75 Types of Fashion Styles for Women

Models in various dresses walk the runway.

You probably know someone who dresses in a preppy style. You may know someone who seems to have a professional style. Perhaps you’ve got a friend who seems to wear a glamorous style. There are many different fashion styles for women out there because there are so many different ways to create a look. Where do these styles come from, what items do you need to wear to create them and most importantly, how will they look on you? 

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The History of Fashion

Fashion style has pretty much existed since the first human being took a piece of fur and wrapped it around themselves to stay warm. Since then, styles have been evolving and changing and fashion has really become an art form. Just take a look at a royal wedding dress and try to deny that it’s an absolute work of art, right? We’ve come a long way since just haphazardly wrapping fur around our bodies. 

Style, Style Evolution

Style and fashion have played a role in shaping human history and have been used to convey certain messages throughout history. Going back to the earliest days of humankind, clothing was used to display wealth and status. Clothing that was well-made and embellished with bone beads, feathers, shells and other materials showed that a person had the resources and the time to craft something beautiful. This showed a certain wealth and status. 

Collection of female clothing by decades.

Fashion style has been used to display personality, wealth, status, relationships to geographical regions, school affiliations and sports associations. Your clothing immediately says something about you to others. An outfit you’re wearing may tell people that you have a certain profession, that you are a supporter of a specific sports team or that you have been very financially successful in life. Clothing can even be used to display royal status. 

New materials and new innovations have shaped the fashion world and the styles that people have worn through the centuries. Designers have created pieces that challenged the very idea of fashion style and what it is. And people have always found ways to use fashion style to express who they are and where they are in their lives.  

Fashion sketches

This has led to the creation of various fashion styles through history, clothing that has a theme, in a way. Specific fashion styles say a lot about who you are. Which of these women’s clothing styles have you worn…and which would you like to wear? 

Different Types of Styles

Are you casual? Sporty? Professional? What if you want to have the option of being all of them whenever you want? There are many different types of fashion styles for women to try wearing…so why not see how all of them look on you?


Woman wearing blue checkered long sleeves, denim pants, and eyeglasses.

Androgynous style is totally trendy right now and lots of celebs and fashionistas want to get the look. The trouble is, lots of people get this look all wrong.

What is it?

Androgynous style comes from the Latin “androgyne,” which means a mixture of male and female. True androgynous style is used to express non-binary gender, which means that this style is neither feminine nor masculine.

The key to androgynous fashion style is not to dress as the opposite gender. It’s to dress as if you have no gender. Create this fashion style by blending traditionally male and traditionally female fashion elements together in one outfit. If you’re shopping in the women’s clothing and men’s clothing sections, you’re doing this style the right way.


Woman wearing ankara style dress.

The ankara style is mostly about the fabric. Ankara cloth is decorated with bright, vivid patterns in bold colors that are created with a wax-resistant dye technique. The ankara style is strongly associated with West African fashion. Ankara style clothing includes dresses, skirts, blouses and jumpsuits.


Woman with shaved hair wearing a striped polo blouse.

The anti-fashion style is all about going against the popular looks and trends of the day. The grunge look is an example of anti-fashion, as it was a sharp contrast to the preppy trend that was popular at the same time. 

Art hoe

Woman in an art hoe style outfit sitting on a stone chair outdoors.

The art hoe style was popularized through social media and began as a way for PoC (people of color) to express themselves. This has blossomed into an entire fashion style.

What is it?

The art hoe fashion style is all about expressing creativity and paying homage to art. One of the main requirements for this style seems to be artistic socks. These may be socks that are designed to look like famous works of art or they may be embellished to become a new work of art. High-waisted pants, striped shirts and sunglasses are also common features of this style.


Woman in a loose dress standing near the edge of a boat.

Artsy style fashion is all about texture, color and catching the eye. If you like looking a little bit unique and you want to stand out a bit, the artsy fashion style is perfect for you. The loose fits and natural fabric make this a pretty comfortable style to wear, too.

What is it?

The artsy style is all about natural materials. Large, statement jewelry that is hand-made are the accessories of choice for this fashion style. Loose-fitting blouses and jackets are a big part of the artsy look as well. Typically, these items are made with natural (not synthetic) fabrics and they’re made with multi-tonal color palettes. This look is all about using one or two standout elements to create an overall striking look.


Woman in an athleisure wear stretching near the lake.

The athleisure look, also known as sporty style, is all about being dressed like you’re going to work out…when you aren’t working out. You can thank this style for making any legging outfit look fashionable. Think tracksuits, yoga pants, spandex and exercise clothes. That’s what athleisure is all about to capture this style. These clothes are designed to be comfortable and to be workout-ready, even if you aren’t. 


Woman wearing a B-girl outfit.

B-girl fashion was inspired by breakdancing, a style of dance that was highly popular in the 1980s. Today, breakdancing moves are still seen in popular dance. The fashion style has stayed around, too.

What is it?

B-girl style has a great look but it was actually created to make breakdancing easier. This style includes track pants and sweatpants, sneakers, T-shirts and padded jackets. These clothing items are easy to dance in and give the body some protection while it’s spinning and flapping on the floor. 

Beach bum

Three female friends walking along the sea shore.

The beach bum look is a definite fashion style option that you can wear whether or not you also live a beach bum lifestyle. This style is about being casual and carefree. It’s a lot of loose clothing and comfortable pieces that can easily be removed. Because like a true beach bum, you have your swimsuit on underneath. 

What is it?

To create a beach bum look, you want big, baggy jeans or shorts, airy dresses, graphic T-shirts, sandals and sunglasses. Fabrics should be lightweight so they will dry quickly and keep you cool on those hot days in the sand.


Audrey Hepburn wearing black long sleeves and pants.

Before there were hipsters, even before there were hippies, there were beatniks. These were the original rebels, the angst-ridden youth culture that was done with traditions and ready to break free. The beatnik look was popular with the Beat generation and it’s an iconic fashion style that looks authentically 1950s.

What is it?

“Beatnik” was first used in 1958 to describe a trendy new fashion that was catching on among college students. You know the look, even if you don’t know what it’s called. Just think of someone wearing a black beret, a black turtleneck, fitted slacks and a studious expression. Glasses or sunglasses are a common accessory for this look. Fitted clothing that covers a lot of skin and all black clothing is at the core of beatnik fashion. 


Female cyclist cycling on the street with a mountain backdrop.

Call it bicycle style, cycle chic or bicycle chic. By any name, this look is quickly gaining speed…pun intended. More people are riding bicycles to lose weight, reduce carbon emissions and make parking a snap. There’s a whole look that goes along with being an avid bicycle rider, and that style has made its way into the main fashion world. 

What is it?

Bicycle fashion style can include spandex shorts (known as bike shorts) or even al-spandex outfits. The material is practical for cycling, particularly if you’re going to be moving at high speeds. For most cycling enthusiasts, however, any pair of somewhat close-fitting shorts or legging styles will do. You don’t want clothing that’s too loose or baggy because you don’t want clothing that can get caught on the mechanisms of the bike or on anything you may be biking past.

Cargo shorts, leggings and other types of shorts are frequently seen in bicycle style. T-shirts and athletic tops are perfect for cycling. Don’t forget to top if off with a helmet!


Female biker holding a helmet.

The biker look is inherently cool and sexy. It takes a lot of leather and a certain sort of I-don’t-care type of attitude. What do you need to pull off a great biker look and capture this fashion style for yourself?

What is it?

There are a few pieces that are absolutely essential if you want to carry off a good biker look. A leather jacket or vest is simply a must. The leather jacket is an iconic symbol of biker style that will never go out of style. Biker jackets are edgy. 

Look for a leather jacket with lots of zippers and extras or a denim jacket you can add patches to if you want. The jacket should be fitted and no longer than waist-length. 

Jeans, leggings or leather pants are a great complement to your leather jacket. Pants should be well-fitted and not too loose. The biker fashion style is all about being motorcycle-ready. That means you don’t want a lot of loose, hanging clothing because this isn’t safe for riding motorcycles.

The biker look is often accompanied by chains, metal and leather jewelry and anything that looks edgy or tough. One of the most essential features of the style is, of course, the motorcycle boots. These are typically black leather, calf- to knee-high and made with a gripping tread.

