17 Different Types of Fashion Jobs

Consider stepping into the world of fashion which is a large booming industry with plenty of fashion-related professions to choose from apart from fashion designing and modelling.

Woman on her working desk facing the glass windows illuminated by sunlight.

When people think about fashion, the common profession that comes in mind is fashion designing or modeling. However, people that are in fashion can do much more than just the traditional designing of clothes.

There are jobs in fashion where individuals can analyze shoes, accessories, clothing, and the latest trends. They have the power to develop and choose design concepts or take the help of computer aided programs so they can create unique, never-seen-before designs.

People that are in fashion marketing and fashion merchandising have a job that requires them to visit different retailers so they can buy pieces of their clothing line. On the other hand, visual designers aesthetically arrange photos so they can be published in newspapers, fashion magazines and blogs.

Moreover, people in the fashion industry can work for different fashion-related organizations as well. While some are employed by shoes, accessory and clothing manufacturers, others are working as wholesalers, at design firms, theaters or with dance companies. Some even work for popular fashion magazines while others positively critique the latest trends as a social media influencer.

Since many people believe that working in fashion only has to do with sewing and stitching, they refrain from stepping foot into this –somewhat- daunting industry. Luckily, this article takes a deeper look into the types of fashion jobs that can easily help any individual decide what career would be the best option for them.

Textile Designer

Woman scanning different textiles colors.

A textile designer is the original mastermind behind everything, the one that makes sure all the patterns are put to mark and in demand. They have the expertise of creating 2D patterns onto different fabrics, wallpapers, vinyl floorings, upholstery, carpeting, and almost any other kind of textile you can think of.

Even though this job seems a little more on the creative side, it can be quite technical. A well-educated textile designer should have deep knowledge and understanding of all the different physical productions related to textures. This would include knowing the different kinds of fibers, dyes, printing styles, weaving looks, and everything else related to this field.

Textile designers usually work under textile manufacturers. However, recently, fashion designers have started employing textile designers as well. This is so these designers can create custom pieces for their lines.

Pattern Makers

Two young men working on a pattern maker.

A pattern maker is a creative genius who has the ability to take a 2D design plan and convert it into a 3D –physical- garment. Pattern makers are one of the most essential parts of any production. It is the pattern makers job to draw a clear image of a pattern so that the sewing team can follow it to the dot without wasting fabric, material and time.

If the pattern is not drafted accurately, it can lead to a great loss for a brand as it will waste money, material, fabric, and time. Apart from this, it is also the pattern makers job to make sure there are no mismatched patterns being released, the positioning of buttons is correct, no pockets are falling off, and no thread is breaking off. With all these things in check, a pattern maker can proceed with their next task.

Costume Designer

A designer drawing a female model's apparel.

It is the job of a costume designer to create something that expresses the personality of each character while providing the essence of a certain film, play, opera, or a television show.

Costume designers have to take the outfit’s budget, the complexity of the project, and the time period in mind when they are designing the costume. Sometimes, the costume is made from scratch, while at other times the costume is created by putting together already existing pieces of clothing.

It is said and believed that the best costume designers have to be enthusiastic researchers of history, not just fashion history. When it comes to a character on screen, the clothes he or she is wearing are what gives the true essence to the viewer. The right costume aids in telling the story as well. A costume helps tell the audience everything a character is feeling on their exterior while giving subtle hints of what their internal conflicts can be.

Design Assistant

Tall female model wearing a brown jacket, a brown skirt and a pair of black boots.

A design assistant is considered as the worker bee of any boutique or fashion workshop. A fashion designer is responsible for coming up with the vision for his or her brand, but the job of a design assistant is to take care of everything else.

This could mean, the design assistant has to make patterns, stitch garments, do model fittings, find fabrics, supervise the production workers, go to trade shows, keep a track of samples, manage the outlook of the boutique, and coordinate schedules.

