What Shoes Go with a Maxi Skirt?

Let us show you how to pair your sexy boho chic maxi skirt with the right pair of shoes from wedge heels to boots and show you how to style them and the advantages to wearing them.

This is a close look at a woman wearing a pair of red pointy heels with her maxi skirt.

Maxi skirts suit multiple figures, can elongate the shorter ladies among us, and beautifully accentuate the height of us taller gals. They can be flowy or poofy, or drapey and are so versatile. You want one. Or you have one, but you can’t figure out how to pair it with the shoes you have? Here’s the good news. You can’t really go wrong.

Maxi skirts go with almost any shoes, from flat sandals to pointy heels, open-toed pumps to flip flops, and sneakers to boots. The critical element of pairing the two is that the shoes complement the style of the maxi skirt. 

They’re hot at the moment, both on celebrities and catwalks and on the streets and TikTok as well. To find out what those are and when you can wear them, as well as more about styling your maxi skirt and how they came into fashion, read on!

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What shoes can you wear with a maxi skirt?

Firstly, we should clarify what we mean by a maxi skirt. A maxi skirt is a long skirt that comes to either your ankles or else to your toes. So depending on the length, more or less shoe is exposed. Sometimes the skirts will have a side slit, exposing the top of higher shoes and some leg, which should also be taken into consideration. The longer the skirt, the leaner the line it will create, so if you’re shorter and it doesn’t quite reach the ground, you can use heels to add some height – a pair of wedges would also work.

These types of shoes all work with a maxi skirt:

Wedge heel

A close look at a woman wearing a pair of wedge heels that has golden straps.

You can either make a statement and expose it, or it can be the perfect way to add some hidden height under your skirt.


This is a close look at a woman wearing a red floral maxi skirt and a pair of white sneakers.

Running shoes or Converse, sneakers are bang on trend with pretty much anything, maxi skirts included. Pair your favorites with your maxi skirt to dress down the look.


This is a woman wearing a pink floral maxi skirt with her golden strappy heels.

Low or high, pointed or round toe, these will add even more height to your already elongated look and can dress up a maxi skirt for a wedding look or just a good night out.

Flat sandals or flip flops

A mother and daughter wearing patterned maxi skirts and sandals.

The fact that these will likely hardly be seen under your maxi skirt means that they won’t really make or break an outfit but will keep your look casual and comfortable.

Ballerinas or a flat slip-on

Also not likely that noticeable, depending on the length of your skirt, flat options are super comfortable, but elevate the look that much more than simply wearing sandals.

Flat boots

A close look at a woman wearing a blue patterned maxi skirt with her gray leather boots.

Try not to wear ankle boots, as these can be cut off at the same level as the skirt so that the hem of the skirt catches on the top of the boots and is just an awkward match. Go for something slightly higher up the ankle or leg, especially if there is a split in the skirt and a bit more of the boot is visible.

Heel boots

This is a woman wearing a floral maxi skirt with her black leather heel boots.

Similar to heels, these add height and in Winter are great paired with some stockings under your maxi skirt.

The only real trick to picking your type of shoe is to make sure that they go with the look of your maxi skirt. Get that right, and the sky is the limit when it comes to your options.

How should you style a maxi skirt in general?

Maxi skirts come in many shapes and sizes, just like us ladies, so there’s bound to be one that you like and that works with your personal style. Pleated, sheer, boldly patterned, high-waisted, voluminous, floaty, thigh-high splits, and slim pencil versions all exist. So you can style them as creatively as you like!

Whether you wear them during the day or at night with a sweater or a crop top, there are a couple of guidelines that could help you in creating some balance in your look and making the most out of your maxi skirt.

A woman wearing a white top, a white maxi skirt and a pair of white sneakers.
  • Aim for a higher waistline – this accentuates the smallest part of most women’s bodies and creates more length. Elongating your silhouette from the smallest part of your body will be most flattering.
  • A ruched waistline can be flattering for those with larger tummies or who are self-conscious about their abdominal area.
  • In order to balance out the floaty nature of the skirt, wear a more fitted top to streamline your silhouette. If you’re not comfortable in a fitted top, tuck in a T-shirt, either fully or simply do a French tuck at the front.
  • Similarly, if you’ve gone bold on the skirt, whether with color or with a pattern, pair it with a more neutral top, and vice versa to create some balance.
  • If you’re wearing it with a sweater, go for a lighter knit that can be tucked or a cropped sweater so that it doesn’t just hang and blend with the maxi skirt, leaving you appearing as though you are drowning.
  • When wearing jackets or coats, the best options are either cropped to on or just below the waistline of the skirt, or else down the ground, full-length overlayers that match the length of your maxi skirt.
  • Accessorize well! The maxi skirt is a solid block of color that will take up most of the attention of the outfit. Accessorize thoughtfully with teaming bags and shoes well for a classy, pulled-together look.

Are maxi skirts in fashion?

Yes, they are! Having made a reappearance in the past few years, maxi skirts are back on the fashion scene, being worn in summer and Winter and seasons in between. The skirt is being worn in different fabrics for various occasions and creates a beautiful soft silhouette. This is not the skirt’s first time in the spotlight, though, and it has been making waves on and off for many years.

A refreshing change from the less is more attitude towards women’s clothing; we’re back to more is more! A modest fashion and leaving a little to the imagination is back on trend, with boyfriend-fit jeans, loose-fitting blazers, and flowy dresses all being seen on the streets today.

Paul Poiret introduced the ‘hobble skirt’ at the turn of the twentieth century, a long, fitted skirt in which the wearer could only take small steps. This gave way to a slightly looser-fitting walking skirt, which then paved the way for women to wear pants. It wasn’t until the late 1960s that the hemline of skirts, having gotten shorter between the twenties and sixties, dropped to the floor again.

Hippies favored long skirts with bold patterns on them, and by January 1970, this longer form was being seen on the runways in Paris. Pants and pantsuits took hold again in the 1980s, and then in the mid-1990s, maxi skirts appeared on the streets again for a brief period. Trending in the 2010s again, this is a skirt length that is not going anywhere and will keep re-appearing in different forms, fabrics, and styles. 

This is a woman wearing a white sheer blouse with her patterned maxi skirt that matches her headband.

Advantages of a maxi skirt

  • They suit all body types. Whether you’re tall or short, curvy or petite, there is a maxi skirt that will work for you. It’s actually quite amazing that one item can be so incredibly versatile!
  • They are comfortable – there’s no clinging to certain body parts or riding up of anything; they just hang elegantly. You won’t sweat or chafe, and on hot summer days, just having some floaty fabric around your legs is magic compared with pants!
  • You can dress them up or down. Worn equally well to weddings as the beach, these skirts can be adapted for any occasion, no matter how casual or formal.
  • You can wear any shoes with them. Pretty much – whatever you’re most comfortable in, there is no need to compromise your style here. Whether you’re a heels gal or live in sneakers, anything goes with a maxi skirt, as long as the shoe matches the skirt style.
  • They cover your legs – whether it’s for religious reasons because you haven’t shaved for a couple of days or your legs need protection from the summer sun, the maxi skirt has you covered.
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