Black tie

Woman wearing a luxurious red evening dress and a crown.

Black tie” is a phrase you’ll see on the fanciest invitations or applied to special events. This is formal evening wear, which is the part everyone knows about black tie style. What many people don’t know is that there are strict rules associated with this style, rules that have been in place since the Edwardian era. In other words, this is some serious style.

What is it?

When an event is black tie, you will wear formal attire that is suitable for after 6 pm, which is when black tie events are allowed to take place. This dress code calls for a gown or strict evening dress. Clothing should not be super tight. Hemlines can be absolutely no shorter than knee-length and are more typically full length. A little cleavage is appropriate. Only wide-leg, loose-fitting pants are acceptable for women.

Tiaras and other super flashy jewelry are a no-no for black tie events. The most impressive pieces of jewelry are reserved for white tie events, which are even more fancy and even more formal than black tie gatherings! 


Back profile of a group of female friends in pants and shirts hugging each other.

The bogan look is a fashion style that originated in Australia. This is a casual style that is built primarily around several essential pieces and a super laid-back attitude where fashion is incidental. 

What is it?

The bogan fashion style first appeared around the 1990s and helped to establish some of the fashion trends that are hot today. Skinny jeans have always been a big part of bogan style, a trend that’s still in the fashion scene. Mullet haircuts are also a characteristic of the bogan look. Checkered shirts, usually worn open over a T-shirt, are another essential.


Mom and daughter in bohemian dress walking down the street.

The bohemian style, best known as boho style, feels pretty fresh and modern. It’s everywhere these days, a look that’s soft and beautiful and popular with all the hot celebs. But actually, boho fashion style has been around for more than two centuries.

What is it?

The bohemian style is all about being alternative to accepted trends of the day. This style has always been strongly associated with artists, writers and other intellectual types who go against the grain to express themselves their own way. This look combines different styles and historic fashions from around the world.

Boho style is all about loose, colorful clothing that is styled in intricate patterns. The fabrics are soft and flowy, usually light and airy. Layering is a big part of the look, which is typically decorated with large, statement jewelry

The bohemian fashion style began in France shortly after the French Revolution. The boho look was inexpensive and irreverent, out of sync with the stylized, buttoned-up looks of the time. This is a casual, comfortable style that’s about expression through clothing. Maxi dresses are a common staple of the boho look.

Bon chic bon genre

Woman in sheer skirt staring at the eiffel tower.

The bon chic bon genre style originates in Paris, where this look is worn by upper-class women. This is a look for wealthy, well-connected women. This look is more conservative and leans heavily on high-end name brands like Chanel and Gucci. 


Woman wearing ripped boyfriend jeans, red striped shirt, sneakers and backpack.

The boyfriend look is all about wearing clothes that are historically considered to be more masculine. That means wearing clothes that are typically associated with men’s fashion: jeans, slacks, T-shirts, sweatshirts and sensible shoes. This is not a girly look, so you can forget about high heels when you’re wearing the boyfriend fashion style. Loose-fitting tops, athletic shoes, boots, caps and simple accessories will help you create a great boyfriend look.

Business casual

Woman in a business casual attire holding a cup of coffee on her way to work.

Business casual isn’t just an accepted dress code in office settings, it’s a legitimate type of style that many women use to look professional, successful and serious. Basically, this is a well put together look that’s appropriate for the office. However, it’s not super businessy. This is a somewhat relaxed business style. This is not a strict professional look, which is somewhat more formal than business casual.

What is it?

So what is a business casual look? Put it this way: jeans are too casual, a pantsuit is too professional. You want to find that happy medium. Think button-up, collared blouses with slacks and maybe a blazer. A pencil skirt or midi skirt is a great length for business casual wear.

Flats or low heels are perfectly appropriate to finish off this look. Unlike with strict professional wear, you can wear patterns and colors when you’re dressing business casual, but don’t choose anything too vivid or loud. Little pops of color are just fine but you don’t want to show up in a full palette of bright shades.


Woman in a stylish winter fluffy blue coat and black hat posing against a pink backdrop.

You might imagine that the camp style is all about wearing rugged clothing that’s ready for a day of hiking in the woods. In fact, the exact opposite of this is the essence of camp style. The camp style is all about being over-the-top and extravagant. Think about some of the more outrageous outfits Lady Gaga has worn and you’ve got a great idea of what the camp style is meant to be. Bright colors, bold accessories and additives like feathers, headpieces and scarves create the perfect camp style.


Woman in a red checkered casual dress, sunglasses, and a crossbody bag walking on the street.

Dressing in a casual style does not mean being sloppy. Casual style isn’t sweatpants and a stained T-shirt. There is a way to dress casually and still look trendy, stylish and completely fashionable. However, it’s probably a bit trickier than you may think.

What is it?

The casual style is perfect for any laid-back event that has no dress code, for running errands and for just being out and about when you have no business engagements. This is a perfect daytime style. However, casual dress on an invitation is usually a lot different from the casual wear you put on to run up to the store. There are ways to make a casual wear style look very fashionable.

The casual wear look is all about appearing relaxed and comfortable and effortless. However, it does take some effort to put together a stylish casual outfit. Think jeans, shorts and skirts with T-shirts, boots, sandals, flats, athletic shoes or low heels. Try wearing pretty maxi dresses with a denim jacket. Messenger bags are a great accessory for the casual look. 

Prints, colors and fabrics like denim and cotton are all great for the casual wear look.

This is not a look to wear with your pretty diamonds and gems. Metal and wood jewelry, beads and funky pieces are all great for this style.


Woman in a matching green tracksuit exercising indoors.

If you’re not familiar with the chav style, you are probably American or you’ve been living in the Americas. This style is very well-known in England. It’s such a popular and often-seen look, in fact, that you probably are familiar with this style and simply never knew its name. 

What is it?

The hallmarks of the chav style are matching tracksuits, white sneakers and caps. All this is often paired with flashy jewelry, like medallions and chains. This look is strongly associated with youth culture. In fact, the word “chav” is derived from a word in the Romani language that means “child.” The shoe is very much a part of this look, with bright white being the most popular shoe style.


Female model wearing stylish wide-brimmed hat, sunglasses, and a turtleneck top.

What does it mean to have a chic style? Chic is a word that can be applied to many other styles. You can be casual chic, elegant chic or many other kinds of chic. Being chic really just means that you look stylish and you follow fashion trends. So if you want to capture a chic style, follow a few simple fashion rules and you’ll always put together stylish, chic outfits.

What is it?

If you want to look chic, pay attention to colors. According to the Muse, follow a general rule not to wear more than three colors in one outfit. White isn’t necessarily a color when it comes to building outfits and busy prints can be counted as a single main color. But if you do wear a print on one item of clothing, the rest of your outfit should be composed of solid-colored clothing or a piece that’s also in the same print. 

Wear the trends. Put on that vivid purple blazer or slip into those bright orange heels. But keep some classic pieces in your wardrobe and integrate them into your outfits as well. You won’t ever go wrong with a classic trench coat, a great little black dress and a string of pearls. You can’t have a white shirt shortage in your closet and a pencil skirt will always come in handy.


Woman in a classic white dress standing on the rooftop of a building.

By definition, classic style is something from the past that is now timeless. That makes it super hard to capture a classic style in the here and now. The key to creating a classic look is to rely on traditional pieces while still making your style look fresh and modern. A classic look is built on great fashion tradition but it’s also a timeless look that is beautiful in the here and now.

What is it?

The classic style is elegant. It’s built with clean lines and simple silhouettes. Neutral colors and understated patterns rule this style. Think about style icons like Jackie Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn. They are truly the embodiment of the classic look. 

Slacks, knee-length skirts, blazers, tailored suits, high heels and designer labels can help you create lovely classic fashion looks. Pearls and understated jewelry with small clutches are the perfect accessories for this style.

You can’t go wrong with lace dresses and simple hairstyles when you want a classic look. A white shirt, a midi skirt and a breezy attitude will help you create classic style whenever you want.