Being a design assistant does not always mean they are an underdog. As a matter of fact, when Alexander McQueen died, his assistant was made the new creative director of the fashion house.

Editorial Assistant

Left-handed woman writing down on a white paper in front of a laptop.

An editorial assistant has the chance to get first hand, hands-on experience of how to plan, create, and publish a fashion magazine from the first page to the last. However, just because they are working with the production of a magazine, it does not mean this job is easy.

An editorial assistant needs to be extremely organized and he or she should love working on a schedule. They need to have the stamina to work nonstop while making sure all their deadlines are being made. Lastly, this person should have an excellent grasp of grammar and have excellent communication skills.

The Buyers

Man in t-shirt looking at a computer screen.

Fashion buyers are the individuals who are responsible for keeping the sales floors stocked with accessories and clothing that are in demand. Although, this sounds like an easy, quick task, presenting the right kind of clothes can be risky.

A fashion buyer needs to use their sixth sense in determining what consumers want to get their hands on. What this means is that during the winter time, they have to decide what types of clothing would be in demand during the summer heat and then just hope that everything goes according to their plan.

Apart from doing the job of seeing the future (in a way), a fashion buyer has to make clothes practical. They have to take inspiration from high end fashion shows and turn the clothes into something that would be wearable, practical, and mass produced for people to purchase.

Buyers are also data analysts. The success of a fashion buyer does not only rest in their good taste of clothing, but it is also important for them to have a high sell-through rate. They have to study sales records, work with sales forces, and make sure their department or store is doing well in terms of selling clothes at their original price rather than putting them up for sale.

Fashion Journalist

Woman on a round table working on a laptop.

Fashion journalists are the individuals that have the creative minds to write about everything going on in the fashion industry. It is the job of a fashion journalist to be vocal, well articulated and witty with what they are writing. Since we are living in a modern era, this critique must be fresh yet positive.

Fashion Publicist

Woman with a curly hair putting a paper on a board.

It is the job of the fashion publicist to create and maintain a positive image for their brand. They have to build good relationship influencers, celebrities, editors and journalists to make sure their

brand name stays in front of the public eye. They are also responsible for creating public relations. It is safe to say that a fashion publicist is half director and half crisis manager. They are the ones that take care of the guest lists during events, they formulate seating charts for events, they manage the release of news and they are the mastermind behind giveaways.

The most important task for a fashion publicist is to get their brand the most press. This is done by making sure prominent actors are seen wearing their brand’s clothing on red carpets or making sure their products are being featured in shows and films. Moreover, they make the fashion designer talk about their brand by appearing on television or their interview in a fashion magazine.

Fit Model

Woman in a white t-shirt measuring a fit model.

With the required measurements, it is possible for an individual to become a fit model. A fit model is basically a human mannequin for manufacturers of clothing. Before releasing any piece of clothing, the designer will put the clothes on the human mannequin to see if the piece is flattering and compare the proportions with other humans.

It is not necessary that only size 0 or girls who look like life-sized Barbie dolls can be fit models. A fit model is chosen by the size measurements provided by the manufacturer. Moreover, it is the job of the fit model to let the designer know how the outfit feels. The fabric should be comfortable and practical.

Personal Stylist

Blonde woman wearing a white shirt adding a note on a board.

A fashion stylist is the wizard with a keen eye that puts together pieces of clothing so a brand can look incredible and a celebrity can make a show-stopping appearance at events and red carpets. A stylist does not only gain popularity and fame by making a celebrity look gorgeous, but he or she has to do so much more.

Personal stylists collaborate with fashion photographers, art directors, and design teams to create a vision for a brand or individual. At the same time, they have to make sure every piece of clothing looks amazing and it must be of high quality.

Hair Stylist

Beautiful woman getting a hairstyle from a male hairstylist.

It is okay to wonder how a hair stylist can work in the fashion industry. The reason is that hair stylists are the ones that have the ability to create the mood for what an advertisement, editorial page or fashion show should look like for a fashion designer.

