11 Fab Online Lingerie Stores

Buying lingerie is an incredibly personal decision. There are many options available to suit all tastes. If you enter into the wrong site, it could turn you off completely. It does not have to be that shocking. Check out this article to find a store that meets your interests.

Victoria's Secret store displaying lingerie sets.

There is something about wearing lingerie that makes you feel special and sexy. Buying lingerie should be a personal experience that makes you feel good. We all want to feel good about ourselves, and making this type of purchase can be incredibly beneficial.

There are a wide variety of all lingerie option and materials available to shoppers. No matter what you are searching for in intimate apparel, from a lacy little number to something more subtle, you can find it at one of the best lingerie stores online. Keep reading to find out more about the lingerie market.

Lingerie Stores Online

1. Journelle

This high-end lingerie store has everything you need to complete your look. Journelle offers a website, as well as carefully placed boutiques if you want to in a storefront. They offer a large selection of items from shapewear to fancy chemises in their lingerie collection.

They have items for your everyday life like silk pajamas and items for those special occasion needs. They carry loungewear, bodysuit options, and extras like a corset. They have wash bags and a special cleaner.

They even have a maternity and motherhood section, so no one is left out. This also proves that all women deserve sexy lingerie. They know how important it is to feel good about yourself at all times starting with your undergarments.

They carry a wide range of products from many designers, including their own line. The size will never be an issue as they are offering cup sizes A through G for bras, and underwear is extra small to large. Some brands they sell do have limited size options.

Journelle has lingerie experts to help you find the best fit. They provide virtual fittings as well as in-store fittings. They have a complete bridal guide with the most complete bridal lingerie to make your special day and night everything you want it to be. This is a high-end store, and the prices reflect that.

2. Cosabella

This family-owned lingerie store prides themselves on their Italian based craftsmanship. Cosabella has been in business since the early 1980s when a husband and wife team opened this store. They focus on making high-quality products with the best materials available.

All of their items are crafted by hand in Italy and take hours to make. A thong can take as many as 10 hours to finish. They have designs that stand the test of time. Many celebrities sing the praises of Cosabella. They have a wide selection of bras, from training bras to nursing bras. They have bodysuits, bustiers, robes, shapewear, slips, and panties in every silhouette.

Their selection comes in a wide variety of sizes, with bras cups going up to F and lingerie in sizes 1x to 3x. They have curvy, petite, and extended-size collections. They have stylists ready and willing to help with any questions throughout the weekday.

You can call, text, or email them with any questions. They provide a discount to military and first responders. Cosabella has a loyalty program. Every time you shop, you receive points, which can be turned into a discount. You can also can a sneak preview of new collections.

3. Adore Me

Adore Me is a brand that provides quality lingerie directly to the consumer. The intent of this is to provide affordable and fashionable options to their customers. They want to provide lingerie to their customers at a price that works for them. Their goal is to meet the needs and wants of all women regardless of shape and size. Most of their styles range from a 30A to 46 G, so there is sure to be the right size for you.

Adore Me provides quality collections that include corsets, garters, bras and panty sets, a bralette, swimwear, and so much more. They have over 600 lingerie set options that have a starting price as low as $24.95. They provide their customers everyday options, as well as trendy selections and sexy options.

They offer a subscription box on a monthly basis. For a low price of $39.95, you are sent the Elite Box of lingerie that has been selected specifically for you. You are able to try it on in the privacy and comfort of your home and send back whatever you do not like. You only pay for theĀ items you keep. If that does not interest you, they offer a VIP membership that gets you sets at a discounted rate.

The VIP membership has a monthly fee, and then you pay a discounted rate for your sets. If you plan to buy a large amount of lingerie on a regular basis, this could be for you. If you only buy a piece or two once in a while, this may not be the option you want.

4. Eres

Eres offers a more simplistic and minimalist style to lingerie. Lace and cutouts are perfect for those who love that look. For those that want a more subtle but sexy look. If this is more your lingerie style, Eres has exactly what you need.

This is a French brand that has a less is more approach to lingerie. The colors are pastels and muted. They have lace panels and mesh that is not lined, but they do not have the high cuts that some other brands offer.

The Eres brand looks like it is thin and delicate, but it is still durable enough for everyday wear. The bras offer a moderate amount of support, with or without an underwire. The bra size options are not that broad. Eres offerings are expensive, but if they are cared for properly, they will last quite a while.

Each item is handmade. They offer free standard delivery, and all returns are free. Your order comes with a prepaid return label to make it easier if you need to return or exchange your items in the first 30 days of purchase. They also offer next-day delivery if you need your items right away.

5. Savage + Fenty

Savage + Fenty is Rihanna’s line of lingerie. This is the line of lingerie that has been said to have changed the game. This line is well respected and loved by many. This brand offers affordable prices that anyone can own.

Even though it is Rihanna’s line, the prices are incredibly reasonable, providing you affordable lingerie. They are bold and sexy, including prints. The bras and sexy underwear support you exactly where you need them to. They offer corsets, thongs, and teddies. Their items offer a wide selection from simple to the most elegant lace bralette.

Savage + Fenty is accessible to most everyone with cup sizes that cup up to H and lingerie that is up to 3XL. They offer simple and understated items to the racist you can imagine. They even offer crotchless panties if that interests you. You can always find sales on the website, even though their prices are incredibly affordable.

Savage + Fenty offers a VIP program that has a monthly membership fee. This provides you discounts with every shopping trip and access to specials, including VIP boxes. The website highlights Rihanna’s pick, so you know what she likes. Her presence is well placed on the website. You know this is hers, and she is proud of her brand.