Communist chic

The communist chic trend appeared in the late 2000s when communist symbols, such as the hammer and sickle, appeared on blouses and sweaters. Graphic T-shirts printed with the face of Che Guevara are an example of the communist chic look


Woman in a straw hat, blue dress and sneakers sitting on a lawn near the fence.

The cottagecore look is all about simple styles that evoke images of country living, rural areas, farm living. 

What is it?

This style is all about loose, breezy clothing, gingham patterns and soft colors. Natural fabrics, lace, rufles, anything that evokes a simple country style is considered to be cottagecore. If you look ready for a picnic in a sunny meadow and yet you’re very stylish at the same time, you’ve captured the spirit of cottagecore.


Cowgirl sitting outside a rustic barn.

The cowgirl look is highly recognizable. This look is inspired by western U.S. fashion and clothing worn on ranches. 

What is it?

To achieve this look, you’ll need blue jeans. These are truly the quintessential pants for the cowgirl look. Casual button-up blouses and T-shirts, along with belts with belt buckles, are a perfect match for the jeans. Be sure to include a pair of cowboy boots and a cowboy hat. Finish off the look with a denim or leather jacket. 

Denim and cotton are definitely the fabrics of choice for the cowgirl look. Stick to a palette of neutral and soft colors, along with Earth tones. Fringe, flared skirts, loose dresses and short shorts should definitely be included in any cowgirl wardrobe.


A group of friends wearing cyberpunk outfits.

The cyberpunk style was first seen in 1980s films, when a technology-fueled futuristic future was a popular movie theme. The look leaped from the big screen to moviegoer closets and cyberpunk has become a distinct style in its own right and not just a look reserved for cosplay and fan events.

What is it?

If you’re going to wear a cyberpunk look, you’re going to be wearing a lot of black. Think about movies like “The Matrix” and “Blade Rubber.” Black skinny jeans, black vinyl, trench coats, cropped jackets and ubiquitous black sunglasses can help you quickly create a cyberpunk look. If you look like you’re ready to kick some serious butt in some sort of future scenario where you have to help save the world, then you’ve nailed cyberpunk style


Woman in a disco look.

Many of today’s trendy fashion styles are inspired by the disco look of the 1970s. This decade was all about color and sparkle, clothes that were form-fitting in all the right places and, of course, fabulous prints.

What is it?

The disco look is indelibly linked to disco music itself, a style that found its heyday in the 1970s and changed the world. Disco clubs became the hottest place to be and appeared everywhere. People were ready to dance. They did it wearing hip-hugging bell bottoms, cropped halter tops, minidresses, jumpsuit styles and suits with wide lapels and open shirt collars. Metallics, sequins, bold colors and prints were all the rage. Many of the big style elements from this era have informed the looks of today.

The jumpsuits, sequins and metallic fabrics of the 1970s are seen in popular looks today. Flowing boho dresses made in lightweight fabrics with bold prints are clearly inspired by the looks of the 1970s. And halter tops, which truly became stars of the 1970s fashion scene, are still used to create many of today’s looks. 

E girl

Woman in a pink shirt doing livestream.

As the name of this style suggests, an e girl or e-girl is all about her online persona. This style is characterized by vibrant and unnatural hair colors, like bright green or bubble gum pink, and lots of black eyeliner. Skirts, collars, T-shirts and chains are common for this style. High waistbands are another trademark. This is a bit of a mishmash of styles that can grab influence from goth, punk and many other styles, according to Vox.


Two women wearing elegant dresses in floral pattern.

You can probably think of a woman who seems to embody the idea of elegance. Poised, polished women like Grace Kelly and Kate Middleton certainly capture the idea of elegant style. But how can non-princesses also dress to be elegant? 

What is it?

WikiHow recommends wearing light makeup and light nail colors to be elegant. Stick to classic, sleek silhouettes that fit well and flatter your body. Wear clothes made in quality fabrics. Midi dresses are great for creating elegant looks. Make sure your clothes are not wrinkled or stained and put together coordinating outfits that match well or contrast beautifully. 

Be sparing with accessories, sticking to a simple silk scarf, a pretty pendant necklace or a couple pieces of jewelry. Legendary fashion designer Coco Chanel, who truly embodied elegance, recommended removing one accessory before leaving the house each day. Keep this in mind when you’re going for an elegant look.


Woman wearing knitted sweater, knee-high boots and sunglasses.

You may think that equestrian style is really only seen during horse-related activities but actually, this style has been influencing fashion for centuries. Many different styles of boots were created for horse riders first and then caught on to become boots for all occasions. The equestrian style is now its own distinct look and it’s actually pretty easy to create. This look is about being casually elegant, a little bit modest and just a touch daring with fashion. If that sounds like you, the equestrian look might be your perfect style. 

What is it?

One strong characteristic of equestrian fashion is the high boots. A pair of tall black boots that hug the legs is exactly what riders wear, so of course this is a hallmark of the equestrian look. Pair your tall boots (which can be any length, from mid-calf to upper thigh) with skinny jeans or form-fitting slacks to honor the classic equestrian silhouette. 

Pair your skinny jeans and black boots with a jacket. Whether it’s cropped, long, structured or casual, a jacket will help emphasize that equestrian look. This ensemble will look great with a collared blouse, a mock turtleneck shirt or a form-fitting sweater.


Three women dressed in flapper style outfits.

The flapper style, also known as the garconne style, was the must-have look of the 1920s. You can probably picture this style pretty easily. The flapper look is characterized by drop-waist dresses that were around knee-length and often bared the arms in a style that was then quite daring. The dresses came to be known as flapper dress styles. You may even see a short-cropped hairdo and a cute cloche hat when you picture the look.

What is it?

Flappers were the feminists of their day, women who drank in public, wore skirts that showed their legs and danced at jazz clubs. All of this behavior was considered inappropriate, even taboo, for women in the past.

The flapper look was all about breaking free of the buttoned-up style traditions of the past. They didn’t wear dress designs made with a tight bodice or restrictive clothing. They didn’t wear long skirt styles that got in the way. They wore short, fun flapper dress styles and danced the nights away. Often, flapper dress styles were paired with long, beaded necklaces.


Woman in a gamine style outfit with backpack walking on the street.

Picture a thin, shy woman with big eyes in a printed dress and you can picture the gamine style. This French word is used to describe a waif, or a reed-thin woman. The style is most associated with sweet, innocent appeal and clothes to match: short dresses, romantic touches like ruffles, airy fabrics and sometimes sleek silhouettes and little black dresses. This look isn’t about sexniness, however. It’s a sweet, light look. Style icons like Audrey Hepburn and Zooey Deshanel capture the charming, innocent style of this look very well. 


A couple in geeky style outfits enjoying their cups of coffee.

The geeky style, also known as geek style or geek chic, is all about looking smart. Geeks are famously unfashionable types who are so absorbed with academic pursuits they are often a hopeless mishmash of buttoned-up shirts and khakis. But there is a way to wear geek style and still look…well, stylish.

What is it?

The geek look is characterized by sweater vests, cardigans, button-down shirts, skirts, slacks and a generally buttoned-up look. Glasses, high collars, patterns and clothing with a lot of color help create the unique look of geek style. Wear your hair in neat or slick styles, such as buns and pigtails. Wear collared shirts and keep your look neat and tidy and you will be truly geek chic.

Gibson girl

Woman in a gibson girl outfit standing near a fireplace.

The Gibson girl look isn’t just a vintage style, it’s a historic one. This look became popular during the Edwardian era at the beginning of the 1900s. It’s named for Charles Dana Gibson, an illustrator who worked for Life magazine. He helped create the idealized look for women to strive for during the first part of the 1900s. That look was the Gibson girl and at one point, every woman wanted to recreate this style.

What is it? 

Gibson girl style was about being super feminine. Hairstyles were big and fluffy and waistlines were tiny to create the coveted hourglass shape. Dress silhouettes were long and close-fitting, with skirts that cinched the waist, fit close to the rear end and upper thighs and then flared out dramatically by the ankles. Sleeves were long and tailored, fitting close to the arms, to emphasize the long Gibson girl silhouette. 