How the hair is styled for a fashion show can either draw attention towards the designer’s garments or take the attention away. If the concept remains unclear, think about a Victoria’s Secret fashion show without the angels having voluminous, beautiful hair. Moreover, it is necessary for hair stylists (that was to work on an editorial level) to be flexible and extremely motivated.

Makeup Artist

Beautiful brunette getting a makeup from a female makeup artist.

Just like a hair stylist, a makeup artist has an important job when it comes to giving the image to a brand and their story. Most commonly, editorial makeup is supposed to complement the star clothing item or it should be flattering on the person that is wearing it. However, now,  there is a new trend in which the makeup and accessories should be associated with the season so it can become a permanent part of the brand. This look can be considered the signature look of a brand as well.

Production Manager

Woman on a white shirt holding a notepad while scanning the store.

A fashion manager is considered as being the logistician of the fashion world. A production manager must be able to look past the process of making the clothing, textiles, and patterns. The sole job of a production manager is to work with a store team or supplier that can make sure the quality of their products is up to mark.

Apart from keeping a constant check on the quality of the products, the production managers need to be able to supervise the supply chain and see how the work is going. It is their responsibility to make sure all the clothes are being made on their deadline, they must be budget friendly, and all ethical labor standards must be followed.

Being a production manager is very technical and high pressure. Since these individuals are the individuals behind fixing any issues related to productions, it is important for them to be tech-savvy, they must possess great communication skills, and be smart with scheduling and budgets.

Retail Store Manager

If an individual wants to open their own store in the future, it is important for them to gain first-hand experience on how it works. Being able to manage a store is important for individuals so they know how everything works while getting a raw insight into how the fashion world works.

A good store manager has the ability to determine what will sell and why it will sell, along with how they can increase the sales of the brand. With a keen eye, knowing what the clients are searching for, and understanding the requirement for each season, a good store manager can easily increase sales by a hefty number.

When a retail store manager gains great expertise in their field, they get promoted. However, it is important for the manager to be careful as there are a few deceptions happening with this career option.

Retail Sales Clerk

Man on a denim shirt holding a notepad while checking the merchandise in the store.

A job as a retail sales clerk is often seen as a minimum wage job for teens that need extra cash, when in reality, this job can be quite fun and lucrative. Although it may start off as a low paying job, as time goes on, it is possible for retail sales clerks to earn a handsome amount of salary, possibly a six-figure one. The only thing that needs to be done for this to happen is that the threshold should be kept high.

Art Director

A young and beautiful woman posing for a photo shoot.

It is the art director’s job to make sure the visual aesthetics of a product are top notch. An art director working in the fashion industry commonly works for fashion magazines, retailers, and sometimes even in public relation firms.

It is important for them to be able to distinguish what types of photographs and imagery will help sell their product successfully. An art director can be a fashion photographer, editorial photographer, graphic designer, creative direction, and graphic artist.

Social Media Assistant

Woman on a laptop while checking her phone.

The fashion world is always looking at images for inspiration and marketing, which is why it is normal for everyone in the fashion related world to be aware of social media. Whether it is a high-end fashion brand or a start-up fashion showroom, social media is the most powerful tool that can be used for marketing.

The job of a social media assistant is to take photographs and describe them with fashion-related words. With the ability to have such communication skills, an individual can thrive in this field.

The traditional campaigns can cost a fashion brand thousands of dollars, which is why it is better to save that money and use social media as a means of marketing. It is true, social networking platforms have a high global reach, making it easier for the smallest companies to reach a large clientele.

It is important for a social media assistant to be a good fashion writer and have an aesthetic vision for what consumers want to see.


For those who are studying fashion and want to end up with a fashion career, it is important to take a look at all the different possibilities. By taking a look at all the options, an individual will be able to choose more carefully what field is ideal for them. Keep in mind, there is much more in fashion than just knowing the latest fashion trends or being aware of the latest fashion show.