32 Different Types of Belt Buckles

Find out if you're wearing the right buckle for your outfit with this list of the different types of belt buckles that make leather belts a fashion statement and are integral to men's fashion.

A belt with Vintage gold cowboy buckle on it.

Leather belts are some of the most popular items in the world since the leather industry is responsible for revenue of $53.8 billion USD worldwide each year. This means that leather belts are certainly a common accessory but you can always use belt buckles to stand out from the pack.

Belts with buckles are designed to be a huge fashion statement. They need to be worn in the right way with the right outfit to make the intended statement though. Belts aren’t just accessories but are also an essential part of the outfit you have on. They are a necessary requirement that you should properly think about before purchasing.

Since the buckle at the end of the belt is so integral to men’s fashion, you should learn more about the different types of belt buckles that are available in the market. We have compiled a list of about 30 different buckle types that you can incorporate into your wardrobe pretty easily.

1. Screw Closure Buckles

Dickies Men's Big and Tall Leather Classic Casual Belt, Black, 2X (Waist: 46)
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A screw closure is a type of belt buckle that has a screw bar closure. This buckle style is intended for efficient and fast screw and unscrew. The support provided by such belts is sufficient to hold up your pants all day long. This type of belt is also really popular and commonly used all over the world. You can get a genuine leather belt but many companies have also started making cruelty-free belts with screw closure buckles. You can wear such belts at causal and formal events.

2. Clamp Closure

Men's 1 1/4" Clamp on Italian Leather Dress Belt, Black | 32/34
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The clamp closure is a belt buckle that comes in two main parts which are attached to the belt strap. One of the parts is bigger while the other is much smaller. The smaller one fits into the bigger one, securing the belt from falling. These types of belts are available in every sort of color, design, and fashion trend. The clamp style has a unique cut to fit design that looks best at formal events.

3. Stitch Closure

Dickies Men's 100% Leather Jeans Belt with Stitch Design and Prong Buckle, brown, 32 (Waist: 30)
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A stitch closure belt is unique because the buckle comes in a beautiful woven style. It is definitely a classy style that allows you to adjust the texture of the belt if you want. This ensures that you are definitely comfortable even if you have to wear a belt all day long. The adjustable belt size and the unique design ensure that you will definitely look fantastic. You can wear these belts in casual and formal settings.

4. Tongue Buckles

Mens Belt, Autolock Genuine Leather Dress Belt Classic Casual 1 1/4" Wide Belt With Single Prong Buckle
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Tongue buckles are really unique designs with a metal pin and loop. You can secure the belt by pushing the pin through the holes in the belt and pushing the leather strap through the loop. Some classic tongue buckles also have a prong attached to the bar which slides through the holes in the belt strap. Other conventional buckles have a bar, prongs, and a frame. These come together to ensure that you can close the buckle easily and it’s a reliable fit. This ensures that you can wear such buckles every day. This belt is available in two main types: single tongue and double tongue.

Single Tongue

1 1/2" (38 mm) Nickel Free Single Prong Square Belt Buckle, Antique Brass
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The single tongue buckle only has one prong which is attached to one side of the belt. The belt is fastened and opened on one side only. You can also use the prong to tighten the belt by securing it to one end of the frame. You can wear these belts at formal and casual events with ease and comfort.

Double Tongue

COPPER Belt Buckle - Double Tongue - Pure Solid Copper - Custom Made in the USA
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The double tongue belts have prongs on both sides of the belt. These buckles are unique because the two prongs are designed to hold the belt from the other side. The double side of the buckles also ensures that you have a really great grip. They are usually available in all sorts of colors and finishes, which means that you won’t have trouble finding the right buckle for casual and formal events.

5. Double Side

Men's Belt, Bulliant Leather Reversible Belt 1.25",One Belt Reverse for 2 Colors
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The double side belts are really different from single belts that people normally use when they are at the store. It has a really distinguished that can make any casual outfit look perfect. There are many designs that you can get to add a punch to the wearer’s whole look. The doubled sided buckle is usually worn on causal belts.