This buttoned-up, waist-cinching style with elaborately-styled hair and lots of fabric that covered the body was popular right before the flapper look, which was all about wearing loose clothing and showing skin. The two looks could hardly be more contrasting and the style change shows how American women were changing in the 1900s.

Girl next door

Sandra Bullock wearing a sleeveless dress during 2014 People's Choice Awards.

Sandra Bullock. Jennifer Aniston. They are gorgeous dream girls and they have totally nailed the girl next door look. This is a look that’s simple and unfussy but deceptively so. It’s not always easy to create this style. With a few guidelines, you can pull off a cute girl next door look whenever you want.

What is it?

The girl next door look is down-to-earth and seemingly effortlessly stylish. Fitted jeans with blazers or cardigans, floral prints and stripes, T-shirts and simple blouses create this look. Medium-length skirts and midi dresses, simple hairstyles and a warm color palette all help bring this look to life. Don’t wear a lot of makeup or show a lot of skin to capture the girl next door look. This look is about being unfussy but still put together.


Model in a girly dress holding a leather bag.

To some, the girly style has a bit of a bad reputation. However, this style isn’t about dressing in a way that’s childish. This style isn’t big hair bows and tons of ruffles. The girly style is all about bold colors, soft looks and embracing an ultra-feminine style. Lots of women’s clothing is made in girly styles that are fashionable and fun.

What is it?

The girly look is built around floral prints, airy fabrics, medium-length and short dresses and skirts, pretty blouses with a touch of lace or ruffles, flowy fabrics and seriously pretty shoes. You definitely need a handbag to finish the look and it definitely doesn’t hurt to add a little jewelry. The girly style isn’t afraid to wear bright colors like pink and yellow and often mixes and matches different colors to create eye-catching looks.

Glam rock

Model sporting a glam rock look.

You probably think of David Bowie as the star of the glam rock fashion scene, but Bowie didn’t invent this look. Marc Bolan is credited with creating this distinct style, according to the Guardian. The story of how the glam rock look began and what it looks like today may just surprise you.

What is it? 

Marc Bolan was a somewhat successful performer whose career was already a decade old when he appeared on a TV show wearing a satin suit and glittering gold makeup on his face. That’s when the glam rock look, also known as glitter rock for obvious reasons, was born. 

Other styles of the era, such as punk, were quite serious and menacing in their way. Punk was all about spikes and leather and chains and attitude. Glam rock was all glitter, shine, glitz and color. Glam rock isn’t afraid to have a little fun and definitely doesn’t take itself too seriously.

Glam rock involves a lot of spandex, platform boots and sandals, animal prints and vivid colors. It’s form-fitting, shiny and definitely a bit excessive. If you add a feather boa to your outfit just because, you understand how to wear the glam rock style


Woman in a glamorous dress and wide brim hat sitting on a wicker bench.

The glamorous style is hard to define. Glamour is one of those things that you know when you see it but otherwise, it’s hard to be able to tell someone else what it is. The “glamour girls” of the 1940s and 1950s helped to popularize this style. Think of Marilyn Monroe shimmying around in her pink satin, or Joan Crawford breezing into a room wearing something shiny in silver or gold. The glamorous style is still all about creating a stunning impression…and wearing shiny fashion.

What is it?

The glamorous style is sort of like the elegant style, with a strong dash of sexiness and a lot of eye-catching dazzle thrown in. Think evening gowns that shine in metallic shades or dazzle with rhinestones, high heels that make a statement all on their own, gorgeous clutches that sparkle in the light and statement jewelry that will get a second look. 

The glamorous look can be achieved with evening gowns or party dresses, pretty blouses and slacks. As long as it’s a little bit flashy, a little bit sexy and a whole lot dazzling, you are killing it with your glamorous style.


Goth girl sitting near the street.

The goth style, sometimes called the gothic revival style, appeared in the late 1980s, becoming popular after the punk rock look put a hard edge on fashion. The gothic fashion look took the rebellion of punk style and softened it, becoming its own very distinct style that is still seen in modern fashion.

What is it? 

The gothic fashion look is really a continuation of style that first emerged in the medieval era. Gothic style has been seen in architecture, fashion and interior decor. This look is all about the color black. The gothic style fashion look often includes black hair, black colors, black makeup and nail polish. 

Modern gothic fashion elements, such as cut off shorts and T-shirts, are often paired with more classic clothing pieces, such as velvet jackets or ruffled blouses. Lace accents and bold pops of color are common. Add boots or clunky shoes and wear a melancholy expression and you’ve got the goth look down. 


Woman in a grunge style outfit.

Grunge style, the hot look of the 1990s, was all about leaving behind the tailored silhouettes and form-fitting fashions of the past. Grunge style is famous for baggy jeans, baggy T-shirts, baggy sweaters and jackets and an overall casualness.

What is it?

Create a grunge look with ripped jeans or short, chunky shoes, oversized pieces and that grunge classic, a flannel shirt. 

Haute couture

Dresses designed by Christian Dior presented in an exhibition.

Literally, “haute couture” means “high dressmaking.” The term haute couture is actually legally protected. Only specific brands that have been approved by the French Ministry of Industry may even use the term. In other words, this is some pretty serious style. So what makes haute couture so elite…and how can anyone learn how to create this style without spending massive amounts of money on it?

What is it?

Fashion houses that are allowed to say they create haunt couture must follow strict rules, which includes making custom garments for clients. Haute couture is made completely by hand, according to CNN. And yes, it’s extremely expensive. Haute couture is seen on the red carpet at the Oscars. It’s embellished with gems and laces and extras and crystals. It’s made with fine fabrics. The biggest and most well-known fashion houses in the world create haute couture.

And for most people, it’s just not possible to own real haute couture. However, anyone can wear haute couture style even if they don’t own the real thing. You don’t need to buy designer labels to create a look that appears to be high-end. If you dress in stylish clothes that fit well and add in bold pieces that have bright patterns or vivid graphics, you’ll look like a haute couture fashionista. 

Put together daring outfits with bold colors and prints, add in some items that are interesting and head-turning and you will definitely have a haute couture look.  Use layers and accessories to put together interesting styles.

Heavy metal

Model rocking a heavy metal outfit.

Loudwire magazine credits Judas Priest with creating the heavy metal style trend. Judas Priest exploded onto the style scene in 1978 with leather clothing, lots of spikes and the biker accessories made popular in the 1950s by rebellious youth. When Judas Priest hit their stride in 1980, the heavy metal look really took off.

What is it?

Heavy metal style began as a bit of a mishmash of punk rock fashion and biker fashion. The look started to find more of its own identity thanks to fashion pioneers like Iron Maiden. This heavy metal band appeared on stage in spandex and dyed leathers, with big, curly hair that truly personified the heavy metal look. 

Tight jeans, white high-top sneakers and lots of bands and collars and studded items will help you create a totally head-turning heavy metal look. Add a cropped graphic T and maybe a cool skull ring and your heavy metal look will be complete. 

Hip hop

Model wearing a hip hop style outfit.

Hip hop is such a powerful style of music, it created an entire style scene, too. The hip hop style began in the 1980s as a hot street style with track suits, hooded sweatshirts, baggy jeans, sneakers, gold jewelry and sheepskin jackets. The style has evolved over the years but it’s never totally faded from popular fashion. Hip hop style today has its own distinct look that includes hiking boots, ball caps, athletic wear and of course, sneakers. Basketball shoes are a definite must-have if you want a proper hip hop wardrobe.


Hippie friends with luggage and guitar.

According to LovetoKnow, the hippie style began in the 1960s as a street style in the Haight-Ashbury neighborhood in San Francisco, California. Clothing became looser, more flowing, less structured. This style is marked by peasant blouses, suede vests, fringe, full skirts, bell bottom jeans and long, flowing hair. Headbands, big earrings and clogs accessorize hippie style. 

What is it?

Hippie style, also called hippy style, directly followed the beatnik style from the 1950s, which was the popular look for youth in that decade. They were known for being “hip,” which meant “cool” before people said that things were cool. 

Fill your wardrobe with beads, sandals, flowing skirts and dresses and rimless glasses to create amazing hippie fashion looks.


Woman in a hipster look posing in the middle of the street.

