27 of the Best Online Hat Stores

We take our hats off to these 27 of the best online hat stores which offer a huge selection of cool hats and caps for men, women and children.

A woman wearing an aquamarine wide-brimmed hat.

Hats date back as far as 15000 B.C. The smallest recorded hat was measured two inches by four inches and was worn on top of a man’s wig during the 18th century. The inventor of the top hat, John Hetherington, paid 50 pounds sterling after he was arrested for supposedly scaring people off when he first wore the top hat in 1797.

Hats and caps remain popular even today. As of 2018, the hats and caps industry amounted to USD 5,518 million with the U.S. accounting for USD 7,381 million. Although the market is forecasted to grow annually at five percent, physical stores have suffered slow traffic.

The rise of online hat stores meant it’s more convenient for consumers to shop from home since they’re able to compare prices across products and websites and even get discounts or better deals.

List of Online Hat Stores

A variety of different hats on display.

1. Lids.ca

Boasting an impressive amount of stock, Lids focuses its efforts on providing sports fans with hat designs that fall under dozens of topics and sports types, ranging from MLB wear all the way down to kids little league sportswear. Prices are decent, and the variety of headwear you can purchase is enormous. Lids also offer customers the chance to purchase clothing on a regular basis. The clothing is also sports themed.

2. Hats.com

Especially helpful for those who want to buy hats for an entire sports team or perhaps some other gathering, hats.com provides customers with the chance to buy headwear in bulk and even boasts that they’ll help you find a hat they don’t list among their products. Shipping is free for orders above $75.

3. Amazon

Amazon has to make this list. It would be insane not to include the online shopping titan of today’s day and age. Amazon sells virtually anything, so of course, they’d have plenty of high-quality hats of an affordable nature. With Amazon Primes free shipping option, and of course free shipping when over $25 (May differ depending on the country of origin), buying a hat has never been so easy.

4. Hats Unlimited

Founded in 1994, Hats Unlimited is dedicated to its customers and only provides the highest quality headwear. They sell exclusively hats, of virtually all colors, designs, and sizes. They boast a whopping 10,000 hats among their inventory. Shipping is free when your cart goes over $75.

5. Village Hat Shop

Boasting an impressive inventory that’s built exclusively in the USA, the Village Hat Shop sells only hats. Their hats range from sports hats to cowboy hats. Shipping is free on all orders when the company lists its varying coupon codes. For a limited time, you can use the code “USAGROUND” to be eligible for free shipping. The company also allows you to speak with what they call their hat experts if you have any questions or concerns relating to buying any headwear.

6. Simons

Known for its quality products, Simons is a clothing store that sells practically every article of clothing you can think of. Whether you’re a man or a woman, a child, or an adult, Simons is a top-notch resource to use. Their other accessories include things like belts, suspenders, sunglasses, and even jewelry.

7. Hat Club

Boasting free shipping on orders over $49, the Hat Club is constantly getting new arrivals. They sell exclusively headwear that encompasses virtually every sports team and fits every possible style. From snapbacks to baseball caps, Hat Club has it all.

8. Big It Up

Selling only headwear, the company puts a new twist on retro and older hats. For the more hip and unique among us, check out Big It Up for anything from Fedoras to Top Hats. They have an entire sale section for those of us not willing to shell out hundreds of dollars and also have a sizing chart for those who are unsure or concerned about sizing.

9. Urban Outfitters

Urban Outfitters is known for its style and affordable price points. They sell basically everything clothing-wise, meaning they have an impressive cache of hats to choose from. The company also sells graphic tees, vintage clothing, jackets, bottoms, and virtually anything else you may want to express your style with.

10. The Bay

Another clothing store is known for not only its quality but its impressive price range as well. Whether you’re looking to spend $20 on a hat or $200, The Bay is the place to go. Besides hats, the company sells beautiful tops and bottoms, and outerwear to compensate for whatever element you may happen to live in. This includes winter wear as well as summer heat wear.

11. Magill Hats

Known exclusively for their impressive hats, Magill Hats is perhaps one of the best stores to buy Fedora and Furfelt hats online. They sell men’s and women’s hats, as well as Unisex and cowboy headwear. In regards to the makings of these hats, all headwear is handmade in Montreal and is designed by a passionate artist who only wants to help society and those among them express their own unique style.

12. Craigslist

Surprisingly enough, Craigslist is actually a really nice place to buy good headwear at a cheap price. Many customers have reported that they find vintage and retro hats from people who no longer have any use for them. Hats that may have been $30 – $120 brand new could be found anywhere from $3 – $30 on Craigslist, in very good condition as well. Ensure you give the hat a good wash before using it, you don’t want to risk lice!

13. Tilley

Free shipping on orders above $150, Tilley’s hats are known for their lightweight build, easily storable nature, and of course their rugged outdoor look. Meant for those who take long road trips or go horseback riding, Tilley hats are a phenomenal addition to any cowboys life. Their websites have hat sizes and even a Q&A for those who are confused about sizing or prices.