6. La Perla

La Perla is a lingerie brand unto itself. They offer baby doll dresses and the most delicate lace bralettes. No matter what you want, La Perla has it for you. La Perla has been around for quite a while and worked hard to earn its solid reputation. They are also known for the high cost. Over the years, La Perla has created some items for a wider price point range. It is dependent on the style. Some items are coming with a hefty price tag.

La Perla continues to be committed to ethical sources for their material. They are focused on sustainability. La Perla offers classic styling that you will still love 20 years from now. They are not the best place for trend-setting pieces. They have a wide range of options, from loungewear to beach cover-ups to thongs.

Whether you are looking for your next favorite lacy bra or garter belt, they have it all. Remember, you will pay a hefty price for their items. If you are not interested in breaking the bank, this may not be the best website for you, even though they have gorgeous items.

7. Anya Lust

Anya Lust is an appropriately named store. Their products looked like they have stepped out of a fantasy. Most of their items are covered in lace and silk. They are many see-through options, including a full-body see-through catsuit. Anya Lust is creating an idea with their lingerie. It is not just about looking good and feeling good; it is about creating an experience.

They see their lingerie as art. The store offers a nice mix of their own designs combined with other designers. Anya Lust is also heavily focused on luxury. They have silk robes, mesh teddies, and sensual bra and panty collections.

They offer a wide selection of sizes, so you are sure to find the perfect fit. Most of their bras have a cup size up to F, and their lingerie has sizes from extra small to 4x. They offer collections dedicated to certain interests. They have bondage play, honeymoon, and even role-playing. Whatever your interest, Anya Lust is sure to have something to fit.

They do not stop there. They offer an abundance of resources on their website, too. They know that the clothes are only a piece to feeling sensual. They offer classes, artwork, and literature. They even have bath products and candles to help you set the mood. They want to be your one-stop for all your sensual needs

. Their website has an outlet section where you can find items at a discounted price. They believe in providing assistance to women and girls across the globe. They support the Free the Girls campaign and encourage you to send in your new or gently used bras to help the campaign.

8. Free People

Free People provide comfortable everyday wear for the cool kid in all of us. They provide the ability for their customers to mix and match the lingerie pieces. They offer lace bras and underwear sets. If vintage style is your thing, Free People has throwback styles with high-waisted briefs and bras that are two-toned. They do not stop there as they offer the boldest colors, including lime green. Their wide array of colors is sure to please everyone.

Free People offers an affordable price tag with stunning options. They do not have the best sizing options, though. If you are outside of what they consider a typical size, this may not be the right option for you.

They offer extra small to extra large, which translates to cup sizes B through DD. Their items are reasonably priced, and you can replace your entire lingerie drawer without going broke. They offer more than just lingerie, including jeans, dresses, jackets, and so much more.

They have a wide variety of bras, including bandeau, halter bra, and a combination of a bra and cami, calling a brami. Free People even offered crocheted options. They offer regular shipping for free on all orders. They also provide free returns if you are not happy with your selection. If you spend over $150, they offer free express shipping.

9. Agent Provocateur

Agent Provocateur offers you classic style and must-have product options. They have sexy offerings that you will not find at any other store. They have bra and panty options that you can match up or wear separately if you choose. Agent Provocateur items are on the more expensive side, depending on what you purchase. They do have some more affordable options.

They offer accessories such as body chains, chokers, cuffs, and playsuits. No matter what interests you, this site has it all. Agent Provocateur provides gift wrapping complimentary to all customers. They offer worldwide delivery, but express delivery is only available in certain areas. They offer free returns for all items that are purchased online. If you purchase an item in their store, you can exchange the item for another size.

10. Hanky Panky

Hanky Panky offers a wide range of underwear choices. They offer a significant amount of lingerie. They have boyshorts, thongs, g-strings, and bikini options. They offer slips, teddies, baby doll outfits, and bodysuits. These products aim to make you feel sexy and confident when you are wearing these clothes.

They have solid basics to make sure you have your everyday needs are met. You can then build on top of those basic needs. They offer solid colors that are nowhere near plain. They offer designs such as florals and leopard prints.

Hanky Panky is 100 percent employee-owned. They have been in business since the early 1970s, and they have been setting the standard ever since. The owners of Hanky Panky pride themselves on the quality of the materials.

They are not willing to accept anything but the best. Hanky Panky offers affordable prices for their items. They also offer an option of three for $48, where the customer can mix and matching panty options. This option provides a significant amount of savings when you use this option.

11. Bare Necessities

Bare Necessities is one of the largest lingerie selections you will find online. They are not short of options in just about every size. They provide the perfect balance of exposure and coverage with sheer bottoms. They offer a bra finder to make it easy to find your next favorite option. Bare

Necessities are always offering sales and free shipping. There is literally every possible on their website. This may be the only website you need to visit to get everything you need. Their items are reasonably priced and cover a wide range of interests. They have a clearance shop for even better prices. They are always available via chat with an expert to help you find the perfect match.


How Do I Find the Right Size of Lingerie For Me?

When you are looking for the right size for lingerie, there are a few different measurements you can take. You can measure your bust to get a part of the number. You want to measure the fullest part of your hips, which is about 8 inches under your natural waist.

This spacing differs based on your height. It could be 6 inches to 9 inches. You should also take your waist measurement, as well as your torso measurement. You get your torso measurement by holding the measuring tape at your shoulder and loop it through your legs and back up to your shoulder. All of these measurements are critical for various pieces of lingerie.

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