6. Reversible

Men's Leather Reversible Belt Top Grain Italian Leather Classic Finish Black & Tan Size 38
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The reversible belt has two different colors on either side of the belt, usually black and brown. You can wear the belt either way and secure it comfortably. Most people do not wear them on formal occasions since they may not look as distinguished as others. If you don’t plan on buying many belts, this can be a great option for you.

7. Double Ring Buckles

Canvas Web Belt Double D-Ring Buckle 1.5" Wide with Metal Tip Solid Color (Black M)
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Belts with double ring buckles have two loops at one end of the belt strap. These are usually tied, especially those that come in D shapes. They are positioned in a way that makes it easy to tie the belt securely around the waist. These unisex belts are a really fun type of fashion accessory and are usually worn only with casual outfits.

8. Auto Grip Buckles

Marino Men’s Genuine Leather Ratchet Dress Belt With Automatic Buckle, Enclosed in an Elegant Gift Box - Bijou Thread Ratchet Belt - Black - Adjustable from 28" to 44" Waist
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The auto grip buckle is famous for the stylish grip style the belt has. The buckles are created in such a way that they have a really great ability to secure the belt. You won’t have to worry about wearing this belt anywhere since they have such a good grip. These belts are usually worn with casual outfits.

9. Military Buckle

Canvas Web Belt Military Style with Antique Brass Buckle and Tip 50" Long (Olive)
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Military belts don’t have any holes in the strap itself. It has plastic strips that are directly sewn on the inside of the belt. The other side of the buckles is usually opened by pressing the release buttons on the sides of the belt. You will also be able to adjust the length of the belt according to your preferences. These casual belts aren’t usually worn on formal occasions.

10. Clip Buckle

1½" Plastic Quick Release, Buckle Clip, Side Release, w/Webbing Slide, 2 Piece Set
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The clip buckle belts are designed like dished plates that fall flat on at the ends. The belt can be tightened using the bar at one end of the belt and the hook that is attached to the other end of the belt. There are three bars that you can use to adjust the fitting of the belt according to your preferences. These types of belts are usually associated with cowboy outfits. This buckle adds a novelty look to the outfit that fits casual situations.

11. Wrestling Buckle

JK Trading Men's Wrestling Mexican Lucha Libre Belt Buckle
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Anyone can recognize the unique designs of wrestling buckles that have a plate fixed to the belt. The buckle is basically designed like a dish that can be appealing to many. The belt is secured using the multiple snaps that exist on both sides of the belt, which ensures that the belt won’t move no matter what kind of activity you are doing. These metal buckles are usually worn in casual settings only.

12. Auto Buckles

BOSTANTEN Men's Leather Ratchet Dress Belt with Automatic Buckle Wide 1 3/8,Trim to Fit
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This men’s belt is usually worn for an efficient and quick release. There are two types of auto lock buckles: auto press buckles and auto-lock.

Auto Lock Buckle

Men's Genuine Leather Belt- Ratchet Black Dress Belt for Men with Automatic Buckle. (Up to Size 46, Black belt with Buckle #01)
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There is an array of teeth which are sewn onto the underside of the leather strap. The tab of the buckle is designed to engage with the teeth in a way that it locks in. It works in a similar way to a zip tie basically.

The release system is also really unique. A release mechanism is attached to the belt strap and is combined with a button. When the button is pressed, the belt strap comes free from its closed position. The belt is designed to fit perfectly every time and is usually worn in formal situations.

Auto Press Buckles

Ratchet Belt for Men, QISHI YUHUA Slide Men's Belt with Genuine Leather 1 3/8,Trim to Fit - Black,137-L
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The second type of automatic buckle is called the auto press buckle. It locks automatically but doesn’t have any teeth sewn on. The buckle itself is designed in such a way that the lock mechanism is built right into it. You can use it to adjust the belt to your preferred fit size. You can also release the belt by simply pressing on the buckle to make it come free. It is usually worn on formal occasions and adds a little pizzazz to the outfit.