14. New Era Cap

Boasting free shipping on all orders, the company is known for its phenomenal customer service and of course their impressive lineup of sports-themed hats. Besides hats, the company sells bags and backpacks, as well as tools and soaps to effectively clean your hat without damaging it in any way or form. Unlike some of the other stores on this list, New Era Cap has an entire kids section with plenty of variety.

15. The Best Hat Store

A cowboy’s dream, The Best Hat Store often lives up to its name and provides its customers with amazing quality at a reasonable price. Unfortunately, due to the company’s newbie nature, their online stores are listed as coming soon, and are expected to be up and running in the next month or so. If you’re at all interested in anything cowboy, keep an eye out for the Best Hat Store on your trip back and forth from work.

16. Elina’s Hat Boutique

Boasting an impressive collection of hats imported straight from Italy, every hand is labeled as one of a kind. Elina’s Hat Boutique has been known for years to be the only Canadian hat store that directly imports from Italy. If that’s not awesome enough, every hat is guaranteed to be of expert craftsmanship and is made of only the best materials. Checking out Elina’s summer and winter collections is an opportunity that you don’t want to miss.

17. Goorin Bros

Do you want to embrace your style? Do you want to be bold and stand out in a crowd? If you answered yes to either of those two questions, you need to check out Goorin Bros immediately. Their hats are guaranteed to grant you style beyond belief, and recognition beyond comprehension. Free shipping on orders above $75 is a nice touch for a company that believes in only the best quality. Running smoothly since 1895, don’t miss your opportunity to check out this marvelous store.

18. Cray Sports

Boasting a unique inventory of German-style hats and other apparel, Cray Sports is the place to visit if you’re at all interested in modern style and professionalism wrapped together as one. Boasting new and inventive ideas, Cray Sports is definitely worth the time of day. Hats are their biggest seller and perhaps the majority of their stock, however, they sell an impressive line up of shoes as well.

19. Samuels Hats

Selling exclusive hats, their inventory ranges from designer hats to hats for church, along with everything in between. All hats are made and designed in the US, and you can actually get in contact with the designers for custom orders. As stated so often by Samuels Hats, their products are for those who are not only fascinators but also hatinators!

20. HatsnMore

Focusing specifically on college sports teams, this company sells virtually every hat you may be wanting to try on. Besides hats, HatsnMore sells novelty items like signs and heritage banners. All hats are authentic and are made of high-quality material. HatsnMore also boasts an impressive collection of sports-themed hats within the NHL, NBA, NFL, and more. You can even create a wish list of the caps you may want in your future!

21. Harricana

Up and running since 1918, Harricana is dedicated to selling high quality and stylish hats for practically any occasion. All hats are handmade and constructed in Canada. The shop also sells sunglasses and various gifts of continually changing content. Harricana offers warranties and of course, services to maintain your hat’s quality and well-being.

22. Blue Jays Shop

Can’t leave this one out! Are you a massive Blue Jay’s fan? Well get on over to the Blue Jays Shop and browse through their in-depth inventory of headwear. They even sometimes have online auctions and sell hats that the players have worn. All prices are in Canadian dollars. The shop also sells higher brands of headwear as well, all with Blue Jays logos of course.

23. Biggar Hat Store

With an impressive country style hat inventory, you won’t be disappointed if you’re expecting a twist up of modern fashion and old-school country. Biggar Hat Store allows you to order custom hats and even comes with custom hat shapes and sizes. Visit their Facebook page for further details.

24. New York Hat Co.

For everything New Yorker style, New York Hat Co. is the place to check out. Everything from camp and military hats to hip knits and beanies can be found on their online stores. Shipping is free when your cart goes above $100. It’s specifically noted on their website that all deliveries are shipped from their New York warehouse to ensure that top-notch quality and expert customer service can be guaranteed.

25. Sport Chek

Known for its high-quality sportswear, Sport Chek sells excellent quality hats at great prices. It’s important to note that the majority of their hats are for sports and outdoors only, rather than modern designs. Sport Chek also sells all things workout clothing, as well as bikes, boards, bows, and winter gear.

26. NBA Store

Boasting an impressive catalog of sports-themed hats, you can get logos for every NBA team. The company displays a %20 promotion for orders above $25 and a %25 promotion for orders above $50. The NBA Store also sells shoes, shirts, and jerseys for those who want the entire ensemble to match. Use the promo code “UPICK” for access to even greater deals.

27. Hats by the Hundred

Known as Australia’s number one hat store since the 1980s, Hats by the Hundred displays hats of a country and vintage fashion. Besides the hats, they sell sunglasses and other various accessories. They even have full kid sections, unlike a few other mentions on this list. Not only that, but they stand out above the rest as a company that provides videos in regard to how their hates are made.

The videos display the structural integrity of the headwear and even an interesting look into how handmade hates are made. A notable mention for Hats by the Hundred is that they have a 60-day return policy, so if you don’t like what you get, return it! Shipping is free upon returns!

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