Samsung Gear S3 Classic vs. Fossil Q Founder 2.0

In some ways, especially the silver Founder, the Samsung Gear S3 Classic and Fossil Q Founder 2.0 look a lot alike. You can even interchange the straps. Read more.

samsung gear vs fossil q founder

Samsung Gear S3 Classic vs. Fossil Q Founder 2.0

I own both the Samsung Gear S3 Classic and the Fossil Q Founder 2.0.  I’ve used both extensively.

While I own both, you likely don’t want to buy both.  Which means if you’re here, you’re probably wondering what are the key similarities and more importantly what are the key differences.

Interestingly, these watches have more differences than similarities despite looking the same.

Which one do I like more?

Without a doubt, I prefer the Samsung Gear S3 Classic smartwatch, but then the S3 Classic is one of my all time favorite smartwatches.  I rate and rank it higher than everything we’ve tested so far.

That doesn’t mean the Founder 2.0 isn’t for you though.

Key Similarities

Price:  Both watches are priced around $300 USD.  Frankly, it’s a great deal for both relative to many other smartwatches.

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Purpose:  Both are designed to be worn daily as an everyday wear watch as opposed to a fitness/outdoor adventure watch.

Shape:  Both have a round watch case.  Until recently that would have been a big deal because until recently most smartwatches were square.  However, more and more are designed with round faces.

Interchangeable Straps:  Both require a 22 mm watch strap.  This is great news for the Gear S3 because you can use the many Fossil Q straps on a Gear S3.  You don’t even have to buy a Fossil Q watch to use the straps on your Gear S3.  Just buy a bunch of Fossil straps and you’ll be able to totally change the look of your Samsung.

What do I like more about Samsung?

Speed/performance:  The Tizen operating system and higher RAM with the Samsung makes it perform so much better and faster.

User interface:  I much prefer the layout of the apps in a circle at watch face perimeter on the Samsung than the vertical layout on the Founder.

Features:  I much prefer Samsung health app (S Health) over Fossil Q.  It helps that Gear S3 has a heart rate monitor and GPS which is able to provide a lot more health tracking.  Overall, the health capabilities of the Samsung are far superior to the Founder 2.0.

Notifications:  The way the incoming notifications scroll and display are much nicer and smoother on the Gear S3.

Battery:  The battery life per charge is much longer with the S3 and the charger is easier to use.

What do I like more about the Founder 2.0?

Bezel:  I prefer the smooth bezel of the Founder than the grooved bezel of the S3 Classic.

The strap:  Frankly, the leather strap that comes with the Gear S3 is thick and not nearly as comfortable as the Fossil leather straps.

Gmail:  I like the gmail interface more on Android Wear than Gear watches primarily because I can compose new emails on Android Wear and not on the Samsung watch.

App Selection:  Because there are so many smartwatches using Android Wear for its operating system, there are a ton of apps for Android Wear… more so than for the Samsung Gear watches.

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