13. Pin Buckle

Full-grain Leather Belt For Men Top Quality, pin buckle, for 32"-34"/BLACK XXS
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This type of buckle has a pin and loop on the back of it. You can slide the belt through the hoop itself to secure it onto your waist. The pin hooks through the notches that are made on the belt strap and snap the belt into place. These types of buckles are really common for formal events since the simple look looks really elegant.

14. Flip Closure Buckles

Military Style Flip Top Belt Replacement Buckles 1.25 Width (Black)
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Flip Closure buckles are also known as flip-top belts since the top of the buckle actually flips. The flip flop mechanism has teeth on the underside of the belt which holds the fashion accessory into place. These buckles are usually made on fabric belts instead of leather. This is one of the main reasons why they aren’t considered formal belts but worn with casual outfits.

15. Self Defense Buckles

Ottoza Custom Handmade Dark Brown Right Hand Leather Knife Sheath for Tracker Knife - Bushcraft Knife - Hunting Knife - Survival Knife - Fixed Blade Knives Horizontal Scout/Cow - Buffalo Leather No:37
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This buckle is designed to do more than just hold your pants up. The self-defense buckle is designed to hold a hidden knife securely. In emergency situations, it can be a really helpful form of defense. It acts as a way to carry your knives securely. If you are planning on going camping, hiking, survival retreats or hunting, these buckle types can come in handy.

16. Automatic Locking Splice Buckle

The buckle for the automatic locking splice design joins the belt strap through a unique interlocking mechanism. The buckle uses the mechanism of recessions and projections which run through the belt and the buckle to join with the strap. These types of buckles are usually reserved for events like weddings but can be worn in casual situations as well.

17. Military Utility Buckle

1.25 Inch Nylon Web Belt with Adjustable Buckle, Unisex (X-Small, Black)
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The Military utility buckle has plenty of belt loops that you can use to hang your essential survival gear from. The buckle is designed to fit snugly across the waist so that you can go for hikes, camping, or hunting without worrying. The mechanism is the same as an auto-lock buckle. It is also used as a fashion accessory at times and worn in casual situations.

18. Automatic Latch Buckle

Men's Comfort Genuine Leather Ratchet Dress Belt with Automatic Click Buckle Black Style 04
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The automatic latch buckle has a protuberance on one end of the belt. This is inserted into the other end of the belt and locks automatically. Such buckles are really convenient to use since you don’t have to worry about looping them. They are really efficient belts that you can wear with casual wear.

19. Webbing Buckle

5pcs 1" (25.5mm) Webbing Cam Buckles Plastic Black Toggle Clip Backpack Straps FLC011-A3
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The webbing buckle contains a kind of loop. The belt has a non-buckle end that can be put through the other one at the opposite end. It is then bought back and fixed to tighten the belt. They are very easy to use as well since you can fix them very easily. The web belt buckle can be used every day with casual clothing since they have a very unique style. The belts come in many different patterns, fabrics, and designs, so you can easily pair them with any sort of outfit.

20. Clip-On Buckles

OKIl Modern Double Loops Ring Buckle Keyring Key Clip On Belt Leather Detachable Silver Keychain Gifts
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Clip-on buckles are really great for any kind of outfit that you have planned. All you need to do is slide them into place through the tail end of the belt. The buckle is then closed and holds the belt in place.

21. Clip Latch Buckle

These belts are rarely used for outfits but you can if you find a good one. They resemble airplane seat belts and are secured the same way. They are made with fabric instead of leather. There is a protuberance attached to one end of the belt. This is inserted into the other end so that the buckle can be closed. This secures the belt around your waist.

22. Rigger’s Belt

BLACKHAWK! 41CQ12BK Rigger's Belt with Cobra Buckle, Up to 41", Black
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The belt has a non-buckle end that is put through the buckle attached to the opposite end of the belt. It is then brought back and put through the buckle again through the separate top slider. You can pull the belt as tight as you need for your desired fit. Such belts are usually worn with casual outfits since they are usually made with fabric.

23. Designer Military Buckles

IJKXLK Top Leather Belts Men Designer Military Strap Male Wide Pin Buckle For Jeans Black no gift box 110cm
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The military buckle comes in many different forms. The buckle comes in many different designs that are embossed into the metal tip. You can buy your very own custom made buckle as well, which is perfect for making a statement. This way, you can actually inculcate your personal sense of style and fashion.