The hipster look tends to change with the youth culture. Once, the hipster look was the beatniks of the 1950s. That’s when black turtlenecks were basically essential. Today’s hipster style is all about fresh, individualized style. Skinny jeans with boots, oversized sweaters and scarves are favorite fashion elements of this look, according to Style Debates. Mix in some vintage pieces to your look and your hipster style will be complete.

Ivy league

Two women in preppy clothes walking on the street during autumn.

The Ivy League look, or ivy style, is preppy style with a collegiate twist. JFK was a master of the Ivy League style. This look is built around button-down, collared shirts, sweater vests, blazers with school crests emblazoned on them, pleated skirts, slacks (usually in navy, khaki or black) and, of course, loafers. Tweed, corduroy and flannel are the fabrics of choice for this look. 


Japanese girls in gothic lolita style outfits.

Kawaii style is popular in modern Japanese culture but this style is rooted in history. Actually, it’s rooted in pencils. When the mechanical pencil was introduced in the 1970s, teenage girls in Japan loved it. They developed stylized handwriting that included little hearts, animals, rounded letters and almost childlike writing. Oddly, this trend blossomed into an entire fashion style.

What is it?

Kawaii style is pretty much perfectly captured in one iconic Japanese character: Hello Kitty. Hair bows, the color pink, flared skirts, barrettes, beaded necklaces and anything that looks cute is kawaii. Candy colors, pastels, pleats, frills, ruffles, stockings and knee socks are all hallmarks of kawaii style. 


Japanese girls wearing lolita outfits.

Lolita fashion was popularized in Japan, which has become a modern center for fashion culture. This style has a distinct silhouette thanks to the wide, short puffy skirts that are such a strong staple of the look. Lots of frills and ruffles are a distinct feature of this style. Lolita style also requires ribbons, lots of accessories and an overall Victorian fairy tale vibe. This fashion style can have a dark gothic twist or a bright, vivid, sweet look with lots of pinks and reds. 


Woman in a loungewear working from home.

The loungewear style is definitely one of the most comfortable looks you can choose. This style is all about wearing loose, casual clothing that’s suitable for lazing around on the couch or even lying in bed. Matching knit sets, sweatpants, T-shirts and tank tops are at the heart of this look. When you need to dress up your loungewear style to go out of the house, add a pair of heels and a blazer. 


Woman in military inspired outfit sitting on a suitcase against an airplane backdrop.

Military style and military inspired fashion is everywhere, even when you don’t realize it. In fact, you’ve likely worn military fashion many times. Many items that are now common in fashion were first created for soldiers. This includes cargo shorts, jackets with epaulets, combat boots, bomber jackets, peacoats and multiple types of footwear. To make military style look chic and stylish, try pairing classic military pieces with fashion from other style types to create a military-infused look.


Woman in a minimalist outfit leaning on a wooden desk.

The minimalist style is all about keeping it simple. Stick to clean silhouettes and classic style elements. Straight leg jeans, sweaters, ankle boots and button-up shirts create this look. Avoid frills, ruffles and fringe. This is a clean, unadorned look. Don’t wear your statement jewelry with this look. Stick to simple necklaces, stud earrings and accessories that aren’t too large or flashy.


Model wearing a bright yellow dress and leggings.

The mod look is derived from the word “modern,” though the look dates to the 1960s. This is a tailored look that started in the United Kingdom and soon caught on around the world. The look is achieved with bold, neon colors, short skirts, leather boots, skinny jeans and distinctly ’60s-inspired dresses, blouses and skirts. A-line silhouettes, bold patterns and high, high heels are often seen in the mod look.


Woman in a modest style outfit listening to music via wireless earphones.

For millions of women, modest style isn’t a choice but a religious requirement. While many women have the option of dressing modestly or not, there are millions of women who are required by their religion to wear long sleeves, full pants or skirts and head coverings. This can be hot and uncomfortable and it can be very hard to style fashionably. 

What is it? 

Modest style is extremely conservative and shows little to no skin. Full-length skirts and long pants, blouses with long sleeves and high collars and clothes that are loose-fitting are required for this style. Clothes also cannot be transparent in any way. You can’t cheat by wearing lace sleeves, in other words. 

However, you can wear lightweight fabrics to stay cool and stay modest even in summer heat. The loose fit will help promote air flow, so remember to avoid tight fits and don’t cinch what you’re wearing so it stays breezy on the skin. Layers also help. You can always add a jacket or a blazer to cover up your arms and still wear a less modest blouse underneath.

NYC style

Woman in an NYC style outfit calling a cab.

NYC style, or New York style, was made famous by shows like “Sex & the City.” Everyone, at some time or another, wants to look like a fashionable New York City woman. But assuming you don’t have a closet full of five hundred dollar shoes and lots of Christian Dior dresses, how the heck can you dress in New York style without a Manhattan bank account?

What is it?

Despite what some popular TV shows might have you believe, you don’t have to dress head to toe in the most expensive designer labels to capture NYC style. And no, you don’t have to parade around on ultra-high stilettos that cost half your rent or more. In fact, most New Yorkers wear sensible shoes because they do a lot of walking. Ballet flats are seen far more often than 5-inch heels.

Capture a New York look by capturing an appearance of effortless style, more like fast fashion. You don’t want to look too dressed up and you don’t want to drip in expensive threads. Tailored pants, pencil skirts and blue jeans are much more New York than the latest frock from a  popular fashion designer. Silk blouses, cropped jackets, T-shirts and sweaters are the elements you want to create New York fashion looks. 

Invest in a lot of black clothes. Anyone savvy with the New York fashion scene will tell you that New Yorkers wear a ton of black, even black on black outfits. If you want to look more New York, wear a lot more black. Break up your style by adding in some pops of color with your accessories. This is where your style truly shines. 

Don’t be afraid to carry eye-catching handbags. Add a vivid scarf. And put on your statement earrings. Accessories make your outfits pop and may be the only source of color in an otherwise all-black ensemble. This is truly a New York look. If you really want to look like you know what you’re doing, add a pair of big, black sunglasses.


Girl in a striped shirt and denim pants standing near yachts.

A lot of clothing pieces you’ve probably worn were inspired by nautical style. Breton tops, which are long-sleeved tops with horizontal stripes running across the torso and arms, are a popular clothes staple that comes straight from nautical fashion styles. Peacoats, bell bottoms and the classic Navy cap all come from fashion that was designed for and/or by sailors. These items are practical when you’re on a ship but they’re also fashionable when you’re on dry land.

What is it? 

In the 1500s, nautical fashion was pretty distinct. Seafarers wore loose breeches with waist-length leather jackets and tunics underneath. Neckerchiefs and woolen caps completed the look. Nautical style has evolved since then and become a modern style that’s still seen all the time.

Striped shirts are still popular in nautical fashion, though they’re often paired with light-colored capri pants rather than bell bottoms these days. Little caps and neck scarves still evoke classic nautical style. The colors red, white and blue are often used in nautical fashion. Loafers and canvas sneakers are a perfect complement to nautical style looks. Navy blue and crisp white are also often seen in nautical fashion. A double-breasted blazer with gold buttons is practically a must.


Woman in a blue checkered dress with belt and hat walking along the street of Paris.

Paris, France has been the center of the fashion world for centuries. This is where the world looks to find out what’s fashionable, to see the latest in design and to go shopping for the hottest looks. Some of the world’s most famous fashion designers come from France, including Coco Chanel herself. So when it comes to capturing Parisian style…do you know where to begin?

What is it?

Parisian fashion styles for women are more simplified than you might think. It looks graceful and effortless. For starters, Parisian women don’t wear tall high heels. Low heels, flats and sandals are what you’ll see on the streets of Paris. Sundresses are big in Paris. Pair it with a straw bag and you’ll capture the Parisian look. White silk blouses, blue jeans and leggings are common Paris style elements, according to Harper’s Bazaar.


Model in pin up style clothes posing against a black retro car.

The pinup look, also pin up and pin-up, was popularized in the 1940s and 1950s by the glamorous stars of the era. They were called pin-up girls or pin up girls because men and women alike hung up posters of these glamorous women, whose style was a sort of sexy, girl-next-door vibe. 

