist size ranges for men in our chart is from 29″ to 51″.
  • Sleeve lengths ranges for men from 32″ to 37.7″.
  • Chest girth ranges for men from 36.2″ to 47.5″.
  • Inseam lengths range from 30.7″ to 35″.
  • Hips range from 39″ to 57″.
  • US sizing ranges from 34 to 56.
  • EU sizing ranges from 44 to 66.

We hope the chart is useful.  It will be for me the next time I have to order more underwear.

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