24. Dress Belts

Filgate Men's Leather Ratchet Dress Belt - Genuine Leather Belt for Men - with Automatic Buckle,Elegant Gift Box Black 30"-46"
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Finding the right dress belt can be really hard but you can’t go wrong with a nice sleek leather belt. You will find many designer brands making custom belt buckles for such belts, which can be a great way to make a statement. They are elegant belts that look perfect at formal events.

25. Frame-Style Belt Buckle

Frame-style belt buckles are designed to showcase the belt itself. The buckle frames the belt from the outside. There is a prong that you have to insert into one of the notches on the belt to secure it. You will find many different designs, even complete metal belts.

Frame-style buckles are some of the most traditional designs since they are one of the oldest designs. The oldest styles have D-shaped frames or simple loops. The center post and double-loop buckles styles were also popular in the 8th century. Such buckles are also created in very small sizes for shoes.

26. Plate Buckles

SpecCast Brand Ford Oval Diamond Plate Buckle Belt Buckle - 09119
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Plate-style buckles look really unique since you can get them in different designs and elements. They go well with leather belts and are perfect for people who want to make a statement. They are flat buckles that comb over the belt strap. You can secure them to tighten the belt according to the size you want.

Such buckles were commonly seen in western military belts in the mid-19th century. These western style belts have three-hook clasps where two hooks were attached to one end of the belt and one to the other. Many officers used to wear such belts before they evolved into hinged frames with one simple prong hook clasp.

27. Box Frame Buckles

Box-frame buckles are a fairly recent invention since they became common in the 20th century. They come in common and webbed formats. They have three parts: front, back, and post. The captive post is adjustable and sits perpendicular to the belt. You can press it against the outer box of the belt which surrounds the webbing. It also minimizes any accidental adjustments that can occur when belts snag on something. The belts can also come with metal tips on the opposite end of the belt so that you can secure the belt easily.

28. Snap Buckles

Quick Snap Buckles Flat Side Plastic Buckles (10-Pack), Black with Quick Release Mechanism- 1.25x2.65 Inches – Suitable for Crafts & DIY
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Snap belts are really easy to use and efficient belts. They go with most strap and webbing kinds and are designed to ensure that you can even remove them with one hand. They have a very smooth release mechanism that goes well with people who don’t want flimsy buckles. Many of these buckles are available in plastic, which makes them a really durable accessory option. You can wear them with casual clothing.

29. Cowboy Belt Buckles

MASOP Vintage Western Cowboy Rodeo Rectangle Cattle Cow Head Belt Buckle Men
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Cowboy belt buckles are a popular type of buckle. They are clasps that are used to fasten two ends of the belt or straps securely across the waist. These used to be the most popular types of buckles in the Southern United States since many cowboys used to wear them. The strap can be made from cowhide, while the buckles are often made from shiny metal. Many people use gold, silver, or brass to make big and shiny buckles.

This sort of belt wasn’t that popular throughout history. During the 1800s, most of the cowboys used to wear suspenders because they were more functional for the type of work they had to do on the ranches. However, later on, belt buckles became the signature look for cowboys.

30. Box Out Buckles

CHAOREN Leather Ratchet Belt Big and Tall 28"-60", Mens Belt Adjustable Slide 1 3/8"
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Box-out buckles are usually the belts we see and use today. They are often made from leather since that is durable but many companies also make cruelty-free versions that are made from synthetic materials. These belt buckles are more for fashion and less for the functionality of the belt. These types of belts became really popular after they were termed as a fresh and new look in Hollywood movies. This is why they now dominate the belt market as the most attractive belts. These belts can be used at formal events and parties, as well as casual outfits.


Every person should know about the different types of belts since each type is special in its own way. They are used for all sorts of outfits and events, which is why you must know where to wear each one of these. If you select the belt buckle carefully and put thought behind it, your outfit will definitely stand out from the crowd. This will help you create your own style and unique sense of fashion.

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