What is it?

The pinup look is highly stylized. It includes makeup with black eyeliner and red lips, careful hairstyles that usually feature pin curls and clothes that represent some of the best of 1940s and 1950s fashion. Pencil skirts, A-line skirts, pumps, polka dot patterns, cardigans and tight sweaters are all popular pinup style pieces, according to WikiHow.

Prairie chic

Woman wearing a prairie chic dress.

The prairie chic style is a bit of an odd trend that only appeared in the late 2010s and continues to oddly thrive. This look is especially popular in New York but it’s been seen everywhere. Of course, it was originally seen in the 1800s. If you’ve ever seen an episode of “Little House on the Prairie,” then you already have a perfect idea of what this style looks like. And if you’ve ever wanted to look like you live in a log cabin, the prairie chic look is just what you need to wear.

What is it?

The prairie chic style is built around dresses inspired by actual prairie fashions of the 1800s. This means dresses with ankle-length skirts, long sleeves and print fabrics in delicate floral patterns. This also means the dresses are embellished with ruffle accents, lace details, high collars and puffed sleeves. 

It’s an interesting and surprising fashion trend. But if you like a conservative, feminine style, the prairie look may just suit you.


Model in preppy clothes walks the runway.

Mary Jane shoes, khakis, cardigans, collared shirts…it all just screams preppy. The preppy look has been around for decades and shows no signs of going anywhere any time soon. Think Michael J. Fox in “Family Ties” or Alicia Silverstone in “Clueless.” Plaid skirts and blouses, delicate pinstripes and all clothing that looks conservative can be used to create a pretty look. Preppy doesn’t mean boring, by the way. Many style icons, including Princess Diana herself, have successfully worn stylish preppy looks in bright colors like yellow, pink, blue and orange.


Woman in a psychedelic dress and boots sitting on a green round chair.

If you’ve ever seen clips of the groovy women on “Laugh-In” or old episodes of the disco divas appearing on variety shows, you already have an idea of what psychedelic fashion looks like. This is a distinctly late 1960s, early 1970s-inspired style that’s full of swirling color patterns in bright shades, bell bottom pants, vests and short dresses made in straight and flaring designs. This style is tie-dye, bright colors and unstructured, wild patterns. Psychedelic style has been making a comeback more recently, making vintage 1970s items cool again.


Punk girl lying on a sofa.

A lot of the different fashion styles on this list aren’t immediately identifiable. Some aren’t all that memorable and some you’ve never even heard of before. But the punk look…well, pretty much everyone has a strong idea of what this style looks like. Punk is one of the most recognizable fashion trends and it’s one that has never fully gone away. The punk style is yet another fashion trend inspired by music but now, the look has broken free to become its own thing that’s independent of any sounds.

What is it?

The punk culture appeared in the 1970s as a street style and totally changed the style scene. While it’s no longer seen everywhere these days, the punk style is an iconic look that’s still a part of fashion to this day. 

Punk style is built around leather, ripped denim, the color black, graphic T-shirts, studs, chains, spikes and pops of neon colors. Wild hair, spiky hair, fishnets, ripped clothing…if it looks tough or has rough edges, then it’s punk. Just remember that fashion is only part of it. Punk style also requires lots of attitude, too. 


Model in a rave outfit.

Influenced by hip hop, haute couture, casual and numerous other styles, rave culture was born in the 1980s and set off a craze. Raves were very trendy through the last half of the ’80s and remained popular in the 1990s. Raves still happen and rave style is a look that has gone mainstream. Lightweight clothing and athletic shoes, attire that is suitable for dancing, is common on the rave scene. Rave style is also over-the-top, stylized and brightly colored. Neon shades and lots of white are common in rave fashion. 


Retro lady posing against a pillar next to a bike.

Retro fashion first caught on in the 1970s. The term was first used by London designers to refer to clothing styles from the past that have been updated for the modern style scene. Retro continues to be an often-seen style but it also continues to change. As newer styles evolve, many more past styles became retro. And in this way, they are always still fashionable.

Rocker chic

Rocker chic wearing leather jacket and pants sitting in an abandoned room.

The rocker chic look is about as old as rock and roll music itself. Ever since rock changed the music scene, it started changing the style scene, too. Rocker chic is a look that’s edgy and sexy. 

What is it?

First, skinny jeans or skinny pants are a must. This is a common rocker chic style element even for the men, so embrace tight pants. Graphic brand shirts, tank tops and sexy blouses are a perfect match for the pants. Lots of jewelry is a must. All types of jackets, from leather jackets to military jackets, can add another layer to the rocker chic look. Black makeup and messy hair are more trademarks of the rocker chic style, according to Harper’s Bazaar.

Mini skirts, short shorts and black boots are more staples of the rocker chic style. Don’t forget the disaffected pout and too-cool-for-school attitude. 


Woman in a yellow sundress walking on the street.

The romantic style is all about breezy, flowy fabrics, soft colors and classic silhouettes. Pastel colors, flared skirts, lace, floral patterns and the occasional frilly accents are the  way to create this style.


A group of women wearing seapunk outfits.

Seapunk is a specific fashion style that’s built more around patterns and colors than silhouettes or certain pieces. You can essentially wear any type of clothing but if certain graphics, patterns and colors are present, then you can capture seapunk style.

What is it? 

The seapunk look combines fantasy elements with fashion to create very eye-catching looks. Unicorns, fields of stars, dragons and marine images are all seen frequently in seapunk looks. Turquoise, blue and green hues play a huge part in this style.


Woman wearing a sexy dress poses on the street.

Capturing a sexy style is actually much more difficult than it sounds. Sexiness is different to everyone, after all. For some, a lacy little dress that shows a lot of cleavage might be sexy. Others may go wild for a red evening down with a long slit that reveals a leg. Something backless may set one person’s heart racing, while another person may get hot and bothered about some form-fitting jeans. So how can you dress sexy in a way that’s going to work for you and come across as sexy to others?

What is it?

Sexy style isn’t really even about what you wear. You don’t need a bodycon dress, short shorts and crop tops to be sexy. It’s about how you feel about what you wear. What you need most in order to create a sexy style is self-confidence. Know that you are sexy and put on clothing that makes you feel sexy. Anything can be sexy, so dress to make yourself feel good and your sexy vibe will certainly come across.

A bodycon dress may look sexy on magazine covers, but the sexiest look is the one that makes you feel confident in yourself.


Woman in a ska outfit sitting on the stairs outside a building.

Ska is what happens when you mix a bunch of different musical styles together. Ska fashion is the same way. It’s a distinct look created out of a mishmash of styles. Ska music was born in Jamaica in the 1960s. Ska fashion was created right along with it and today, has become its own classic style.

What is it?

If you’re going to dress in a ska style, band T-shirts, tank tops and flannels will help you create the right look. Cuffed pants and jeans are often part of the ska wardrobe. Skate shoes and basketball shoes from brands like Vans and Converse typically round out the look, according to LA Weekly.

Accessories are an important part of ska fashion. Suspenders are seen often. Hats are also worn often. Pork pie, trilby and bowler hat styles are quite common. 


Two women doing stunts on skateboards at a skate park.

The skateboarder look, also known as skateboarding or skater style, became highly popular in the 1990s as a street style. Even people who never stood on a skateboard have adopted the trendy look. 

What is it?

The style is built around practical pieces that skateboarders wear as a layer of protection. Hoodies, or hooded sweatshirts, thick cargo shorts and skate shoes all have a practical purpose when you’re riding a skateboard. But this also created its own distinct style look that caught on and still hasn’t totally faded. Skater style is a viable and frequently-seen aesthetic that many designers have embraced.

Wallet chains and baseball caps are frequent accessories for the skater look, along with knit watchcaps, body piercings and intentionally unkempt hairstyles.

Skater style is also known as streetwear style, though streetwear can also incorporate elements of hip hip fashion into the look as well. 

Sloane ranger

Princess Diana waring a Sloane ranger dress.

The Sloane ranger look, who’s wearers are known as Sloane rangers, appeared in 1980s England. This is a high-end, upper-class look worn by the likes of Princess Diana. The name of the style comes from Sloane Square in Chelsea, a neighborhood in London, according to Luxury London

What is it?

The Sloane ranger look is very similar to preppy style. Blazers, pleated skirts and floral prints are all essential to the style. Navy blue is the color of choice for blazers and slacks. Pearls are the preferred jewelry. And for super casual events, a polo shirt will work just fine.

Teddy boy

Women dressed in vintage 1950s style wave outfits.

The Teddy boy look is usually called rockabilly in the U.S. This style appeared in England in the 1950s, a style born from the end of the Victorian Era at the turn of the century and the Edwardian Era just a couple decades before. This distinct style began as a men’s style that spilled into women’s fashion to become its own distinct look.

What is it? 

The Teddy boy or rockabilly look is characterized by high-waisted skinny pants, or trousers if you’re in England, button-up shirts with collars and long, fitted coats. Graphic, brightly-colored socks are a major element of the look, along with shoes that are suitable for dancing. This is an overall tailored look with just a bit of an edge and just a few hints of bright color. Those who wear the Teddy boy look, which includes plenty of women, are called Teds.


Woman wearing plaid top sitting on wooden stairs.

Though the name of the style may feel a little dated by modern standards, the tomboy look is actually pretty feministic. Wide use of the term began in the 1930s to describe the women of the Jazz Age who were wearing a “trim and boyish” style, as Vogue put it, according to Just the Design.

What is it?

The tomboy look is built around straight, boxy silhouettes and fashion elements that are historically thought of as being “male.” This includes loose, boxy jackets, combat boots, button-up shirts and bulky sweaters. Fedora hats are a popular accessory for this look. Straight leg jeans and slacks with loose-fitting blouses and T-shirts create a simple, stylish tomboy look any time. Finish a tomboy look with loafers or sneakers. 


Model wearing trendy fall outfit along with a black hat and crossbody bag.

Those who are devoted to the trendy style wear the fashions that are hot right now. This style is built on what’s trendy in this moment. What just came off the runway at Paris or New York? What silhouettes are appearing in the newest designers clothing lines? If you dress in the trendy style, then you know the answers to these questions and everyone can see the answers in what you’re wearing. 

What is it?

It’s not as difficult as it sounds to wear the trendy style. Build a wardrobe full of classic pieces and traditional silhouettes, along with some accessories like jackets and scarves. Chances are, you’ll be ready for any trends that start to heat up in the  fashion world.


Women dressed in vintage clothes walking on the street.

You’ve probably heard a lot about vintage style. So many people claim to love vintage style, to hunt it down, to hold it close. But what the heck is it, really, and how hard is it to really dress this way?

What is it? 

Vintage fashion actually changes all the time because time moves forward. Technically, vintage fashion is the clothing styles that were popular 20 years ago on this day….whatever day it is. This means that vintage fashion changes frequently, which is definitely part of its appeal for many.

The word vintage itself means “from an earlier time” and vintage fashion is no exception. Among style enthusiasts, true vintage clothing is made up of the styles that well-known designers created two decades (or even more) previously. Vintage clothing does not have to be authentic — that is, actual designer clothing made 20 years ago. The vintage style can also be brand-new designs made to look like previous trendy styles, according to SewGuide.

Shirt dresses, tie-dyed T-shirts, poodle skirts and fringed vests are all vintage styles.

Style notes

Vintage replicas are a hot market and sometimes, buying the replicas may cost even more than finding the real thing in a secondhand store. Either way, you have multiple options for creating vintage style looks for yourself. And whatever you do, hang onto your clothing now. In about two decades, it’s going to be totally trendy again! 

Not all former clothing styles can be classified as vintage. Styles that were popular 100 years ago or more are considered to be antique styles, so wear those shirt dresses while you can. 

White tie

Woman in a ballroom dress walking up the stairs of a palace.

The white tie style is also called full evening dress, full dress, evening dress or tails. This is the most formal of dress codes. This is the style that is used for the most important events, such as official state dinners with royalty, presidential dinners and the most swanky balls. This is perhaps the most strict of all dress codes and that makes it an incredibly hard style to capture.


Women must wear a full-length ball gown for white tie affairs. The typical ball gown is usually styled with a fitted bodice and a full skirt that is full-length, going all the way to the floor. Traditionally, white tie dress required women to wear long white gloves. In modern times, however, this has become old-fashioned and is no longer the norm. Now, gloves are usually only worn on arrival or when one is participating in a receiving line. Gloves must absolutely be removed whenever food or drink is taken. 

White tie is the time to dazzle. This is when it is appropriate and even desirable to wear tiaras, blingy necklaces and your best pieces of jewelry. Well-styled hair and makeup are a must. Even natural beauties should put on some lipstick if white tie dress is called for.


If you still have questions about fashion styles for women, you’re not alone. Find out how to learn to create your own style and get the answers to all the most common style questions.

What are the different types of dresses?

Women’s fashion styles include a lot of different dresses. They’ve played a huge role in fashion styles for women through history and they’ve shaped the looks of the past. Women’s fashion has changed the most dramatically, with distinct silhouettes that have truly defined specific eras. There have been many, many different styles of dresses created by designers over the years and new looks are being invented all the time.

Some of the most distinct dress silhouettes include the long, flowing maxi dresses, the short minidress, the form-flattering maxi dress, and the extremely forgiving fit and flare dress. The sheath is iconic and the babydoll dress is highly recognizable. Try different types of dresses to find out which silhouettes suit your body and your personal style the best.

What does it mean to dress like a lady?

Being ladylike. Dressing like a lady. Dressing like a woman. You may have heard these phrases casually thrown around and you may have wondered what they mean. However, these phrases can have a huge range of hidden meanings and may mean very different things to different people. 

The truth is, you’re the only person who can determine what your style is. There are no rules you need to follow. Dress for your own comfort and to show off your own personality and you’ll never go wrong. Fashion is all about pushing boundaries, finding what suits you and playing around with different looks. So what does it mean to dress like a lady? It means wearing whatever you want and defining what being you means to you.

What is cocktail attire?

Cocktail attire is a dress code that’s listed often on invitations. It’s a particularly popular dress code at weddings. Cocktail is sort of the in-between that bridges formal and casual clothing. Cocktail dresses are typically between knee-length and calf-length. Cocktail attire is typically made in dark colors and may have a little bit of flash to it, such as rhinestones and sequins. Cocktail attire is evening wear that’s neither formal nor casual, according to Brides.com.

How do you find your fashion style?

Style is a very personal thing. It’s a way for you to be creative and show the world who you are. But how do you even know what your personal style is unless you try on everything you see? Well, there is a way to figure out where your fashion sense skews. 

Look at the stuff you’ve got in your closet and pull out your very favorite pieces. These are the items that make you look and feel great, the items you love to wear most. Your go-to stuff. Be honest and leave that pair of skinny jeans you haven’t worn in five years where they’re hanging! 

Next, make a quick list of the celebrities and Instagram accounts you like the most, people whose style you often find yourself admiring. Whose social media do you look at and think “I want that outfit?” You can also think about movie and TV characters who have a fashion sense you’ve caught yourself admiring. 

Look at pictures of these people and characters and save the looks you like the most in a special photo album. Next, take pictures of your favorite clothing items and add those to the album. Now, you have your own digital lookbook. As you look at these photos, you will see that certain colors, cuts and characteristics probably stand out. You will probably see something that all these looks have in common, whether it’s a certain vibe or specific colors or the way the clothes fit. This will tell you a ton about your own personal style and the items you should be buying. 

What colors should you be wearing?

There are many different ways to choose the colors that you wear in your clothing. You can choose based on color psychology, the idea that certain colors evoke certain moods and feelings. 

Blue, for example, is a color of calmness and stability. Red represents passion, intensity, and sometimes, aggression. Yellow, on the other hand, is associated with cheerfulness and positivity. The color green often brings to mind impressions of success, while black conveys a sense of mystery and professionalism or severity. Purple is known as the color of royalty, according to Science of People

All colors are said to have meaning and give off certain moods or impressions. However, stylists suggest that you wear colors that are going to complement your own natural coloring. This will help to bring out your own natural beauty and just make you look more put-together and stylish overall. 

Everyone falls into three categories when it comes to their natural skin tone and hair color: warm, cool or neutral. And once you know which one you are, you will know exactly which colors are going to suit you best. Finding fashion inspiration will get a lot easier.

You’re a warm if your skin has a more golden or greenish undertone. Olive complexions are warm. Look at the underside of your arm, near your wrist. Do your veins look more greenish than bluish? If so, you are a warm. This means you should wear warm colors like reds, pinks, gold and orange. Browns and cream-colored shades will also look amazing on you. Avoid pastels and stick to richer, warm shades. 

The color of your skin has nothing to do with the type of skin tone you have. You can be a cool color tone whether your skin is very pale or very dark. You’re a cool if your skin has bluer undertones.

If you’re a cool, vibrant jewel tones like royal blue, emerald and purple will look great on you. You can also wear soft pastels, bright white and light gray. Yellows and oranges are not going to suit you as well, according to InStyle.

Now if you just can’t tell whether you’re warm or cool, then you’re probably neutral. Colors that are more neutral are going to suit you best. Peach, light blue, soft grays and off-white shades are all going to look great on you. Avoid vibrant colors and reds in all shades. 

You can always wear the colors that suit your natural tones. You could choose colors based on the mood you want to send or the way you want to feel. But mostly, you should wear the colors that you like and that make you feel good. If you’re confident and feeling good, that’s going to send the most powerful possible message. 

Can you combine different fashion styles?

Should you combine different fashion styles or stick to one specific theme for each outfit? The answer is simple: combine away! Fashion has always been about experimentation and some of the most popular fashion styles have been created by combining elements from other styles. So mix it up, play with different pieces, wear things in new ways. The most memorable fashion icons broke the rules and did what they wanted, so why can’t you?

How do you choose a fashion style?

Do you want to focus on wearing a particular fashion style? Many fashion icons have done this very successfully. Look at images and items from all the different fashion styles. If one just really jumps out at you and you know that you want to look this way, clearly this is the style for you. 

What is a capsule wardrobe…and do I need one?

Many people have embraced minimalist home design trends. They avoid collecting clutter by streamlining their storage spaces and making tough decisions about what to keep and what to toss. When you apply this same sort of minimalist theory to your closet, you get a capsule wardrobe.

The concept is simple: a capsule wardrobe is made up of a set number of pieces that can be mixed and matched to create many different styles. Say, 25 items. Every time you buy a new clothing item, you take one clothing item away in order to keep your wardrobe limited to just 25 items. This will keep your closet organized and streamlined and it will keep you from being overwhelmed with clothes that don’t fit or that have gone totally out of style. You’ll update your wardrobe with newer pieces and get rid of the old.

How do clothing styles go in and out of fashion?

Fashion has changed a great deal throughout history, with many trends coming and going. Many fashion trends have changed because of advancements in the fashion industry itself. The hoop skirt, for example, was made possible through a cage frame design that women wore under their dresses to create enormous bell shapes.

Other fashion trends happen because of a bold vision from a designer. Some of the most influential designers in fashion history include Coco Chanel and Christian Dior, who completely changed what women were wearing with their fashion-forward looks. 

Celebrities also have a big influence on fashion inspiration and design. Princess Diana made women all over the world want to wear choker necklaces, and Audry Hepburn made the little black dress an absolute essential for every female wardrobe. 

But as quickly as some trends catch fire and become iconic, others flame out. No one wears hoop skirts anymore, for example. Why do some trends catch on and become fashion staples, while others disappear entirely? The answer typically boils down to comfort. No one wears hoop skirts because they’re uncomfortable, incredibly difficult to manage the literally dangerous. Hoop skirts were so large that women had trouble getting through doorways, resulting in many fatalities when people were trapped inside burning buildings as a result. 

Fashion that is uncomfortable or hard to wear isn’t likely to remain trendy for very long and probably won’t be re-visited. Some trends fade simply because they’re no longer considered trendy. Some hot designer or popular celebrity has flipped the script by wearing totally different looks, which changes the trends.

How do you spot what’s trendy in fashion?

Sometimes, fashion trends change quickly. You may go out for a night with friends and find that everyone else is wearing knee-high boots and skinny jeans while you’re in pumps and flared pants. You feel out of place and out of style. However, there are many ways to spot what’s trendy in fashion and stay right in step with the style game.

Twice a year, designers showcase their newest styles on the runways at Fashion Week. This happens in the spring and in the fall and it’s always a good indicator of what people are going to be wearing in the upcoming six months. These events are heavily broadcast through social media and traditional news media sources, so you can get up-to-the-minutes photos of the styles being walked down the catwalk. 

Pay attention to the silhouettes to get an idea of the shapes that are trendy. Look at accessories and footwear. And notice any particular colors that seem to be appearing frequently. 

You can also follow well-known style icons and popular celebrities on social media to see what they’re posting and get an idea of what’s in style and what’s hot in fashion trends

How do you find your signature style?

Penny Marshall was famous for wearing sweaters with a script “L” on them while playing Laverne on “Laverne & Shirley.” Carrie Bradshaw, as played by Sarah Jessica Parker, is famous for her high heels. 

What is your signature look or style element? Is there one thing about your fashion choices that stands out to other people? Anyone can create a signature look for themselves. Think about the styles you like and what you like about them. What are your favorite pieces to wear and what is it that makes them your favorites? You may find that you like a particular silhouette, a certain color or even a specific material. If you just love your leather jacket and always feel amazing when you wear it, then make a biker style your signature look…or just invest in getting some more leather jackets and wear one all the time!

If you’re in love with a certain color, find a way to integrate this into every outfit. You can do it with an accessory, like a belt, or a piece of jewelry. You can wear it on your body or on your feet, maybe even wear it with hair jewelry. You can dress head to toe in the color sometimes to make a big impression and other times, add just a tiny touch of this shade. 

Focus on the fashion element or particular style that you like best and build your wardrobe around variations of this to create your own distinct, signature style.

How can you look stylish every day?

Everybody, and that means everybody, has those days where they can’t seem to do much more, style-wise, than to reach for a ponytail holder and throw on some sweatpants. But there is a way to look stylish every day without spending a ton of time getting ready every day. And yes, you can absolutely still have those sweatpants days. But there’s a way to make that look stylish, too.

The main thing is that you wear clothes that fit. Many people deal with fluctuating weight. You may find that you weigh a little more sometimes and a little less sometimes, and certain clothing looks good at times and not so hot at other times. Keep the pieces that you know fit you well near the front of your closet and the tops of your drawers, so you can access them easily. Don’t try to wear something that doesn’t fit well because you’ll end up being uncomfortable and you will not look stylish.

You can make absolutely any outfit work with accessories. If you want to wear a purple blouse that you know looks amazing but you’ve also got your eye on a pair of yellow pants, put them on. These colors don’t seem like a true match but when you add your purple shoes or purse and some yellow jewelry, you’ve created an amazing look. You can make any outfit look matching and well put together with little tricks like this. Use a scarf, use a pair of shoes, add a little something to bring the colors of your outfit together and you’re going to look stylish.

Stick to wearing one, two or three colors in your outfits, no more. Even with stylish accessorizing, you shouldn’t wear a ton of different colors because your look will end up being glaring and appear clashing. 

You can also dress up an outfit with accessories. A white T-shirt and a pair of jeans look incredibly stylish if you add a statement necklace and a leather jacket. It becomes a bit more sophisticated if you add a blazer and a vibrant handbag instead. 

A simple sundress becomes more stunning when you add statement earrings or perhaps a fabulous hat. You don’t need a lot to be stylish. In fashion, less is often more. Instead of a bunch of different pieces, use one or two that really stand out to create a standout look. 

And when it comes to wearing those sweatpants, do something a little bit surprised with your look to make them fashionable. Pair your sweatpants with a sparkling tank top, for example, or a pair of high heels. Otherwise, keep it classic with a cute T-shirt or tank top and a pair of great athletic shoes. Try styling your hair in a messy braid, a look that’s almost as easy to create as the classic ponytail. You can also pretty quickly style a messy bun, a look that’s never out of fashion. 


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